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  1. Way Of The Park

    Hodgey resigns!

    Believe that Kevin Nicholson did the Torquay job for nothing. Received expenses, not a salary.
  2. Way Of The Park

    Western league standard.

    Willand are a very good side who I believe have finished in the top 4 for the past 6 seasons . A good benchmark for where Parkway need to be. Nobody seriously believed the Western League would be a stroll, it will take time for the club and players to adapt to step 5 and what is needed. Players and management will learn from this and move on.
  3. Way Of The Park

    Western league standard.

    Full squad according to my man on the ground, will let him give his thoughts on here regarding match in due course. Not sure on reasons for no social media coverage, but not like Parkway as they are usually spot on with this.
  4. Way Of The Park

    Western league standard.

    Reports from Willand that Parkway are 3 nil down. The high standard of the pasty on offer is apparently the only thing memorable about the evening.
  5. Way Of The Park

    Western league standard.

    But what about the standard of Western League pasties?
  6. Way Of The Park

    Godolphin vs Tavistock

    Very strong looking Tavi squad. Can't see where Glyn Hobbs fits in though (barring injuries of course), will he stick around to sit on the bench? Would love to see Godolphin getting back to where they were this season. Good club with good people behind the scenes.
  7. Way Of The Park

    Witheridge withdraw!

    Real shame, Witheridge home or away were always tough opponents for Parkeay. Another victim of changing demography and lifestyles, with too many clubs for the players available in North Devon.
  8. Way Of The Park


    That is a nasty tackle, no arguments about the straight red. Seems like a stupid place to do it as well, no need for such a poor challenge in that part of the pitch. Different set of referees this season who are not as familiar with the Parkway players, they will not get away with as much . Lee and Karl need to nip the ill discipline in the bud.
  9. Way Of The Park


    Cribbs FC away in a few weeks is a possibility. Eyeing up several fixtures in the Bath/Bristol area. Nice Vase/Cup run for Parkway with an away match in London area would be good as well. May even treat Bald One to a pasty or locally available equivalent.
  10. Is there a season preview section upcoming in this week's Indy?
  11. Way Of The Park


    I'm sure the new Mrs Ninja will be fine with it.
  12. Way Of The Park

    What? No pasties?

    The campaign starts here for the new Cornish league from 2019/20 to have the Cornish pasty as its logo.
  13. Way Of The Park

    What? No pasties?

    I'm thinking of your wellbeing, eating at football matches doesn't agree with you. Now, where's that bag of liquorice?
  14. Way Of The Park

    What? No pasties?

    Food and drink is a better earner than gate money for most clubs. Think about it, £1.50 for a wholesale pasty (for example), sell one (or even two) to a hungry punter for £3.00. 100% profit on the mark up. Everybody's happy.
  15. With Rocky Neale, Levi Landricombe and Michael Landricombe, Nick Hurst, Harry Evans and now Jordan Annear joining Tiverton Town from Peninsula League clubs in recent seasons, it seems to have become a decent hunting ground for Martyn Rogers. What other players from this league players do the folk on here think would merit a look?