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  1. See Harry Downing has been playing for Newquay, is he back with them full time? A big talent, still surprised that Argyle let him go.
  2. In light of last night's draw with Helston, are Newquay one of the dark horses? Good to see one of the great clubs of Cornish football seemingly on their way back.
  3. James Ward hasn't been in the starting line up since the FA Cup match v Saltash (when he was pretty poor). Didn't last long at Truro last season either, perhaps SW Peninsula League is his level.
  4. Will be interesting to see how the formation shapes up. Four into two won't go with the forwards, there are always going to be a couple of disappointed players. An embarrassment of riches for sure, and will require a bit of man management. Also with Shane Krac now recovered after injury and River Allen almost having served his ban, how will they accommodate them into midfield with Billy Palfrey? Nice problem to have though.
  5. Sounded like one of those games for Parkway,did everything but score. Going to view it as a point gained, keeps the unbeaten league start going, another clean sheet and Shane Krac playing his first 90 minutes of the season.
  6. For some reason, Ryan has always seemed to carry the tag of being a player with a poor attitude. He was superb at Parkway in the second half of the 2011/12 season after the "names" jumped ship, and then carried the attack pretty much single handed in 2012/13 season when Parkway finished runners up. As he said in his interview, people also forget that he scored a respectable 5 goals in 14 games (only 4 starts, thanks to Tivvyarchive.co.uk for the stats) for Tiverton in 2014. This was in the midst of the John Clarkson circus of that season. Agree, in this side, given how they will dominate match
  7. Seems a strange thing to say, but even after 4 wins from 4 the team (by their own admission) is still bedding in and playing in fits and starts. Few key players still a little way from full match fitness after injury and River Allen suspended, when everybody is fit and firing then they will take a lot of stopping.
  8. Kyle Moore has got it in him to be a top goalkeeper, but this side of his game is something he has to get under control.
  9. Setting aside personal thoughts about how the government is handling this, and the test, track and trace in particular, it seems inevitable to me that we will be back in national lock down (including a suspension of all sport, professional,semi-professional and amateur) within weeks. Feels like it's going to be a pretty grim winter.
  10. Phew! Can we talk about Bodmin instead of Parkway now?
  11. That plan went well (if there is any truth in it). 🙄
  12. We don't know that it was the club's decision to let Adam Carter go. On paper, bringing in Matt Wright from Taunton is an upgrade in that position.Just unfortunate that he has been injured and played no part in pre season. Will be interesting to see how Wright and Ryan Richards are accommodated in the line up.
  13. To start on a happy note, was great to catch up with Home Waters and The Bald One last night. Deserved win for The Ashes. Parkway started the match well and laid siege to the Saltash goal for the last part of the match but, apart from that, Saltash were the better side. Mike Smith was a constant threat up front, Callum O'Brien was immense at the back and Ryan Rickard pulled off some brilliant saves in goal. For Parkway, it felt a bit like a pre season performance with the new system and players still bedding in. The central defence was slow and chaotic with neither Rob Farkins or James Wa
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