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  1. Way Of The Park

    Falmouth Town v Tavistock

    Little challenge for you Ninja, what would a combined Parkway/Tavi team look like ? (Assuming everybody is fit and available)
  2. Way Of The Park

    Falmouth Town v Tavistock

    Add Dan Evans and Liam Prynn to the list as well.
  3. Way Of The Park

    Falmouth Town v Tavistock

    Always thought the Lambs had a close knit group of players, big part of their success over the last couple of seasons. If this is true, then I guess money talks. Would love to see Josh Oak and Josh Robins at Parkway though, would strengthen two areas of the team that need attention.
  4. Hi Keith, would love to keep the conversation going, sounds fascinating. I'll send you a DM via here. Ian.
  5. Hi Keith, don't live too far away (Stoke Newington). Being a copper stationed at City Road in the 70's/80's must have been, how would you put it, "lively."
  6. Way Of The Park

    Good to see ....

    Interesting read, thought that the Western League achievements of both Liskeard and Saltash in the Eighties were overlooked though. They took over from Falmouth as the progressive Cornish clubs and, between them, dominated a very strong Western League for a few seasons.
  7. Wenlock Arms in Hoxton. Proper old man's boozer, pasties are the only food available.
  8. Washed down with the three cans of cider I still owe you...
  9. Been a very good season for SWPL clubs against step 5 sides in FA Cup and Vase (hopefully somebody can produce stats to support this). I'm going for St Austell and Saltash wins, but Bodmin to lose.
  10. Heard Adam Castle (then Buckland manager) being very critical of Western League over lack of early season midweek matches. He feels that it cost them promotion, but also raised serious point about player welfare as a result of fixture pile up.
  11. Could be a lot of postponements this Saturday, weather forecast looks pretty bad down in the South West. Hope it's not the chaos of last season starting to play out again.
  12. Way Of The Park

    Brislington V Parkway match report

    Somebody closer to the squad than me will be better informed, but I think it's a been a combination of injury and illness over the past few weeks. Squad game though, Stewart knows that he'll have to bide his time as Jordan Annear and Adam Carter have done well in the starting spots.
  13. Honours even at Lux Park yesterday, both sides can be justified in saying that they could have won it. Probably a slight moral victory for Liskeard though, getting back into the game after going behind and losing James Lorenz during the game injured goes a long way to dispel the "stop Lorenz, stop Liskeard" point of view. Interesting to see Lyle Johnson scoring, and seemingly playing well this season. Looked to be a future star when he played for Parkway a few seasons ago as a 16 year old, but seemed like he believed his own hype a bit and lost his way. Hope he stays at Liskeard and settles down after bouncing from club to club over the last few years.
  14. You can add Shane Krac to the list as well. Agree with you Mike on the subject of dual registrations, I understand that it is useful to clubs in order to plug any injury, suspension and unavailability gaps (and is not against the rules) but it must have an effect on team morale and tactics. Confusing for supporters as well when players continually come in and out.
  15. St Austell do seem to be a side that runs hot or cold. On their day, unplayable (ask Parkway fans), but when it's not, awful (see Ivybridge result last week).