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  1. Not that long ago many fans complained about St Austell putting up their admission by a pound increase..
  2. Ye but at the moment it's top heavy with Bristol based clubs which is my point. The Cornish based players to leave work early on a midweek fixture will be hard as is the same for the Bristol players coming down here. And how many fans will want to travel that far on a midweek fixture.
  3. Yes I know that but the amount they have invested to win the league they are the most Westerly teams that could win.
  4. After my rant yesterday I have taken the time to list the miles that many Cornish fans and players will have to travel to fulfill the Western league next year. I have missed out on the Devon teams as most no where they are Good luck on the eventual winners of our league mite have to invest in players further up country. Bradford town 192 miles from Helston 4hours 47 mins one way. 202 miles from Mousehole 4h 57 mins. Bridgewater 147 miles 3h 33 mins from Helston. 157 miles from Mousehole. 3h 55 mins. Westbury United. 192 m 4h 41m Helston. 201 miles from Mousehole 4 h 57 Clevedon Town, 173m 4h 09m Helston 182 m from Mousehole 4h 24 Button, 199m 4h 50 Helston 207m from Mousehole 5h 06 Street 162m 3h 57 Helston 172m from Mousehole 4h 08 Hallen 184m 4h 31 Helston. 193m from Mousehole 4h 45 Shelton Mallet 168m Helston 178 from Mousehole Bridlington 187m Helston 197 from Mousehole Cribbs 185m Helston 195m from Mousehole Odd down Bath 182m Helston 192 from Mousehole Cadbury Health 196 Helston 296 from Mousehole keynsham Town 189 Helston 195 from Mousehole Bridport 145 from Helston 156m from Mousehole Chipping Sodbury town 195 Helston 204 from Mousehole Roman Glass At George 185 Helston 194 from Mousehole Wellington 135 Helston 144 from Mousehole.
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