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  1. "If they are correct" are the key words. I would say that the only two people who know what they really get are the manager and the player. Lots of stuff on here is a combination of rumour, exaggeration and jealousy. Given the terrible state of some of the grounds, pitches and facilities around the scene, I would hope these stories aren't true.
  2. Heard rumour from a reputable source at weekend regarding a high profile signing for one of the biggest clubs in the SW Peninsula West, apparently he's unsettled already and being linked to a club higher up the pyramid.
  3. In PSF language, "good to get minutes in the legs, both sides can take positives from the game."🙄
  4. Liskeard 20 (yes, twenty) Lanreath 0 Be very interesting to hear reaction from anybody there.
  5. Heard Dane Bunney talking on the podcast earlier about players giving up on football as they found other things to do during the enforced shutdowns. If that's at step 5 level, then I suspect it will be even worse in the lower rungs. I also doubt that the second home owners who have now colonised the Cornish villages, and forced out the locals, have any interest in the local clubs. The lack of affordable accommodation, and jobs, may also precipitate a large migration of youngsters to the cities. Read that university applications are running at record levels, and also know that business near where I live in London are struggling to recruit staff and have plentiful vacancies. My local pub has complained that they cannot get bar staff, even though they are offering £28k/year for 35 hours a week pulling pints and collecting glasses.
  6. The ground looks superb. Many years since I watched a game at Bodieve, you used to need one leg shorter than the other to deal with the slope.
  7. Not seen this mentioned on the forum, very sad news regarding the passing of Plymouth Parkway Life Vice President Charlie Baggott. A true gent who nobody had a bad word to say about. The tribute below is taken from the Plymouth Parkway website. It is with sad news that we must tell all the Parkway family that late last night a true legend of Plymouth Parkway passed away. Charlie has been a massive part of the history of the football club, from building stands, cutting grass to helping on match days to make the club the success it is today. Charlie leaves a massive hole in the football club and will be missed by everyone, a true gentleman has passed, and will never be forgotten at the football club. The Baggott family have lost a great man who has always been a massive part of their lives as well as the football club. We can all remember the days when Charlie would come to the ground to check the trees, he grew from just a pinecone, checking all the work that was being done in the later years to make sure it was done to the exceptional standards he would have done himself. The club will never be quite the same without Charlie being at the ground, but we will always remember his smile, and his love for Plymouth Parkway. RIP Charlie and we hope we can continue to serve the club you loved so much Condolences to all his family and friends.
  8. Add Callington to that list. They all clearly enjoyed each other's company while at Blazey last season... 🙄 Regarding your point, totally agree. It's a long process though, what we're seeing at Saltash/Millbrook and Tavistock (and starting to see at Liskeard and Wadebridge) has taken years and a strong committee that are prepared to keep going with their plan ,even when they hit a few bumps in the road. Will be interesting to see the first list of transfers published by the Peninsula League. I suspect that apart from Blazey, Bodmin and Callington, we might not see the same large movements of players in and out that we have become used to.
  9. Big pre season statement for Mousehole today, they overturned a Parkway side that was reduced to 10 men after a first half straight red by four goals to nil. Coming on the back of them turning Blazey over 5-0, I imagine Jake Ash is pleased with the way that preparations for the new Western League season are going. Sparse details from the Parkway end but understand that neither the manager or the first team coach were there. Lee Hobbs was away (reasons not specified) and Matt Cusack was appearing for the Saltash Legends v Man U Legends at Kimberley. Does make you wonder why this date was chosen for this fixture. Perhaps though it's just better to get performances like this out of the way before the real stuff begins,see what the problems are and focus on what needs putting right.
  10. Correction, it's actually over 1.6million in the week to the 7th July!!!! (source; The Guardian, 16th July 2021).
  11. Pre season friendlies are one thing (and I know that several clubs really need the revenue from the higher profile matches after 18 months of COVID blowing a hole in their finances), but we are only three weeks away from the start of the season proper. With over 500,000 people being "pinged" in the past seven days and being forced to self isolate (and it's only going to get worse) there have to be real concerns about mass cancellations and fixture chaos.
  12. Made me think about a possible future thread on football based dreams, i've had a few.
  13. Couple of thoughts on this Older. In European countries, alcohol is cheap, plentiful and just as available (even more so in countries like France, Spain and Italy, a brandy and strong coffee is a regular breakfast thing in Madrid for example). Lots of pictures I saw showed men in their 40's and 50's indulging in some of the worst behaviour. By no means kids.
  14. Been reading reports and watching videos of what went on at Wembley stadium before the match. Absolutely disgusting, a miracle that nobody was seriously injured or killed. Work with someone who lives in the Wembley area, said that in his 13 years around there, they were the worst crowd scenes he has known. Apparently on Sunday it got so bad that an order was put out by the police banning all sales of alcohol in shops, pubs and restaurants within a five mile radius of the stadium. He also said that there was a dress rehearsal for all this before the England v Scotland group game a few weeks ago in which ticketless "fans" from both countries stormed the gates. Went completely unreported in the media. Hooliganism , it's back with a vengeance (if it ever went away). After only a second final of a major tournament in history for England, and coming within a few inches of Marcus Rashford winning it, in a matter of 24 hours the English disease is now top of the agenda again.
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