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  1. You could support Plymouth Argyle Keith. Goal celebrations have been a rarity (for those in green anyway).
  2. Agree with you up to a point Keith. In Britain, 3pm on Saturday has been a traditional football for historical reasons. Back in the days when a five and a half day working week was the norm in heavy industry and manufacturing, men used to work up until midday on a Saturday, knock off, get washed up, stop off a pint (or two) and then be at the ground for 3pm (couldn't kick off any later through lack of the floodlights that would be needed in mid winter). Similarly, the traditional starting point for the British season is always scheduled around the end of the traditional two week shutdown of th
  3. I'm guessing that finance is the issue Rob. Given the the RFU are slashing their payments to Championship rugby clubs, the Pirates probably aren't awash with cash.
  4. Noticed in the Truro Voice interview with Truro City chair, Jack Richards, that the temporary stands from Treyew are being stored at St Dennis FC. The intention is to bring them back to use initially at new ground/stadium, hardly screams state of the art facility. Read elswhere that the obtained planning permission requires work to begin by 2023. Wonder what constitutes work beginning, a third van parked on the site? 🙄 Not wishing to influence the content of the Rappo and Deacs podcast, but sounds like there is plenty to discuss in a follow up interview with a Truro City representat
  5. I am not doubting the ambition of the owners. I am a firm believer that Cornwall ( and in particular the Cornish Pirates ) desperately needs a major facility such as this. Setting aside the sporting benefits of this, getting it built would, both in terms of the people that would be required to build and run it and the following revenue streams from sporting and non sporting events, be a major factor in any government "levelling up" agenda for the counties economy. A new stadium can only be a good thing (why not call it the Nigel Martyn. Stack Stevens or Phil Vickery Stadium. Put it to a public
  6. Judging by the pictures and comments on the Plymouth Parkway What's App group, the work on the pitch and ground to get it ready for step 3 football is progressing rapidly, made me wonder what the state of progress is though regarding the new Truro City ground at Langarth? The stated aim is to have the ground ready for the start of the 2022/23 season, which is less than 15 months away. If this is to be achieved, then I would imagine that meaningful site preparations ahead of construction would have needed to have started by now. Hopefully, folk local to the new ground will be able to shed light
  7. A mate of mine once got lost trying to find The Ashes ground, and he was from Plymouth! Got an earful from one of her majesties constabulary when he pulled into the police station thinking it was Kimberley.
  8. It will come again. No certainty that clubs promoted to step 5 will stay there, and space is now being created for ambitious clubs to step up into the Peninsula. Even the biggest fans of the South Western/Peninsula West would say that the stagnation caused by no promotion/relegation wasn't good. One big positive to come out of this will be that it gives more spice to the Senior Cup. The Western League clubs will certainly be seen as prize scalps to take, Helston at Falmouth, Saltash at Liskeard and Millbrook at Torpoint for example.
  9. Great piece Rob. I would agree, the Cornish clubs don't have anything to fear from the Western League. The obvious first challenge is the extra travelling, Parkway and Tavi both embraced this and made the going away an event. Players, supporters and committee on the same coach made it almost feel like a raiding mission on the way up, and it was then a party bus on the way back. Remember that the Devon clubs were doing this every other week, and got used to it. A trip down to Helston and Millbrook ( especially in mid week), will something new and a trip into the unknown for the WL clubs. Whil
  10. Come on guys, dip your hand in your electronic pockets. There must be a few quid spare from what you haven't spent on entrance fees, programmes, 50/50's and half time pasties.
  11. Reading the FA statement, it is online abuse in all forms, and the lack of action that the various platforms are taking, that this is designed to raise awareness of.
  12. On the eve of the Oscars, it appears that Flackwell Heath and US Portsmouth didn't read the script regarding a West Devon Derby in the FA Vase quarter final. I accept that the way the FA Vase was restarted meant very little training and build up, and that the players were going to be unprepared and rusty on an unfamiliar surface and with no supporters, but it does feel very disappointing to go out at this stage of the competition in this manner. On to next season which will probably be in step 4, no doubt the management and committee are already having discussions about what players they
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