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  1. League's should be the top teams get promoted and the bottom ones go down, why do we promote team's who wasn't good enough in their league just because they apply.
  2. Yea Mousehole pay but nothing like Massey. I wonder if he will give his new kitchen back. 😉
  3. Shame we are going into lock down, you guys could have got a room together. I'm feeling the love.
  4. Yea Mousehole and Penryn will be up there with about 4 or 5 right behind them. Think this season will be the most competitive in year's.
  5. Really. Mullion and Penryn down on my accumulator for wins. 😉
  6. He has moved from Falmouth first team to Illogan to play against Falmouth Res, That's a great move. 🙄
  7. Ryan Reeve is learning to be a groundsman at Penryn so wouldn't give up the chance to learn from Older, I believe a few of there players could be off to St. Dennis. St. Day manager is already sorting pre season plans so that rumour isn't a good one. 😉
  8. Would that mean Helston will be paying players in there Reserve.
  9. That extra 50p to get in is worth it seeing the money goes into the pitch and making it good enough to play on. Well done grounds staff!
  10. They will be back, local manager with local players who have connections with Carharrack will get them back on track.
  11. Does anyone no of any disabled football in Cornwall. I have a work colleague new to the area looking to play football.
  12. Well the club I'm involved in each youth team has long waiting lists for kids to join so can't really agree with you on that.
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