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  1. What about peninsula? Ludgvan are looking for players and they could be in your area
  2. I believe they were actually better last season as far as the table is concerned
  3. I agree with what your saying because they would have more of a opportunity to far in the supp cup but first team should always comes first.
  4. And the second are going to win the junior cup? Common sence is your first team comes first. No point I having 1st team's and Res if you don't treat them that way.
  5. That's great that they did but why can't they do it again the following week? Was it because they didn't have a game and it was local.
  6. Yes a very good player and a few teams wanted him, will only make you stronger
  7. What do you mean Luke Johnson what I find. Good player but has been a find for a couple years now ?
  8. Am I reading this correct leeh is the stithians manager who sent two of his players off for swearing, and even the opposing team thought he was biase toward them?
  9. You said maybe you should blame the player's for not supporting their local team. Isn't that what most of what your team done when you all jumped ship few year's back?
  10. Well said Jamie. You will still get certain Muppets that will still mention money in the next few weeks, It's like reading the financial times rather than a soccer forum.?
  11. Still boring, people mention it on here nearly every week. Can we just talk about the game's please. Shall we just say all teams pay and the one's who win the most trophies pay the most!?
  12. People going on about money again.Always money at clubs that do well.?BORING!?????????
  13. Tell Paul C to not comment then half the problem is gone.?