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  1. Not great news especially with the costs of not fulfilling a fixture it will cripple them. Tms have 4 games left plus 2 cup finals if they win them so cant see them helping out much then next few weeks.
  2. Glen this came from lads from the carharrack. Your too good to think about stopping and managing yet years ahead of you. Appologise if sources are wrong. But that was what got said. Im sure carharrack will bounce back. Once again congrats on the league title now make it a treble 🏆🏆🏆🏆
  3. With glen patterson going to manage carharrack next season what does that mean for tms? Will liam be going over and being involved? Great job this season. You can only beat whos put in front of you. Cant knock it winning is winning.
  4. With glen patterson taking in the managers job at carharrack next season im not sure what that means for tms and players there. Good luck to him though hopefully turn the fortunes around next season.
  5. Will you be one of the officals for this robin?
  6. Good luck to carharrack tomorrow chance to get something this week. Hopefully that rain this week hasnt put the pitch out of use tomorrow.
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