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  1. Good report Steve! Was great to finally meet you and smokie and put faces to names last night . Take care mate .👍
  2. Yep the game between town and liskeard at lux Park on the 4th December will be massive. Just like when we played them in the vase in the 90's.If we can get a 2-1 win again then I'll be happy .
  3. Thought the referee had a good game ,stamped his authority from the start .wasn't going to take any nonsense and explained his decisions to the culprits .Also special mention to the young lino ,only 17 apparently ,well done on his debut .👍
  4. Does the sun ever shine at Dobwalls ? Have been there 3 times now and it's been wet and miserable each time . Arrived at the ground to be greeted by 2 jovial chaps at the gate ,they could have been a double act ,one asked do you want a 50/50 ,the wife said only if it's the winning ticket .The other chap said everyone's a winner ! 😁😂🤣.The look on his mates face said it all . 😁 Just got out the car when the F Troop coach turned up fresh from pre match drinks at the Highwayman pub down the road,who were delighted for the extra business I'm sure . Strolled across to the clubhouse / changing room area mingling with fellow ardent town supporters ,to overhear a conversation between the officials and the Dobwalls manager, who was asking if they could ban the f troop boom box and the drum .😁😂🤣 .The boom box didn't travel anyway due to another engagement 😁 and no the drum couldn't be banned ,so it was banged a little harder .👍 Town started the game playing down the slope and on the front foot with some slick 1rst time passing but being thwarted by the offside trap. One ball over the top for luke Brabyn left him through on goal ,only to be brought down from behind and a booking for the defender,the dobwalls management weren't happy .A pattern that would continue throughout the game.Town went ahead after 21mins when luke Barner reacted to a loose ball and slotted it just inside the far post .The remainder of the half saw constant town attacks being denied by some tough tackling and desperate shirt pulls ,some of which the referee was quick to punish with more bookings and a verbal warning to the Dobwalls bench .Any Dobwalls attacks were being dealt with ably by the the town defence ,one minor indiscretion however left Adie Thompson sin binned for dissent about 3 mins before half time . 2nd half Dobwalls came out all guns blazing trying to take advantage of the extra man and after a period of pressure town failed to clear the ball allowing a Dobwalls player to shoot through a crowd of players for the equaliser . Town didn't let their heads drop and after some tactical changes for fresh pace ,kirk Davis for Adie Thompson, Alex Wharton for Tim Nixon and Jack Bowyer for Luke Barner town began to turn the screw .Ollie Walker was making good runs down the left, finally leaving 3 players in his wake and supplying a low cross on 71 mins for Braybyn to side foot home for his 11th of the season in front of the F Troop . Dobwalls were now struggling against the fresh legs and further goals from captain James Ward 84 mins and a penalty after Jack Bowyer was upended in the area in stoppage time ,was cooly slotted away by luke Braybyn,sending the keeper the wrong way .2 goals ,what a way to celebrate your 30th birthday . This was a tough game despite the scoreline ,another 3 points .Top of the league with 2 games in hand .On we go to Godolphin Atlantic on Wednesday night .
  5. You'd better hope We Two wasn't watching .😁😂🤣
  6. Reece shanley (PARKWAY ) today signed for Helston . Levi Landricombe ,today signed for Buckland . Sam hilson today signed for Torpoint . A nightmare of a day for Gilby .😳
  7. There's quite a lot of ex truro fans that have come into the fold Mike, and I also noted several Helston fans in attendance last night, and why not ? what's not to like about watching local lads with a great team spirit playing for the shirt ,in a proper football atmosphere provided by the F troop.
  8. There you go bash ,this is your chance .get a few of your old players together and help out one of your old clubs .
  9. Think your boys lost their discipline Bob, even Reg got booked and fitness 2nd half was a telling point .
  10. You have no clue if the figures being quoted are correct .But one thing is certain ,the club are not paying those sorts of figures .🤔 so you do have a clue then ?
  11. Up the approach rd to the new estate opposite or up the industrial estate further along from the ground .
  12. Will get general Jeff on the case mate ,if he's not already seen your post . 👍
  13. 204 watching yesterday ,compared to 114 at Helston, and 226 watching truro v exmouth .
  14. Another good summary town man .👍As the Welsh comedian Max Boyce used to say " I know cos I was there ! " 😁😂🤣
  15. Another excellent win for your boys again today Lee ! Well done to all ! 👍👏 UTT
  16. Have been there through thick and thin for the last 54 years thanks popeye ! seen you during your combo days . See there was a big turnout at kellaway today .114,that's embarrassing. Did that include the 3 dogs and the squirrel that jumped over the fence at half time ? 😁🤣😂
  17. We are fortunate to have an excellent chairman Tom , and also a lot of volunteers and people who care about the club on and off the pitch . Hence the improvements. Come down on wednesday evening for the local Derby against Penryn in the league Cup and sample the atmosphere of the F Troop, should be a cracker !
  18. Liam played last night for helston 3rds against rosudgeon .
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