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  1. I ain't piss taking Ralph, why don't you sign on and play for them. It's the truth and glad they are helping them out.
  2. Only a week or two I believe Can't imagine how bad the wind is down Culdrose this afternoon.
  3. They have got player's who are going to help them but they are still playing for their junior club this weekend.
  4. So will this successful manager now look to win Div 3 with the strong team he has should be one of the favourites
  5. I would go with Penryn to win it, there away form ain't that great but they only have St.Day out of the top 6 to play away.
  6. Surprise Glen want's to go back there as manager seeing he got turned down beginning of the season. Best of luck though, can only improve them but do feel sorry for TMS again!
  7. They are on form now but that's football. Most consistent win's so that's not Helston.😉
  8. Hope the manager hasn't got anything to do with Threemilestone, wouldn't want to see them pulled apart again.
  9. Hopefully the player isn't badly injured. From behind and off the ground should be a red card all day.
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