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  1. Set me thinking about local footballers/clubs as comic strip stories and characters. How about; St Blazey would be Durrells Palace, the once proud non league club now in reduced circumstances. Darren Gilbert as Danefield United (The Hard Man, Johnny Dexter's team) manager Viktor Boskovic an eccentric, yet brilliant, coach with ferocious temper. And as for Roy Of The Rovers, it could only be Mark "Rappo" Rapsey.
  2. Jordan Duffey released by Cardiff City at end of last season, now plays for Bodmin Town. Would imagine that Jordan Annear took time away from the Kernow team while he was trialling with various clubs and trying to break into the pro game, he is now playing for Tavistock and bang in form. Should be one of the first names on the team sheet in my opinion (if he's available).
  3. Don't necessarily agree regarding the cigarette advertising. Smoking is well down on what it was 30 years ago (think it is now around 4% of the adult population who indulge). Remember overflowing ash trays on desks at work, smoke filled pubs, cinemas and airplanes. The three pronged approach of education, pricing and making it inconvenient through not allowing it in buildings and public spaces has worked.
  4. Levi Landricombe came on as sub last night for Parkway in the St Luke's Bowl game v Ilfracombe.
  5. Agreed, a real coup for Blazey to get him (even if it is a short term arrangement). The question is though, could it become a permanent move? Alex Fletcher and Jordan Bastin doing really well upfront for a Tivvy side that is right in the Southern League Prem championship/play off mix, would he get back in their side?
  6. Silly question coming up, why don't Truro City play in the Senior Cup? Is it because they choose not to enter it, or are they not eligible for some reason?
  7. Hard old life isn't it. Have a good time over there.
  8. West Auckland will be a very tough nut to crack, they were beaten finalists in 2012 and 2014, losing quarter finalists last season. Then again, you wouldn't expect an easy game in the last 16.
  9. Interesting comments. Much has been said on here about the difficulties clubs face about getting players on the pitch due to their work and family commitments, but those facing managers are rarely mentioned. This role has become a seven day a week role due to the pressures of running and coaching a team, plus the need for scouting future opponents and looking at players they are interested in bringing. Not to mention any other responsibilities they have around the club (looking for sponsorship, arranging away day transport,ground maintenance for example|). It is certainly not just a Saturday afternoon and midweek job. Anyway, looks like Macca and the chairman have built something good down at Millbrook. Hope they make the right appointment to keep this going, and that the players don't get picked off by other clubs in the interim.
  10. Heard these rumours again yesterday from a fairly reliable source. Cannot see anything in them personally, but one or two on this forum would enjoy it if they turned out to be true.
  11. Heard on the Cornwall Football podcast about Macca Brown resigning as Millbrook manager, anybody know anymore detail about this? Seems like a big story given how well they are going in the SWPL East.
  12. Keynsham 0 Parkway 3 last night , details to follow in Graham's excellent match report. (Spoiler alert; the match didn't finish with 22 players on the pitch). Looks like it's shaping up to be a battle between Parkway, Bradford and Exmouth for the championship and promotion slots.
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