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  1. Very interesting interview with Steve Massey on last Friday's podcast (even if it did turn into lengthy monologues from him at times). Couple of points I took were that he could barely bring himself to mention Mark Goldsworthy's name (as opposed to Neil Slateford), and was quite dismissive of him as a player ("contributes little to our play outside of scoring goals") and, even though he continually evaded the question, it sounded like the departure of Glyn Hooper from his coaching job wasn't harmonious. Well done to Dave Deacon though for pressing him on answers and dragging him back on t
  2. Great read Mike, much appreciated! Few players I had forgotten about in the Liskeard line up, not least Town legend Keith Manley naming himself amongst the subs. How old was he by then?
  3. Sorry Mike, didn't catch all of that, my internet provider must have filtered out that piece of information. 😁 (Seeing the programme notes would be fascinating though).
  4. Thanks Dave. Love these flashback segments, I think they would work really well on the podcast. Probably not a good idea to mention this particular game to Rappo though, think he barely got a touch all afternoon. 😀
  5. Off the back of Dave Deacon's post on Cornwall Football Memories regarding the start of the 1991/92 season, had an exchange of messages with former Liskeard, Saltash and Falmouth winger about The Blues 5-1 victory over Falmouth in that season's FA Cup. A notable victory in that a strong Falmouth side won the SW League that season. Wonder if anybody (probably Mike Odgers) had details on the game? Think I remember Andy Wright and Billy Ferris scoring for Liskeard, and George Torrance for Falmouth, but not much after that.
  6. Don't think he was a regular starter. Know he was brought in from Barnstaple, guessing the trip down from North Devon was a long way to come to sit on the bench.
  7. Loads of excellent sporting documentaries around at the moment, but what about fictional sporting movies? Can't think of any decent football dramas (hopefully somebody will come up with one and prove me wrong), but here's my favourite three sports movies; 1 . This Sporting Life. Richard Harris in a particularly gritty and accurate depiction of rugby league in the 1960's 2. Rocky. You all know this one, they get progressively worse though after the opening film of the series. 3. Chariots Of Fire. Great opening credits, great soundtrack and a great story.
  8. No doubt Steve Massey will be using this lock down period to try and get a ready made replacement in (James Lorenz will no doubt be one player that will be mentioned), but I wonder if this is chance for someone already within the club to step up. Know that Phil Cattran was highly rated by Massey when he joined the club a few seasons back, but had dropped down the pecking order with other more established players coming in.
  9. Double whammy in that it denies their rivals for the league their top striker, also adds further fuel to the "all is not well at Helston" stories.
  10. Plucked this one down off the bookshelf the other day; Different Class- The story of Laurie Cunningham by Dermot Kavanagh. If not for a career blighted by injury and racism, he could have been the English Cristiano Ronaldo. Found the highlights of Man U v West Brom from 1978 on YouTube in which he was brilliant. The Baggies,featuring Cunningham, Cyrille Regis, Brendan Batson and Bryan Robson won a thrilling match 5-3.
  11. Read a piece by Tony Cascarino in The Times last week. He said how, at the age of 58, he is starting to have trouble getting words out and putting sentences together. In his own words, "I know dementia is coming for me, and I want answers."
  12. I know of one striker who has scored plenty of goals for Peninsula League title winning sides . He's quick, strong, two footed and skilful,pretty sure he is a free agent as well. Give Glyn Hobbs a call.
  13. You're right, hard task to come away from Southern Road with anything. Parkway have a bit more steel and grit in their lineup this year though.
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