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    plainlazy got a reaction from rgkeep in Trelawny League - Saturday 5 October 2019   
    chacewater will take some stopping. Good bunch of lads as well. Brilliantly ref'd, people slate them but he was superb! 
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    plainlazy reacted to Soccer Follower in Trelawny League - Saturday 5 October 2019   
    Well done Martin Eddy.
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    plainlazy reacted to GEACH1 in Trelawny League Sat.7th Sept.   
    The problem is rappo there are too many players who should be playing higher divisions dropping down playing against lower “struggling “teams 
    Then you got teams in combo struggling for players to compete in that league cos the players that can are knocking in 5 goals a game in the lower trelawney league.  For example last season Carharrack and porthlevan and others at the lower end of the combo league.
    then in the lower trelawney league u got teams getting  spanked double figures cos the players are too good for that league .
    then you got the players in the lower league losing interest cos why give up your saturdays to be humiliated and then pay your subs for that privilege. 
    Some people may disagree but it’s my opinion and you can’t deny it when you got double figure score lines 
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    plainlazy reacted to Dave Bartlam in Trelawny League Fixtures, 24th August   
    If it's something your club feel strongly about, please mark the referee accordingly on your Full Time teamsheet. If below 61, you can submit a report.
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