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  1. Unfortunately our opponents for tomorrow have withdrawn and we can't play at home. Is anyone willing and able to host a friendly against us? Contact Peggy on 07534218069
  2. Pleny of info here: https://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/jul/18/the-fa-issues-guidelines-for-the-return-of-outdoor-competitive-grassroots-football The way I undertsand it is any GROUNDS involved in the NLS are not to allow spectators (even if their 2nd/3rd teams are Trelawny) are not allowed spectators. Recreational football grounds are allowed spectators, they must follow usual standard social distancing (groups of no more than 6, 2m apart) Fairly certain that use of changing rooms is not allowed under any circumstances.
  3. Prior to the lockdown it was due to re-open, there were new landlords in there starting to do some work. We've not been able to get any updates since the lockdown, but have a couple of alternative plans should they not re-open
  4. A very valid question Mr Eddy. I assume I don't need to fill you in on the who what where and why of Lanner?
  5. Regarding Lanner applying, yes this is true. We very much struggled in the Prem last season and, although we were always able to raise a side, we lost some of our players and the team was effectively playing out of its depth. We felt that we would not survive as a club if we played another season at that level, so we decided to withdraw and apply to re-enter the league this season. This is not about a team wanting to burst its way up through the leagues with a team of "superstars" more about ensuring the future of a club that had been "promoted" all the way to the Prem without ever earning it
  6. It's not true is it Adam?

  7. Wishes the forum had an auto-save feature

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