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  1. 😂😂😂 i wish i could call myself a foward lucky to even play these days. Unfortunately health isnt on my side and still having chemo.
  2. I hope they dont. Richard has worked so hard to get them where they are im sure hes already been working on next season and things will be different. Fingers crossed for them.
  3. Maybe they had to limp it forward as they didnt have any ball playing full backs or anyone in midfiels to have the ball??
  4. Yound ross is a top quality keeper 17 years old. Just gets on with his football listens and learns. He will be one to watch. Good enough to be in that Cornwall Team if you ask me.
  5. I am sure ill find a way 🤣 good old days work. ill pass over 20 when I watch them tonight thanks for your concern buddy
  6. I dont know why people are moaning about 1 player coming in to play for foxhole. Yes foxhole have players playing below there standard. But they got lee in as manager to bring the good times back to the club . They went through hard times they brought back stability with 2 teams now they are in the position to push on and get promoted. Wheres the harm in that? Surely its good to see a club like foxhole doing well. They are in the position to bring senior football back to the club with managers that know the right players to keep the club there. Good luck to them. Going to be interesting when they play st mawgan again both tean the best un the league
  7. I guessed as tms never had a game they would have a decent side out. This isnt good for the bank balance heavy fines. Could this be the end of carharrack now?
  8. Agree jason they should have to postpone the 2nd team fixture to fulfil the 1st. Happens far to must and to easy to do these days. Not like its miles away either.
  9. Dont take anything from milbrook tough side to go against at there place. Proved it all season.
  10. will look forward to reading your report later on tom. port are struggling to so id expect with a few players in to be a better game and not the 8.0 results of late.
  11. Carharrack have a side for today? big game with the 2 bottom sides and a chance to get a win I would have thought?
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