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  1. Ignore the trolls.. your match reports are worth reading whether or not people agree with you thats football, opinions is what makes football a great game
  2. The old combo was better standard than today’s south western prem. fact
  3. The ref in the penryn game was spot on. The standard of football well…. Let’s just say if that’s the south west prem then I’d question if the players are good enough at that level. No better than the old combo standard.
  4. Makes me wonder why the FA arnt asking for proof of positive covid tests? st day, ludgven, good perranwell and now porthlevan all supspect to covid 🙄
  5. Wendron are flying at the moment. Cracking result against a strong st blazey squad on paper
  6. Ok I’m just looking out for the safety of players and officials. my understanding is people have to self isolate for 10days once tested positive so I’m just questioning why they were allowed to play 4 days later? Nothing bland about it just a simple question Steve 😀
  7. That’s a good result for st day today.. but covid hit their squad on Tuesday so how are they playing today? 🤔
  8. So basically they were struggling from both sides. Thanks for the clarification 👏
  9. Bit odd why some players from teams with positive covid tests were allowed to play for other teams? If that’s the case then what’s the problem calling up reserve team players to help out a first team apparently missing a couple due to covid?🙄 all seems a bit suspicious to me and I expect the league to look further Why couldn’t the players who were positive not play and instead replace them with reserve players? Make more sense surely 🤔
  10. Why isn’t there a full bunch of fixtures in a Saturday?? Ridiculous how there’s on 3 from the west on a Saturday👏 There’s actually people missing though you can clearly see on social media that some of their players are missing. If they have covid then fair enough but it’s an easy route for struggling teams I’ve seen
  11. Falmouth town reserves 4-0 Hayle Was a good watch today at Bickland park the pitch is looking outstanding, the weather was brilliant and the football from both sides was entertaining. Falmouth looking good today and could surprise a few this season, Hayle will be there end of the season we haven’t seen the best of them yet but will always be a threat with that lad Irish up front. best of luck both sides for the season. next up for me st Austell vs Newquay In the week.
  12. Yes the penalty at the end is a penalty not saying it isn’t, but the red card and the other goal were correct decisions👍 Also the penryn manager will get himself into trouble if he is going to gob off at officials all game
  13. It wasn’t a foul though the goalie had a stinker and tried the claim a cheap foul. Just like the red card it was last man no arguments
  14. Which goal? Are you talking about the one where the goalie fell over?
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