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  1. No wonder he turned it down, that’s an insult to his ability a goalkeeper of his calibre should be on at least 250/300 like the rest
  2. Waste of money from helston, always thought they were all about their amazing youth 😂
  3. Helston losing 6-0 wow haha brilliant. Need to spend some more money or maybe new management who know how to manage
  4. Falmouth res 1-3 st ives, very good game between two good sides slow start for Falmouth town as they found themselves 2-0 down inside the first 30 minutes and could’ve been more of it wasn’t for the goalkeeper. 2nd half saw improvement for Falmouth as they managed to create more chances falling to a 3-1 defeat. St ives a very good side and will no doubt be around the top this season, Falmouth will be up there this season
  5. From the stands it looked like Luke and another player from Falmouth got tangled up after a tackle. johnson kicked out and received a red card
  6. Sent off on his return to Falmouth against their reserves. Sounds like a great move
  7. Ex town player Luke Johnson day red today, from my view at the game he kicked out at tie defender in the corner flag. cracking game at Bickland
  8. Helston will be a force this season. My title favourites. Helston mullion penryn top 3
  9. Was in attending today. Brilliant spectacle and two very good sides
  10. A real shame, great facilities down at Perranporth and the success they have had the last few years you would think they would’ve been stable. unfortumately this goes to show that money in these lower divisions are killing off football clubs. I can’t fault Perranporth as I’m sure they would have tried everything to stay in the st Pirans league, goes to show lack of loyalty in football nowadays.
  11. I’ve heard Perranporth will lose another 5/6 players which if true will be a massive shame. looks likely Penryn and st ives will challenge this season, possibly hayle
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