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  1. A team in the league with ambition should nt jump up and help them reach their ambitions quicker and develop and challenge their youth but NEW teams should jump straight in??? There wasn’t enough teams to make up the Combo so teams applied, congratulations to the teams who got in, no sour grapes at all but I think too many people don’t know the facts behind teams applying. Congrats to Mullion and Ben at Godolphin 👍
  2. Ah sorry, just assumed as they are now in the Combo that they were classed as senior. They had a few known senior faces playing for them I know that much. They were definitely more senior than Falmouths kids 😂😂😂😂😂 still good run out and nice bunch so wish them all the best for the future 👍
  3. Falmouth United 1st trelawny 2 5-4 (4-0 ht ) Godolphin 2nds Combo Superb first pre-season result for us at Falmouth against a senior side, played in great spirits and well reffed. Special mention to the 4 16 year olds who played joining the 5 17/18 year olds, hopefully futures bright. falmouth goals lewis Preston 2 matt baxter matt rodden connor hurrell
  4. St Ives 1-3 Falmouth United Not bad afternoon weather wise down St Ives, not our best performance but felt we probably deserved to win. St Ives keeper sent off after 25-30 mins for handling well outside his box at 0-0, few niggly fouls both ways and plenty of whinging from both sides lol. Bit disappointed to be told at 3-1 that we were shit but hey Ho they are entitled to an opinion. Another good run for 2 of our under 16s, one of them scoring 2 goals so hopefully with the 3/4 others we ll have playing next year the futures bright. congratulations to St Ives on the league, all the best for next season 👍
  5. Thanks Chris, we are a young side ( myself aside lol ) we had 3 of our under 16s playing today which is the whole idea for their progression from kids football to the adults. We had 13 out of the 16 today have progressed through the Fal United club. You boys were twice the size of us and could have quite easily kicked us off the park but you kept it as a football match which was awsome, a lot of credit and really nice bunch of lads you have there, all the best for the future. Tim
  6. Falmouth United 3-1 Falmouth DC played at Penryn college new Astro Decent game by Fal United, worthy winners in the end although DC gave us some scares in first half. Andrew Symons our Fal United manager has got us playing nice football with some very impressive youngsters, St Ives at home next week who are going to be a decent side so hopefully a good game. Nice to be back playing football 👍
  7. Question regarding changing rooms. We played Troon on Saturday and lost 3-1, in my opinion and most of our team Troon deserved it and were the better team for most part although we did play our part and could have scored more. it’s the changing situation that got us confused, we got there and were under the impression ( right or wrong ) that we could use changing rooms in groups of 6 at a time. We stood outside only to be informed by their manager that we were not allowed to use them at all and had to change by our cars. It was pissing down and blowing a Gale so we managed to change in the dugout s which was great fun lol. Our issue is that they got changed in the home changing room and were constantly in and out with all their bags and clothes in the dry but we couldn’t? Be nice to get some clarity to why this was, mind games surely not against a Div 3 team? ? ?
  8. Looking for ref for our game today if anyone gets Canceled Sorted now 👍
  9. Threemilestone res 0 falmouth United 4 Awsome performance from the boys against strong threemilestone team, few different faces in their line up from earlier in season granted but I’m sure they still did nt expect to lose to us in this manner. Some nice football played, passed it around nicely and some nice finishes. Good bunch, gracious in defeat admitting best team won, good luck for rest of season, all we need is some consistency 👍
  10. Chacewater 4-1 Falmouth united chacewater thoughly deserves the win, men against boys sorta springs to mind but thats always going to be the way with Falmouth united. Played in pretty good spirits, ref was questionable to say the least and most people in the ground would agree judging by the comments around the pitch. good luck to chacewater for rest season, going to be good battle between them and threemilestone 👍
  11. St Ives 0-1 Falmouth United Superb display against a decent St Ives team, travelled with few players missing but the youngsters who stepped in did themselves proud. We were calm on the ball and passed it around nice and limited the home team to very few chances but to be fair we had very few chances as well. Game played in good spirit and reffed superbly, good luck to St Ives for season apart from the return game 😂 Fal united goal Lewis Preston
  12. Sorted one with culdrose 👍. Thanks but think combo teams is bridge too far for a young team in the bottom tier
  13. We are looking for a team to play on sat 27 th July as we seem to have been let down. Short notice I know but would be at Falmouth school on the new Astro at 2pm
  14. Honest report, think experience came out on top but a lot of possatives. Good bunch of lads at titans reserves, all the best for the season
  15. FAL UNITED been let down at short notice so looking for friendly at short notice this sat, home ( at mabe as our pitch at penryn school univaliable ) or away. Very young side, mainly under 16 s from last year so ideally not looking to play top teams as we need a challenge not a hiding lol.
  16. Good to see a local village team reforming, be a bit of a shame if it s just for tremough!
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