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  1. Think @Soccer Follower has been taking the long way around 😆. If you went you would have known for next time @Tom Trust .
  2. As I'm sure you are aware David, we were well out of our depth in the Premier Division after several unwarranted promotions and then a raft of players leaving. I thought you would remember playing for us last season alongside Peter Norfolk but imagine that's best ignored as it wouldn't fit the Dropship not taking players from any other teams rhetoric along with a few others......
  3. Credit to the Storm lads, they kept battling until the end. Chilman (5) Holness (3) Counter, Cowie and Hendry with the goals
  4. Have you seen the forecast? I don't think there will be a shortage come Saturday kick off 🌧️
  5. Thanks for the game, was a decent game of football despite the conditions. We felt the 2nd penalty was soft but didn't have complaint but can't help but feel aggrieved by the retake after the save. Your number 11 stood out for me, had a great game. Good luck in the next round.
  6. Not aware of any fixture there Dave. Not sure where you saw that?
  7. Today we travelled to Probus in a Trelawny League encounter. Unfortunately I missed the first 30 minutes or so of the game but by that point we had taken the lead after Matt Taylor Cowie converted a James Chilman cross. As I arrived Probus were looking good to get back in to the game but a Brad Clements goal line clearance kept them at bay. Not long after Paul Cannons headed home a Josh Ireson corner to give us a 2-0 lead at the break. Knowing that the next goal would be vital, we started the 2nd half on the front foot. Cowie returned the favour from earlier, playing in Chilman to finish
  8. It's a shame because I quite enjoy having a good read of peoples match reports and how they saw the game from their perspective. I can think of a few who have relished typing up a 1000 word essay as a match report making it entertaining and funny. Sadly it seems there are less and less of these, a rise in the personal insults and abuse and I can't help feel it distracts significantly from the football part of the forum
  9. A serious player injury. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to him
  10. Unfortunately our opponents for tomorrow have withdrawn and we can't play at home. Is anyone willing and able to host a friendly against us? Contact Peggy on 07534218069
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