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  1. WEDNESDAY 19th SEPTEMBER DIVISION ONE WEST (7.30pm) Porthleven 6-1 Ludgvan
  2. 30pm) Falmouth Town v  St Austell 3-2 FA VASE 2ND QUALIFYING ROUND REPLAY (7.30pm)  Bodmin Town v Camelford 3-1
  3. Cullompton Rangers v Millbrook 2-1 Launceston v Plymouth Argyle Reserves 1-4  Newquay v Tavistock 2-3
  4. Ludgvan 2-3 Dobwalls Plymouth Marjon  2-4 St Dennis Plymstock United 2-3 St.Blazey  Wendron United 3-1 Holsworthy
  5. Sticker 2-1 Callington Town FA VASE 2nd QUALIFYING ROUND (3.00pm) (don't forget it's the score after 90 minutes that counts) Bishop Lydeard 2-1 Elburton Villa Bovey Tracey 1-4 Tavistock Buckland Athletic 3-1 Newquay Camelford 2-3 Bodmin Town Cullompton Rangers 3-1 Ivybridge Town Exmouth Town 2-3 Bridgwater Town Falmouth Town 4-2 Clevedon Town Porthleven 3-2 Torpoint Athletic Saltash United 4-1 Axminster Town Sidmouth Town 1-2 Godolphin Atlantic Wells City 1-3 St Austell
  6. Bodmin Town 4-1 Godolphin Atlantic Exmouth Town 1-2 Saltash United  Helston Athletic 2-3 St Austell  Tavistock 4-1 Torpoint Athletic
  7. Thanks Pat, cheers mate that would be great. Just a quick text if thats ok maybe by 6pm latest? 07455987850 or on the forum whatever is best for you really 👍⚽️ Also Thanks Paul, i should be on Facebook really but I’ve had a bit of a colourful life with some “friends” I don’t want to dig up!!! 😳😃
  8. Postman Pat, who scored for Redruth please and anyone who can drop me a quick text or call on a Saturday teatime? Always struggle with your report mate!!! 🤔 It’s like the score is a Clijah Croft secret!! 😀
  9. Hi PP,

    who is the best person to get hold of for a quick report of your game on a Saturday for next days Indy paper please? Just a few minutes of someone’s time around 5.30 or could text/email a few words by 6pm? 


    Rappo 👍

  10. Bere Alston United 2-2 Bude Town Holsworthy 1-4 Liskeard Athletic Mousehole 4-2 St Dennis Plymstock United 6-1 Ludgvan Porthleven 5-1 Dobwalls  St Blazey 3-3 Penzance  Wendron United 2-3 Wadebridge Town
  11. Cullompton Rangers 1-3 Tavistock Exmouth Town 3-1 Newquay Ivybridge Town 3-2 Godolphin Atlantic Millbrook 2-1  Launceston Plymouth Argyle Reserves  4-1 Helston Athletic Saltash United 2-3 Falmouth Town St Austell 4-1 Elburton Villa  Torpoint Athletic 2-1 Camelford
  12. Yeah the sooner the better hopefully mate!!? They’re young and fit as fiddles, hopefully quick healers!! If I had Jacks ankle I’m not sure I could even play golf again mate!! 😳🤔 Look forward to watching Kyle play again, think it’s my turn for the coffees as well mate x
  13. Had a shocking night Marksy, had 3 phones ringing at once for 12 hours! Head was banging by 8am! Poor old porters had 97 jobs between the 3 of them! Took my Fourfourtwo mag in and didn’t even read a page!! Wishful thinking! Nice to see you as always mate 👍. Catch up with you properly when the boys are playing at Uni? When they’re playing again poor buggers, hope Kyle,s ankle ain’t as bad as Jacks, bless em. Injuries the worst part of football ain’t it mate 🤕 Especially when you love kicking a ball as much as those two 😦
  14. Well done Steve, thankless and usually mostly unappreciated job running the line. 👏🏼 Had two of the best and fairest there in Adie and yourself last night. Enjoyed the 1st half before having to nip off to work. Was nice to catch up with Patch and Shilts again, both talk a lot of sense and you can see their enthusiasm and tactical awareness rub off on the pitch by the way the Hayle team played some really tidy passing football through the lines albeit for the 45 minutes I managed to watch but always worth the trip for that Philips pasty!! Sitting in my car after doing a 6 point turn behind the stand with no room there now to face the way out for a quick getaway watched by a healthy dozen crowd which does my head in! Face the pitch! No fun watching an idiot struggle! 😳 I felt quite guilty chomping away on my large pasty as the excellent referee Mr George Pattison sprinted up and down the pitch doing his warm up still looking as fit as a fiddle. I remembered some of his crunching tackles he dished out before he went over to the dark side! Wonder if he would have booked himself? 😀. Superb facilities at the club these days with a cracking team to go with it I’d say. Think Steve is right about the club being on the up without doubt. Will definitely try and go back to watch 90 minutes of that classy stuff next time!👌 Good to see Marksy Senior and Junior on the way out, reminds you of all that is good about being involved in Cornish football for the last 40 years since my Probus u11 days!! Met so many lovely people over all those years, lucky bloke really ⚽️💛🖤
  15. RAPPO

    Bridgwater v Parkway

    Well done Parkway!! Sometimes those 1-0 away wins when you ain’t played well and had to scrape home with a bit of robbery are the games that make you champions more so than a classy 5-0 home win. It’s the same 3 points at the end of the day. What a player to come off the bench! Yettsy will terrorise any defence in that league, still absolute class! 👍👌 ⚽️
  16. Penzance 6-1 Ludgvan 7.30 PM Porthleven 2-2 Mousehole 7.30 PM
  17. 19:30 Liskeard Ath 3-2 St Dennis 19:30 Wadebridge Tn 2-2 St Blazey 
  18. Ivybridge Town 2-2 Millbrook Saltash United 4-1 Launceston Tavistock 3-3 Plymouth Argyle
  19. Unfortunately couldn’t be there today but heard Aggie beat a depleted Newmoor 5-0 with Danny hit man Ohagen scoring a hat-trick with the talented Scott Goodchild and Nick Bell getting the others. Credit to Newmoor who started the game with 10 players and then had the influential Stu Bell injured reducing them to just 9 players but still put up a good show and created some good chances by all accounts. Nevertheless a nice 3 points for Aggie after their promotion last season. Foxhole v Par sounded like the game of the day!! Even though the great Michael Jackson has passed you can still have a nine goal “thriller” 👍
  20. RAPPO

    Ludgvan Take over

    Good luck Ludgvan, you can do it 👍 might take a bit of time but stick with it and I'm sure you'll turn it around. All the best gents ⚽
  21. Hi Gents, would just like to send a message to all my regular contacts on a Saturday teatime, my phone decided to pack it in at precisely 5pm as I was sending a few reminder messages for today’s games. Myself and my far more intelligent wife have just spent the last hour of our lives googling and searching for a way to get it working again to no avail!! Think it’s a case of admitting defeat and a visit to 3 tomorrow for a new phone and hopefully I can save all my contacts??!! Apologies to anyone who sent through a message or report for tomorrow’s Sunday Indy paper. It’s the first time it’s happened and hopefully the last! Normal service will hopefully be resumed next Saturday!!? Once again, sincere apologies to my regular contributors, speak, text or email next week with a bit of luck. Cheers gents, Rappo x