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  1. Ruan minor and Marazion should’ve be allowed to enter again. Time and time again they pay money for senior players to smash the trelawny league and then fold when they have to play their actual standard. It’s a joke and the players who play for these should be embarrassed
  2. What a game controversial decisions hard tackles and late drama, 2 good competitive teams with chacewater snatching the all Important winner to keep their title hopes alive. 3-2 chacewater was a great watch and frogpool will feel hard done as a draw was properly a fair result
  3. A very entertaining double header at chacewater. Chacewater 6-0 rousagan 2nd match chacewater 5-4 rousagan... chacewater fighting back from 4-1 down with 15 mins left to keep the title push going. Great advert for lower league football, really enjoyable spectacle
  4. Hayle and penryn coming up to the swpl... hayle will be the whipping boys whilst penryn could be the dark horses this season
  5. Wonder how many swpl prem players will be playing in this cup 😂
  6. Very enjoyable game today at hayle where hayle came out 3-1 winners. Both teams played nice football Falmouth will feel slightly annoyed with today on the footballing side but also the way they were treated at the ground today. had to get changed outside in the rain as hayle took all changing rooms to themselves, also no showers for the away team today. Would’ve thought they’re would be a better way to handle this? also all the hayle players and myself were allowed in the clubhouse after the game whilst Falmouth players and staff had to settle for a takeaway drink only, bit bizarre.
  7. Finished 5-3 both teams were a mix of first and reserve team players from Falmouth town. A really good enjoyable game to watch and really good to see both teams treating it as competitive as they did. Well played
  8. No loyalty in football nowadays, players more interested in the pay packet
  9. Been hearing a couple players at chacewater player for another team on Saturday, even though COVID-19 was a big factor in their game being called off. Surely that’s not allowed? Be interesting to hear what happens with that
  10. Another good result for helston tonight. Good point at home
  11. Won’t be hard for helston to still compete for top 4 still early days.. all they need is 11 new players, a new manager and more MONEY 🤣
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