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  1. There is a check box for both teams in the fulltime match report that specifically asks if the respect handshake was carried out prior to the game. Don't tick it if it wasn't.
  2. I have enough trouble getting a squad for a Saturday, let alone a Boxing Day when everyone is hungover/already busy A St Pirans match had no official available I believe If we were at home, as the one man band who marks the pitch and sometimes gets the help putting nets up, it's not how I want to spend my boxing day morning As a family man, my wife, a carer, worked Christmas Day and today from about 3 meaning a) our time together is brief and b) I would need childcare for a match
  3. I don't know is the honest answer and I can completely understand the frustration of it. That being said, that is the criteria laid out and it needs to be met. Have you managed to get someone on a course Martin?
  4. Just to add to this, there are a small range of courses that do count instead of the Level 1 EA as per http://www.thefa.com/learning/courses/accepted-non-fa-medical-courses From 1 August 2018 the following courses will be accepted instead of The FA Level 1 IFAiF at the point of recertification Hampden National Sports First Aid course World Rugby First Aid in Rugby Level 1 course RFU Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union Level 1 course Irish Rugby Union SAFE Level 1 course Corobeus Sports Consultancy Emergency First Aid in Sport course St Johns Sports First Aid The Red Cross First Aid for Sports Course Fitness First Aid Level 3 award in First Aid for Sport (RQF) ITC Level 3 Award in First Aid for Sport, Exercise and Fitness ITC Certificate for Sport Exercise and Fitness at SCQF Level 6 Allied Health Professionals All health care professionals are required to initially attend The FA Level 1 IFAiF or higher. At the point of re-certification after three years, allied health care professionals must show evidence of their professional qualifications and relevant training, which must be one of: Advanced Life Support Advanced Trauma Life Support Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Paediatric intermediate life support Paediatric advanced life support
  5. We've played them once and I've reffed them once. Both been on the astro. Falmouth School
  6. It's not true is it Adam?

  7. Wishes the forum had an auto-save feature

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