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  1. Division 3 Tregony 2-3 Falmouth DC Decent game played in good spirits. Should’ve been more goals. Lots of missed chances including a penalty for them. Goals for us from Bobby Dawes x2, and Marc Adams, who also put in a man of the match performance. Great bunch of the lads. Referee was decent and a laugh as well. Enjoyable afternoon of footy.
  2. Nice to mark two strikers who I could have a good battle with but also a laugh. Ross ain’t having the free kick mate, don’t allow it 😉
  3. Division 3 Falmouth DC 1-4 Holmans Reserves Quaid Saunders with A deflected free kick for DC. Lovely bloke up top for Holmans called Sammy scored. Ross Williams will try and claim a hat trick after bossing the match but he only scored twice. Own goal from our keeper after a below average free kick unfortunately hit the bar and then our keeper then went in. 😉 Holmans thoroughly deserved the win. No arguments our end. Good bunch of lads. A good game played in good spirits well officiated by Jamie Mooney.
  4. Might just be Four Lanes vs Mawnan then. Apologies
  5. Had the pleasure of coaching a chunk of that Illogan Thirds Team a couple of years ago and I can’t express how humble, hard working and talented they are. Dylan epitomises that. Need more young players like them coming through and more clubs like Illogan taking chances on youngsters to avoid an entire generation of stay at homes, who’d rather be playing PlayStation than playing footy. Good on Illogan and good for the young lads involved. They’ll do very well in the not so distant future I have no doubt.
  6. Division 3 Falmouth 5-3 New Inn Titans Bobby Dawes 🎩
  7. Agreed. It was a mistake. I’ve apologised. Now time to move on from the hounding and lecturing - move on and try to learn!
  8. Can only apologise for my actions yesterday. It was hard not to react in the moment when a guy who wasn’t the appointed official awarded two penalties in five minutes. One was soft and the other was a header that was awarded for handball. It honestly just felt unfair. In hindsight, at this level I should have accepted it even though it felt so wrong. So again sorry to Dobbie and anyone there.
  9. Division 3 Threemilestone Reserves 3-0 Falmouth DC A well deserved victory for a very good side who will do well this season. Goals came from a penalty and two corners but they dominated possession throughout. No show from the ref so had two different volunteer referees. Couple of controversial moments but we managed to all come to some sort of agreement in the end. All worked out for the best and the result was fair. Thanks and good luck to the Threemilestone lads. Nice honest bunch who didn’t take themselves too seriously but didn’t take the piss
  10. Ideal! Literally absolutely smashing it down here!!!! Meant to get worse 😭
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