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  1. That extra 50p to get in is worth it seeing the money goes into the pitch and making it good enough to play on. Well done grounds staff!
  2. They will be back, local manager with local players who have connections with Carharrack will get them back on track.
  3. Does anyone no of any disabled football in Cornwall. I have a work colleague new to the area looking to play football.
  4. Well the club I'm involved in each youth team has long waiting lists for kids to join so can't really agree with you on that.
  5. Yes player's will leave and hopefully better themselves but if the youth is run correctly player's will keep coming through.
  6. Club shouldn't have those players in it, Have players who are playing for the club and wanting to play at the highest level is what's needed, No player is better than a club! Well ran club's with youth set ups don't really see a shortage if ran correctly.
  7. Yes Ron it was agreed to be played at that time and it was a shame the ref couldn't do that time at late notice. Just saying that members of each club discussed a earlier KO which I believe it was easier for a ref to be found but The Well wanted and PM KO due to player's unavailable which is fine but this was talked about a couple of week's ago. Doesn't really matter now, just a shame there was no game over Xmas.
  8. Mr Kemp I believe in early December said that Perranwell could only play if it was agreed to be a 2-30 KO.
  9. It was scheduled for 2-30 because Perranwell didn't want an early KO.
  10. Perranwell didn't want a earlier KO.☹️
  11. That would make sense, if he is still in America he must be getting paid to much.
  12. Not many report's this week, we use to get one from St.Ives and Mr Rapsey use to do Penryn.
  13. Can see a few game's being off tomorrow
  14. Can't see a match report from the Penryn game this week?
  15. Can only see the same 3 team's challenging again this year. Penryn, Perranporth and St.Day. Penryn with Young Rappo are favourites in my eyes but Perran got the ability to get in any player if needed to strengthen and St.Day have lost a couple player's this season but still have a goal threat with Richards and Wills up front.
  16. Click on the link and you will see all fixtures/results/team's and scores.
  17. Doesn't matter which one. They can't be that bad seeing they are at the right end of the table.
  18. Perranporth also wanted St.Days centre half and also offered him Captaincy and a big Sponsorships. AKA money!😂
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