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  1. You will probably have league matches on dates after the 14th August
  2. Have you found a goalkeeper now ….so can play in August to ? 🤗🤭🤔🤣
  3. You have no idea what it takes to issue a complete fixture list until ALL the leagues above have released their fixtures . Its not only the Combo league that also have teams in Trelawny , add in ST Pirans , Swpl and possibly Western leagues soon , they all get first pick on pitches ! Your theory would lead to some clubs not playing for weeks on end as no pitches would be available ! Can you tell me in July what pitches are free in April ? Keep spouting your rubbish and leave the rest to people who know what they are doing !!!
  4. Have you completed your 2021/22 Affiliation yet? Clubs must be affiliated for the upcoming season before playing any matches/tournaments. Please don’t get caught out as action may be taken against you. Contact richard.pallot@cornwallfa.com to check if you are affiliated.
  5. That would of been to the Duchy league I presume ?
  6. Clue is in the name 🤭 but as they haven’t returned an entry form maybe they are not going ahead with application !
  7. Last call for those clubs named below to return their now overdue completed forms to Melville Benney or run the risk of not being accepted for 21-22 season Lizard Res FC Clijah Mullion Res and 3rds
  8. All will be revealed once the existing clubs have voted at respective AGMs in next few weeks !
  9. Thank you Neil , it’s not been an easy ride again this season with so much stop / start periods . We may not of made the correct decisions ALL the time during these difficult times ( did anybody ? ) but we did give teams football matches to play . I just hope normal service will resume in August and we get a full season of fixtures without interruption.....apart from bad weather !
  10. Just been advised that Fourlanes have conceded the 4 remaining games they had left to play .
  11. Cracking game at Mount Ambrose where Lizard came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 with the last kick of the game . Well done to both teams after such a long break . other scores St Buryan 4 -2 St Erme , Wendron 4ths 2 -4 Holmans after being 2-0 down , Wendron also missed a penalty .
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