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  1. St mawgan got there revenge and probally what their season deserves winning 2.0 today
  2. Steve curnow the most underrated manager in the combo. Top manager and top guy!
  3. I think Richard deserves alot of credit all the work hes done to keep the club alive by himself. They may not have been able to fulfill a few fixtures but in all fairness it was against the top teams and players wouldnt have wanted to play with 7 men The club lives on and that was the target. With out a doubt Richard will have planned for next season and we will see improvement. Many others have folded so hes done great to keep his club alive.
  4. It's a local derby richars will do everything to make sure he has a team out with out a doubt. They are still alive and kicking that's good news for the club no matter how hard it's been.
  5. Alan Carey is a top manager. Players will want to play for him knowing he has a track record of winning. Bodmin have obviously set the target to win the new league next year. Good luck to them.
  6. Not good news another big fine. Tms have a big cup semi tonight so shame. Perran would have wanted to up the goal difference too
  7. 😂😂😂 i wish i could call myself a foward lucky to even play these days. Unfortunately health isnt on my side and still having chemo.
  8. I hope they dont. Richard has worked so hard to get them where they are im sure hes already been working on next season and things will be different. Fingers crossed for them.
  9. Maybe they had to limp it forward as they didnt have any ball playing full backs or anyone in midfiels to have the ball??
  10. Yound ross is a top quality keeper 17 years old. Just gets on with his football listens and learns. He will be one to watch. Good enough to be in that Cornwall Team if you ask me.
  11. I am sure ill find a way 🤣 good old days work. ill pass over 20 when I watch them tonight thanks for your concern buddy
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