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  1. Frogpool 8-3 St Ives Mariners Goals for David Leach x3, Jack Froud x3, Will Harding and Elliot Jorey. A minute silence held for the legendary Billy Chown, well officiated by Steve Tootle
  2. Frogpool & Cusgarne vs St Ives Mariners will be on if we can get a referee
  3. What Dwayne says is largely true. Except it is not just based on the report of the referee so that’s not entirely accurate. The CCFA consider reports from all involved parties, not just the official. Completely agree in terms of referee abuse - although I’m not sure the Illogan situation actually involves much/any official abuse from any of the involved parties - the threemilestone situation may do - this is exactly why when asked if I’ll referee when we don’t have a game I usually say no. The odd Saturday I get without football I don’t want to spend on the receiving end of verbals. To think I enjoyed it when I first started seems ridiculous!
  4. I’m from Frogpool bud! I’m not going to explain the decision making process again as I don’t feel the need to justify it again. All I know is that the Illogan manager has condemned the actions of the individual (good on him). The CCFA will punish those involved and it will all be dealt with anyway.
  5. My team is made up of 16-23 year olds so it’s interesting that we are being made to sound like experienced players who felt the need to bully our way through the match, anyone who’s played us knows that certainly isn’t our way of playing. If you would react to a standard football match by physically assaulting someone you must be a lovely bloke ?
  6. Don’t lie - our player was stood next to the co-manager and our kit and never had an altercation with the manager, but a supposed supporter (Illogan have admitted this, and supposedly banned him - although it appears he was there on a Saturday). Can’t speak for what happened on Saturday as wasn’t there. Best that all of us that weren’t there keep our opinions to ourselves and leave the CCFA to deal with the facts, rather than speculate on here.
  7. The red card does stand, yes.
  8. Looking forward to it mate!
  9. Division 3 Penzance Reserves 2-6 Frogpool & Cusgarne Reserves Goals our end from Will Harding x2 Jason Holt Darren Meagor Ashley Lawerence Cameron Hamshaw
  10. The ref may have meant that some of our players didn’t want to continue, which is true. But if he said the game was to go ahead we would have certainly played on. And as manager I said I’m happy to carry on but that it was the referee’s decision. To be fair I think Portreath legend was implying that the majority of the team didn’t want to carry on - we certainly didn’t stage a walk off or anything like that. Having spoken to the CCFA, a replay seems likely outcome.
  11. The referee made the ultimate decision, not us.
  12. Missing my point again ? you’d think it was one of my players who attacked one of yours not the other way around.
  13. I’m not defending it, just saying that wasn’t my decision at all in the first place so there’s nothing to defend. But anyway it’s pointless because it doesn’t matter now what’s done is done. See you later on in the season.
  14. Fair enough. I don’t agree, and I was definitely happy to carry on and told your whole team and the ref this, so that part is definitely a lie. But it’s all good. See you twice later this season bud.
  15. ???????? I’m the manager and I said to the ref we were happy to continue. The right back didn’t commit a foul, the centre back did. And he said to the player that he dived and it was a joke, not the ref. Dont believe everything you read on here. Also, the result won’t stand because the game was abandoned by the ref and there wasn’t two equal halves.
  16. Illogan thirds vs Frogpool abandoned. Illogan 2-1 up but down to ten men. Incident between a spectator and our player led to abandonment. Won’t go into any details on here.
  17. Thanks boys, he’s ok - will be in Treliske midweek and out of action for a couple of weeks. Better team won today, we weren’t at it and Titans definitely deserved the win. man of the match has got to be Callum Davis in goal for us, pulled off some ridiculous saves. Good luck boys, see you later in the season.
  18. St Day 3rds 0-1 Frogpool
  19. It is a league decision on whether to postpone the game before the usual mid-day deadline or not. As it is a vital game at the top of the league, I wanted an appointed official for the match. Both sides have played 6/7 games by the weekend we usually start our campaign so I think we are in a much better position than last season.
  20. Tempo

    Trelawny Results - Wednesday 5th Sept. 18

    Division 2 Frogpool & Cusgarne 9-1 St Day 3rds Goals from David Leach x4 Jack Froud x2 Aaron Coveney x2 Charlie Martin Asssits for Will Harding x5, Aaron Coveney, Sam Bromley, Dave Leach and Harry McMellon MOTM: Deachy I wasn’t there but apparently the boys played very well.
  21. Much appreciated! Thank you for the kind words mate, and thank you for the grub and for hosting us today. You made some cracking saves. I was admittedly annoyed we didn’t score more, particularly in the first half. One of the nicest clubs around, see you later in the season. Game excellently officiated by Andrew Murphy. Goals for us from: David Leach x3 (MOTM) Own goal x2 Harry McMellon Adam Coveney Aarom Coveney
  22. What was the score at the time? What happens because of this abandonment?
  23. Tempo

    Predictions 25/26 March

    Combo League Fixtures Saturday 25th March Carharrack 2-0 St Just Falmouth Town Reserves 1-2 St Agnes Mullion 1-3 Porthleven Reserves Newquay Reserves 0-1 Penryn Athletic Reserves Perranporth 1-1 Holman SC Perranwell 5-0 Illogan RBL Reserves St Day 3-0 Goonhavern Athletic St Ives Town 2-0 RNAS Culdrose Sunday 26th March League Cup S-F Hayle 1-2 Ludgvan
  24. Holman SC 4-0 Penryn Athletic ReservesLudgvan 0-1 St AgnesMullion 4-0 Newquay Reserves Perranwell 2-0 Goonhavern Athletic Porthleven Reserves 0-4 Carharrack Redruth United 2-0 Falmouth Town Reserves RNAS Culdrose 3-1 Illogan RBL Reserves St Day 2-1 Hayle St Ives Town 3-2 Perranporth St Just 0-1 Helston Athletic Reserves Quote