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  1. The three clubs that you mentioned have; Settled management teams. Established infrastructure and solid committees /boards. Clear strategic visions. Their own grounds. Early days for the new owners and management I know, but Truro currently have none of these. Look at Taunton where Rocky Neal, Matt Wright, Shane White, Ed Palmer and Ryan Brett (all ex Truro) are thriving at a successful and stable club. They carried on seamlessly after Leigh Robinson and Michael Meaker left due to an effective structure and strategy being in place. The quality of their recruitment and retention again this summer underliines this. Spoke to a member of the Truro squad last season (who I won't name) who told me that it was a NL South club that was on occasions run like a Sunday morning pub side. One example he gave was that at one match they didn't have enough socks available.
  2. Another twist in the Truro City soap opera. Today's Indy running story that they are facing eviction from Treyew Road.
  3. They should've done the Helston team group for the 2019/20 season, returned to St Austell, and then appeared in their team group. Used to love spotting multiple team group players in the Sunday Indy season preview special.
  4. Jordan Copp becomes the latest confirmed Parkway signing after joining from Truro City. Not confirmed if all are staying, but with the signing of Bastin alongside Trott and Annear, would four "Jordans" in a squad be some sort of record for senior football in the UK?
  5. Presumably Truro City are only a couple of weeks away from pre-season training, surprised at the lack if news regarding players arriving and going. After last year's shambles of a summer, would have thought the new manager and owners would want to hit the ground running.
  6. I look forward to not buying a round in the new bar.
  7. So, from a club that was on the brink and engaged in merger talks with a local rival, to one with a budget that is "huge" and promising players "big money and holidays." Seems somewhat unlikely.
  8. Where will Mount Gould play their home matches? Not sure if they still play matches at Tothill Enclosure, if so, cannot see that being up to the standard of this league.
  9. Personally- no. As I have stated on here before, I would rate Glyn Hobbs as the most talented striker in local football since Bradley Swiggs. He has been brilliant for Parkway in his two spells, but I think we have moved on now. The formation and way of playing have evolved in the first Western League season, and I don't think Glyn would fit into this.
  10. The biggest surprise for you on a presentation night would be if I got a round in.
  11. Surprised there has been no chatter on here about Jake Ash being named as manager at Mousehole.
  12. Parkway Twitter confirms signing of Jordan Bastin from Elmore.
  13. Totally agree, the money spent on "expenses" for pretty average players is frightening. But it's been like this for as long as I can remember. No problem as long as the benefactor sticks around, but when they lose interest the trouble begins.
  14. If a club finish as league champions, and then refuse to take promotion, then withdraw invitation to the FA Vase and FA Cup for that season. Simple. Ground grading shouldn't be accepted as an excuse,. If they are chucking around the sort of expenses/signing on fees mentioned here, then they can sort their facilities out.
  15. Perhaps if Parkway had made it to Southern League they could have attracted him. Tiverton is a very good move for him, he's quite clearly rated by the management and supporters. Not sure anybody really understands why Truro released him.
  16. I know this has been going on for years (and is unsubstantiated talk on sites such as these and various social media outlets), but how are "signing on fees" or "golden hello's" treated with regards to club accounting and tax declarations? The alleged large amounts of money that are labelled "expenses"are one thing , but this feels like something else all together. This forum is a public domain. so what would happen if HMRC read this and decided to show an interest?
  17. Ian Pethick Grew up in Liskeard, lived in Plymouth, but now one of those metropolitan elite types in Stoke Newington, North London. Brought up on the Brian Hodge era at Lux Park when Bradley Swiggs, Tyrone James, Steve Daly and Dave Jones swept all before them. Switched to Plymouth Parkway and thinks the side that included Glyn Hobbs, Shane Krac, Lee Doel and Danny Brook was capable of veering between the best and worst of local football within one match (and was never boring while doing it). Now quite enjoys seeing Arsenal struggle (my local side) ,and watching their deluded supporters going through multiple breakdowns. A useless footballer, who now thinks he knows everything about the game. Responsible for introducing The Bald One to Bolitho Park, and is notoriously slow at getting a round in.
  18. With Eddy, Slateford, Brokenshire and Goldsworthy being lured to Helston, does this mean that the crop of youngsters they have down there will be side lined? No doubt other clubs in the area will be looking at them with interest.
  19. Would be a loss to Parkway as he offered a different type of attacking threat. Change of formation to one man upfront, and the addition of Jordan Annear, meant he slipped down the pecking order. Didn't help himself though when he missed a chunk of games with two sendings off (straight red, served three match ban, another straight red in first game back, further four match ban).
  20. Think that St Austell will be more consistent challengers under Lee Hodges, don't rule out Saltash as well. As for Bodmin, who knows? Would guess that there will be a big turnover of players, but whether they can attract the necessary calibre to make up the gap from last season is a big question.
  21. When it comes it will look like Priory Park after a rainy week in February. That bad!
  22. You're right Isaac. Ideas such as recycling, veganism and renewable energy, which were considered hippy dippy loony lefty crap in the eighties, are now pretty mainstream. We have to move more radically and quicker though, it's a choice between drastically altering your lifestyle now , or everybody having a pretty miserable one within 20 years.
  23. Might not be a bad thing, sounds like a few needed to be moved on and the squad refreshed. The new management team will also have their own thoughts and plans as to who they want to keep, let go and bring in.
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