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  1. Heard a rumour Ashley Thomas is coming out of his enforced retirement,apparently new work pattern will mean he's free to play weekends.
  2. Must be Heaney's public relations officer. :D
  3. It would be simple to deny! I still find it hard to understand Webby's role in all this? Kevin Heaney's best buddy.
  4. Should I condemn someone because they may have a cash flow problem? if the answer is YES we should all condemn those living in Cardboard City. I have posted on this matter on 'TigerTalk', I have not posted anything about Mr Heaney because I am waiting for an Official Club statement, something others should do if they have a genuine wish for mentioned investors to step in with a rescue package. I couldn't reply earlier with time being limited, some spent at the Olympics. Still wearing the old ROSE COLOURED SPECTACLES. :P
  5. Why wouldn't the better local players play for Pz,perhaps they weren't asked,perhaps the previous management wouldn't go down that route,i only hope John and CTB and all connected to Pz all the best for the future.
  6. Penzance Reserves have transfered to the Trelawney League. B)
  7. THE TAX MAN ohhh my god i havnt stop laughing.your so funny(looking that is ) Would you laugh if Truro are no more? Or wouldn't you care? Answers on a postage stamp. :D
  8. The team with most points will win the league. because they got most points. SIMPLE. :)
  9. Rome wasn't built in a day! You may have played for Truro but the club is not in your blood. :SM_carton:
  10. I've been around local footie for many years,i can never recall a SENIOR club doing this.Trelawney/Duchy league maybe,the old SWL or new SWPL N never. :SM_carton:
  11. I was always told,there are only two things certain in life,you pay your tax and you die. :P
  12. This seems to be typical Truro,not long ago you had to wear what you were told,but if you wish to swear and fight,thats ok.The people in charge take a long hard look at themselves.
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