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  1. Agree with you Sir, there appears to be a long term plan to shift the Western League away from its current heavy Bristol/Bath area basis, towards a more Cornwall/Devon/Somerset focus. Getting off topic in this thread though, and I suspect it will open another can of worms on this forum. As a Plymouth Parkway supporter though, I am aware of the growing frustration at Bolitho Park that (due to COVID and league annulment/cancellations) they cannot make the jump up to step 4. Wonder if the same thoughts exist at the likes of Helston and Mousehole for example regarding being unable to get up to ste
  2. Not a slight against yourself Joe1970, and God knows we need to get regular injections of new blood on here. More of a comment about how managerial busted flushes like Tony Pulis seem to keep on getting jobs.
  3. The detail is in the language used. Whether it is PPG or frozen 2020/21 league tables used (not just for promotion/relegation, but allocation of FA Cup entries for 2021/22 I would think), there will be a lot of unhappy clubs out there. Looking at some of the Twitter feeds for the clubs within National League North & South, then this could easily end up with lawyers involved.
  4. Tony Pulis. Left Crystal Palace by "mutual consent" in 2015, then subsequently ordered to repay a £3.7m bonus after being found guilty of "fraudulent misrepresentation " by a High Court judge. Sacked by West Brom in 2017, sacked by Middlesborough in 2018, sacked by Sheffield Weds in December 2020. Perhaps not the strongest of candidates....
  5. Who doesn't love a non sensical piece of football punditry and comments? Here's a few corkers. "I will be writing to the relevant authorities to complain, but I'm wasting my breath." Joe Royle “Cole should be scoring from those distances, but I’m not going to single him out.” Alex Ferguson "If you can't stand the heat in the dressing-room, get out of the kitchen" Terry Venables "I don't want to compare Bowditch to Matt Le Tissier, but the way he scored his goal was similar to Matt." Joe Royle "Beckenbauer has really gambled all his eggs." Ron Atkinson "If history
  6. Sorry Dave, didn't see that. Went into topic via the recent thread section. Another thought I had was that if the step 7 and downwards portion of local football got going and nothing else, could step 5 and 6 players, if they are correctly registered of course, turn out in order to get a game?
  7. First thoughts are that no, it is not as easy as that. The green light may well be given for the return of grassroots football, but it does not look like licensed premises will be allowed to reopen for (potentially) several months afterwards. Without the use of clubhouses being permitted,and also regulations covering the size of crowd and safety measures required, how many clubs at steps 5,6,7 and below will just decide that it is just not viable to play matches? As an aside, speaking as someone who is no fan at all of our Prime Minister, this slow and cautious approach to removing lockdo
  8. Certainly better than Phil Tufnell and Graeme Swann.
  9. Everything is a bit up in the air regarding, well, just about everything regarding this season's league placings and next year's structure. In the case of Truro City Reserves and if they are successful in their application, just don't think there will be the capacity for a third side to play home matches at Parkway's Bolitho Park. Personally, I would like to see them play their matches in West Cornwall in order for them to keep a presence in the county during the transition to the new ground, not sure where though or if the Peninsula League would allow it.
  10. Taking the knee has become just as pointless and as much a part of virtual signalling as rainbow boot laces once a season. The FA, Premier League and elements of print and social media are variously loose and enabling of racism in football. Witness the bile thrown at the likes of Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling on social media, and the "nudge, nudge, he's a young black man from an underprivileged background, look at how many houses and cars he has" stories that pop up in certain tabloids. Contrast that for example with the media treatment of Man City's Phil Foden. Kneeling on the pitch and
  11. Peter Shilton's Nearly Men- A Plymouth Argyle Story by Paul Roberts. Not an autobiography, but an essential read (especially for Argyle fans). The story of Shilton's two years in charge, including narrowly losing the play off semi final to Burnley. The team he put together played some of the best football seen at Home Park during the 1993/94 season, in a side containing classy players such as Steve McCall, Steve Castle,Paul Dalton and Dwight Marshall. Unfortunately, it all collapsed around the ears of a manager who was out of his depth, had chronic financial worries and a chaotic pr
  12. This sort of crosses over with my other thread about Bugle, one of several clubs that flew too close to the sun and have had to endure reduced circumstances since (or even folded completely). You could name Falmouth, Liskeard, Saltash and probably Truro amongst these.
  13. At the risk of sounding like a "it's not as good as it was" type, when would people consider that we had a so called Golden Age Of Cornish Football (if such a thing existed)? Conscious of joining the ranks of those above, but I have to say that mine would be the spell between the early eighties and the beginning of the nineties. I was following Liskeard in the Western League at the time, and the league seemed to be of a very high standard with many strong clubs in front of ,what seemed to be,larger crowds (although subsequent evidence has largely disproved that) and there was definitely a
  14. That is what would be interesting to hear, did they just burn through all their resources? Looking at some of the line ups of this time, they looked like they had a star studded group of players that would not have come cheap.
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