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    At AGM on 26th June
  2. In other words he didn’t agree with the Bossman so got sacked !!!
  3. This is exactly the point I was trying to make about Divs of 12 teams .Although Premier and Div 1 will get a lot of changes if you keep pushing more teams up to make Divs of 16 you will get the top few teams hammering the lower teams week in week out . Who really wants that ? Also we will get less refs this year which has to be factored in with games having to be played or voided next season. 16 teams you have to play every week come what may. 30 matches with possibly 20 refs each week 12 teams Divs, with a more equal playing ability, you can spread games out a bit with a better chance of an official ref ...surely that makes better sense ???
  4. We can’t do anything until Combo tell us their decision , maybe by the weekend we will have an answer . One thing for sure their will be changes up and down the Divisions !
  5. At present Combo , ECPL teams and St Piran clubs will play early rounds of Senior Cup until 3 rd round when Premier Division clubs ( big boys ! ) will enter
  6. Trelawny have offered courses for last 3 years ...nobody took the chance to get people qualified !!
  7. Trelawny have not been contacted by Combo Committee yet .....I personally think it's much simpler to join up now ...rather that prolong the inevitable !! On a side note are clubs aware the match fees are increasing for referees to £30 plus travel in Combo , only £20 in Trelawny ! But that's just me being sensible ...lol
  8. Are Penryn Res in an automatic promotion place as they finished 3rd behind Exiles and Illogan Res ?
  9. With the teams now confirmed and announced this afternoon for the St Piran League , it leaves the Combo League with 5 teams . With no detriment meant to those 5 who finished between 12 th and 19th last season , it’s hardly a strong 5 is it ? I know that certain members of the Committee are staunchly against joining up with the Trelawny League but maybe now is the perfect time to bite the bullet and sit around a table and make that sensible decision rather than take another 11 clubs from various Divisions .
  10. No idea Ralph , is he , if so where ?
  11. Penryn 3 -2 Camborne School of Mines . Cracking end to end game played in good spirits and officiated well to draw the season to a close . Now we look forward to next season and the many changes to the League structure which will become much clearer in the next few weeks ...... we hope !!!!!
  12. Gerald Munden is going down to present cup and medals
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