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  1. Is anyone able to host Lanner in a friendly game on Saturday? Message me on 07534 218069 or on https://www.facebook.com/adammitchell78
  2. Amazing how many people like to spout off and criticise about things they have little knowledge of, yet also refuse to do anything to offer assistance
  3. Whilst the League tables are currently set to PPG on Fulltime, as far as I'm aware there has been no confirmation of how the "Leagues" will be decided. In my own personal view, no team should be either penalised or rewarded for their choice of whether to continue or not. We were not aware of whether it will be PPG and nor do we really care. As mentioned before, our decision to continue was based on the fact that players wanted to play football again not sit around and wait until August. If teams are that desperate to cling on for promotion by not playing then that's up to them but in the lowest level of organised football surely the main aim is for those that want to play to be able to do so?
  4. Difficult balancing act though. If you have the majority of your team wanting to continue, doesn't mean they all do. And I have to admit, I hadn't factored in losing (as we have) 3 to cricket, some to a variety of work, uni, injuries, retired and one just plain disappeared (deleted Facebook account, doesn't respond at all to calls, texts or emails) From my point of view, it was never about continuing the League or starting a new cup, it was about providing football for those that wanted to keep playing
  5. This came out after all the clubs had made their final decision on whether to play or not.
  6. Think @Soccer Follower has been taking the long way around 😆. If you went you would have known for next time @Tom Trust .
  7. As I'm sure you are aware David, we were well out of our depth in the Premier Division after several unwarranted promotions and then a raft of players leaving. I thought you would remember playing for us last season alongside Peter Norfolk but imagine that's best ignored as it wouldn't fit the Dropship not taking players from any other teams rhetoric along with a few others......
  8. Credit to the Storm lads, they kept battling until the end. Chilman (5) Holness (3) Counter, Cowie and Hendry with the goals
  9. Have you seen the forecast? I don't think there will be a shortage come Saturday kick off 🌧️
  10. Thanks for the game, was a decent game of football despite the conditions. We felt the 2nd penalty was soft but didn't have complaint but can't help but feel aggrieved by the retake after the save. Your number 11 stood out for me, had a great game. Good luck in the next round.
  11. Not aware of any fixture there Dave. Not sure where you saw that?
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