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  1. 2 hours ago, Richard Rundle said:

    Don't know what was going on at Rosudgeon.


    Got there just before 1pm, saw Ludgvan players getting out of their cars and checked with them it was still a 2pm KO.


    Took a brisk walk to Prussia Cove and back, returned about 1:50 with nothing happening, and hardly any cars left in the car park..


    Don't know if it was moved elsewhere, postponed or whatever?

    Did you go further down lane from clubhouse to the actual pitch on the left ?

  2. It’s a National problem with Whole Game / Full time over last couple of weeks 

    For Trelawny registrations , if you contact Adam Mitchell , tlreg@mail.uk with  full details including players email , d.o.b etc ASAP BEFORE game they will be ok to play .
    Also advise opponents with players names as they will not appear on list when entering results .
    It will then be backdated when access is available on website 

  3. A provisional draft of Septembers fixtures are now visible on Full Time website .

    Can clubs please check them for any clashes with other Leagues or unavailable pitches etc and let me know if any need changing by Monday evening please .

    The computer generates list but does not fixture all teams every week , so if you are available and want to play I may be able to find you a game .

    Sept19th   may be a Junior Cup day ....so waiting for draw to be made 

    All replies to   trelawnyfixtures@gmail.com 

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