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  1. No idea of the details, but a notable win for the Ashes as Minehead won the Southern League South Division that season and were a real force in non league football (finishing runners up to Wimbledon in the Southern League Premier the following season, this in the pre Conference days).
  2. Johnson's u turn within 48 hours on the playing of league cricket is a useful prediction of what will happen.
  3. Not forgetting Helston. I am sure Steve Massey would not have been happy with just making up the numbers, he would have wanted them to be in amongst the competing teams.
  4. Nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone, as long as you can explain why you disagree whilst still respecting the other person's opinion.
  5. Southern League is a good showcase for players looking to get into the pro game. Good on Jordan Annear for backing himself and giving it a go.
  6. Not sure about Tavi, but Parkway usually take a full coach (and also a few carloads) to away matches.
  7. We'll never know how the Western League title race would have panned out Mr Bingrove, but given the level of fixture pile up that most clubs faced (Parkway had 17 league games in to play in something like 6 weeks when they league was halted) points on the board could have been an advantage over games in hand. But, as I said, we'll never know. Given the strength of playing squad assembled and the ambitions of the club in general, don't think promotion would be enough. Lee Hobbs is already on record as saying that he will be expected to deliver the league title next season.
  8. I know this is a Cornish football site, and people from Tavistock never post on here, but I often think the club goes under the radar and their achievements aren't spoken about enough. Parkway (rightly) receive a lot of plaudits, and have a very high profile because of gates they attract, a high profile manager and chairman and the quality of their media output, but Tavistock seem to go under the radar a bit. When you look at what they have achieved on the pitch in the past four seasons with two Peninsula League titles, a run to the third qualifying round of the FA Cup and top of the Western League when it was halted with a title and promotion push very much on the cards, there is a lot to shout about. Manager Stuart Henderson must be attracting attention from clubs higher up the pyramid. He he has achieved a lot with a core of well established players (Dave Hallet and Josh Robins seem to have been their for many years), who he adds to with a few astute, but not necessarily big name, signings each year that improve on what they already have ( most clubs in the league would love to have Josh Oak,Dan Evans, Warren Daw and Jack Crago) There never seems to a high turnover in the squad, which must indicate how happy they are with the management and club as a whole.
  9. Totally agree John, cannot see how it will be safe to resume semi pro or amateur football for the forseeable future. Don't want to air my political views on this within this thread. bit you are right that the business and economic minds are now winning the argument over those from the scientific and medical backgrounds.
  10. Shame. In a state of lockdown boredom I was getting nostalgic for the five wins in seven seasons for Liskeard in the 80's, particularly the Battle Of Mount Wise against Saltash in 1989.
  11. Really enjoy reading the past programmes for Cornwall Senior Cup Finals that regularly appear on the Facebook Cornwall Football Memories page. Is their a formal archive anywhere that shows the result,scorers and line ups for all the finals played?
  12. There were rumours about the state of the club's finances last March.
  13. "Welcome to the Etihad Stadium where we see the return of the Premier League. A very special hello from the broadcasters, if we didn't see football on the pitch we would have seen the league in court. Also, a big thank you to the gambling industry who successfully lobbied their tame MP's and ministers to get this restarted. Not forgetting of course the viewers at home who are now distracted from the 53,000 dead (Office For National Statistics Figures) who would have filled this ground, and also the real possibility that they will lose their jobs and with it the opportunity to pay their pay TV subscriptions. Joining us tonight are Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.... "
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