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  1. I wouldn’t want to be the first one to have a pint. Sitting in pipes for months
  2. Accidental Handball??? How many hand balls are deliberate? Ridiculous wording for the law. As I also believe that a deliberate handball is a cautionable offence!!
  3. The words “assaults the linesman” was used on Twitter
  4. St Darren

    Who would be a manager

    If you want to be a manager you need to know loads of good players or be mates with. It’s no longer about being a big club, if that were the case sides like Falmouth, Newquay, Porthleven, Penzance would be regularly at the top. There are several clubs out there that rely on one person to do all of it, take them away and they lose a load of players! The amount of phone calls that a manager had to make and even then there’s no guarantee of them turning up. Football has changed massively in the last 15-20 years. A crazy job for anyone to undertake for no gain apart from a loss of hassle.
  5. That’s what I was thinking. But it would be mainly to put the message across to the FA about the inconsistency. This is all hypothetical of course and I’m just being awkward really
  6. Fair enough. I’d still like to give it a go and stand my ground though!!
  7. It’s how it can be taken over typed messages, but no bother you didn’t mean it. But do you understand where I’m coming from though. I wonder where the FA would stand if a player got sent off for swearing went to a tribunal and said “I said the same last week and nothing happened”
  8. I don’t need to be belittled however you meant it but in my book, foul and abusive language is foul and abusive language. One week you’re sent off, next you’re not. How can players get used to that?? by the way, this needs to be addressed st the very top and it will filter through. The standard of refereeing as a whole at Peenier League level is awful
  9. But laws are laws aren’t they? “Foul and abusive language” some refs give some don’t but surely that’s not a disputable law The laws don’t make things easy, nor do the players but nor do the referees
  10. But you are not all refs!!! The inconsistency is what does everyone’s head in. Some allow swearing, some don’t, some allow a first bad tackle in the first 5 mins, some don’t! the laws are the laws but the referees apply them differently!!
  11. And this is correct for most clubs. The clubs don’t pay but there could be a benefactor that is giving players a bit of money as well as purchasing boots. If you tell me that isn’t going on at your club then you’re not informed of all stuff!! however, I do like the fact that players have to pay the club £30 for the trackies and stuff. I know that is true!!!
  12. There’s a difference between an individual paying and a club paying!!
  13. I’m hugely disappointed that I never got a bet on Truro getting relegated this year. It’s as close to buying money as you can get!
  14. St Darren

    Question for a red?

    I was just thinking about it with it being an off the ball incident but not a cardable offence as such!! i would be more interested in seeing the uproar as that would be hilarious