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  1. Rumoured that he is now been offered two bags of crisps in the bar afterwards. (Salt & vinegar or cheese & onion only mind, scampi fries as a bonus for reaching 20 league goals).
  2. Adam Carter leaving Parkway for Bodmin would discredit the "player who picks up end of season awards, stays at club" theory.
  3. All seems a bit reminiscent of last season's trolley dash for players.
  4. Not necessarily, could be a contract player.
  5. Free entry to the Carlton Suite for Liskeard players used to be the big motivator, not sure what it would be now.
  6. In the interview that the Liskeard manager did for Cornwall Football Podcast at end of last season, he alluded to the difficulties he foresaw in keeping players. Talked about how attractive the offers they were receiving looked to lads who are in lower paid jobs. Can't really blame them.
  7. Aloo, Is It Me You're Looking For by Lionel Ritchie Popadom Preach by Madonna.
  8. 2017/18 -Champions of SW Peninsula League. Promoted. 2018/19-Runners up in Western League. Les Phillips Western League cup winners.
  9. Probably tells you where Bodmin are right now, 5-6 seasons ago they would probably have been confident of taking any players they fancied from other Cornish clubs.
  10. Sam Hillson would be a good signing for them, could also be a positive move making him captain. For someone who's still quite young, he's been around for a while in successful sides now and should be ready to step up in terms of extra responsibility. Regarding Danny Brook rumours, he was one of my favourite Parkway players, but not sure what sort of level he is at now. Understand he's been playing mostly Sunday league for the past year or so.
  11. The trademark of Tavi over the last few season's has been their togetherness as a unit. They will need a significant addition (or two) to replace the goals of Josh Grant, but in Josh Oak, Dan Evans, Lewis Daw, Josh Robins, Warren Daw and Dave Hallett they have a solid and well established core. I hear that they have a decent group of youngsters in their reserve and youth set up as well. Got a feeling that Exmouth could be a force next season as well. They are well organised, don't concede many goals and have made their home ground a bit of a fortress. Decent away support as well, a few Western League treasurers will enjoy seeing their hungry and thirsty fans in the bar before and after games.
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