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  1. Surprising news that Buckland Athletic, after winning their last three games (including a 4-0 away win over Bodmin in the Vase last Saturday) have sacked manager Richard Pears. They have always seemed a model club in terms of the way they are run off the pitch, and the superb ground and facilities that they have, just seems that they have lost their way on the pitch.Know that they are very keen to get promoted into step 4, and went very close back in 2017/18, but wonder if it is a panic measure this early in the season. Realise that nobody from Buckland posts on here, but would be interested to hear their thoughts on the subject, and the power dynamic at the club between Adam Castle (Director Of Football) and the first team manager as he has now dismissed two in consecutive Septembers after Craig Duff lost his job this time last year.
  2. Excellent as ever Graham. Good to see Fletcher Williams being so influential in the game, and also Curtis Damerell getting on the scoresheet. Wonder if some of these two , and some of the other fringe players, get starts in the St Lukes Bowl game on Wednesday.
  3. Not for this section I guess, but what is going on at Buckland? From the outside it looks like a well run club with great facilities that they are continually improving, but they cannot get it right on the field.
  4. Looked like Bodmin were getting on a bit of a run in recent weeks, this result against a pretty average Buckland side is surprising. Back to the drawing board I guess, but wonder if a seemingly revolving door of playets is going to help with bedding down and getting a team unit going.
  5. Shows how quickly things can change (or how strange results can occur in midweek games). Last week Cally were down and out after sacking their manager, and it doesn't seem that long ago St Dennis were being talked about as having had a decent start.
  6. Three first half goals from Adam Carter (2) and Aaron Bentley got Parkway back on winning form, and made light work of a tricky looking away fixture.
  7. Liskeard players missing a game because they are "attending a pop concert?" I know times , and the standing of the club, have changed, but Brian Hodge would have given them this, and indeed every afternoon off. They wouldn't be picked again.
  8. 5 nil to Mousehole. And that's why I don't bet. 🙄
  9. Parkway 0 Merthyr 1 The FA Cup adventure is over for this season. Parkway matched step 3 opposition for most of the game, but Merthyr ratcheted up the pressure in the second half and scored a winner towards the end of the match. Back to the league on Wednesday evening away to Street.
  10. Wow, you're forecasting a goal fest there!! Can see Liskeard getting something down at Trungle Park.Looks to me like Mousehole over play at times, and a team that sits deep and is well organised can frustrate them. James Lorenz is also a guy that can take a chance when it comes.
  11. Always the worry for clubs who have players turning out in other leagues.
  12. Some good quality reinforcements for Bodmin last night. See that Tyler Elliott (Tiverton) and Tornado Bello (Barnstaple) were in the starting line up.
  13. Really good coverage. Great to see the ECPL getting attention, was in danger of becoming a forgotten league with the Peninsula League split and the forming of the St Piran League. Agree with earlier point though, Mount Gould will take a lot of stopping in the ECPL this season.
  14. Good point. First though you have to find a player who can score 30-40 goal's a season in the Western League (everybody wants one, and there aren't many around), and then keep them happy when they don't play every week (Parkway only play one upfront, Adam Carter is first choice when fit and available). Not an easy task. Don't know much about Curtis Damerell, but I'm sure that Lee Hobbs must see something in him, and believes that he has potential at this level. He wouldn't have signed him otherwise. From the reports I have read, and the highlights I have watched, he looks busy and contributes a lot to the general play, possibly just needs his first goal to get himself off and running.
  15. Great report Graham, really honest and impartial. No need for panic and post mortems, it's one away defeat in a tough league. The FA Cup against Merthyr on Saturday is the perfect opportunity for a bounce back. Despite what the majority think, Parkway are the underdogs against step 3 opposition, so they should play with freedom in front of the Bolitho crowd.
  16. Adam Carter is on holiday at the moment. Sounded like a poor performance, and a game to forget for Parkway. It is only one defeat though against a side that are likely to be among the challengers at a tough ground to visit, no need for post mortems or recriminations. Huge game against Merthyr next week in the FA Cup, big chance for Parkway to put this loss behind them.
  17. Good luck Jordan. Big world out there, seize the opportunity while you can.
  18. Feel like I'm banging the same drum here, but would be a fantastic event for Cornwall. Double header matches could be played over 2-3 weeks in early June at Falmouth, Newquay, St Austell, Bodmin and Saltash for example. Bit of vision and promotion required, could be something special.
  19. Was particular bored once a few years ago, and was looking through the list of players suspended by the Devon FA. One player (Mark Loram I seem to remember) was signed on for clubs across six leagues across various levels of Saturday and Sunday league, can anybody beat that?
  20. Decent report, good to see the detail behind both teams as well.
  21. Thanks Graham, Saw that someone called "S.Thomson" was an unused sub on Saturday, new signing or a cover player?
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