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  1. RGB CORNWALL SENIOR CUP, 2ND ROUND (2.00pm) Bodmin Town v Dobwalls 6-1 Pendeen Rovers v Wadebridge Town 1-4 SWPL, DIVISION ONE WEST (2.15pm) Bere Alston United v St Dennis 2-4 Holsworthy v St.Blazey (2.00pm) 3-2 Ludgvan v Wendron United 0-6 Penzance v Liskeard Athletic 1-4 Plymstock United v Bude Town 3-1   WALTER C PARSON CUP, 3rd Round (2.00pm) Mousehole v Plymouth Argyle 2-4
  2. RGB CORNWALL SENIOR CUP, 2ND ROUND (2.00pm) Bodmin Town 6-1 Dobwalls SWPL, PREMIER DIVISION (3.00pm) Callington Town 1-2 Torpoint Athletic Camelford 1- 3 Exmouth Town Cullompton Rangers 3-1 Sticker Ivybridge Town 1-5 St Austell Newquay 3-2 Launceston Saltash United 3-1 Helston Athletic Tavistock 2-2 Falmouth Town  WALTER C PARSON CUP, 3rd Round (2.00pm)   Mousehole 2-4 Plymouth Argyle
  3. Bodmin Town 6-1 Callington Town Exmouth Town 4-1 Elburton Villa Quote
  4. Fenman, thanks for that post! ?⚽️ You are absolutely spot on!! Would give anything just to have one of those seasons back! Nice being young and fit with good knees!! The 10 second buzz after scoring an important goal for your team is the thing I miss most! Knowing it will never happen again is a bit depressing sometimes! I do enjoy watching now though, my youngest son and a lot of mates and mates sons are all playing a decent level so good fun to watch them progress. Send me a message next time you’re down Fenman and we can have an hour talking about our eventful lives mate! (The costa’s are on me!) ?. Thanks for that fanfare, much appreciated mate! Lived with Philpy in his cottage for a bit, never a dull moment!! Top top bloke and I agree what a keeper!! Had a few kick arounds and it had to be a worldie to score past him!! Brave as a lion as well. Den another great mate and keeper! Without doubt the worst moment in my whole career breaking Dens tib and fib! Snapped my knee ligaments same time! Like you say was on 9 goals in 5 games for Exeter reserves at the time, and lost a yard after that injury, so could have been a different story but that’s football I suppose? ? Just can’t believe all the keepers I’ve played against and you break your mates leg! Affected me for a while, remember my nans 70th birthday that same night at the County Arms, turned up from the hospital on crutches and started crying halfway through the meal!! Gutted for Den, worst bit was we saw each other in Truro in the morning and was having a bit of banter about the game! It was live on Radio Cornwall and we were in the ambulance listening to it on the radio lying on our stretchers on the way to hospital!! The worst bit was as we were getting stretchered off I saw my mum and Dens mum Pam hugging each other and both crying! For all the great days I’ve had in football that was a shit one!! Yeah 100% what a player George “Turbo” Torrance was mate!! Was my captain at Falmouth and Porthleven, got to be one of the best players ever to play in the County. Frank McClintock bought George out the army when he was manager of Brentford. Turbo was a pro for them and for Maidstone before coming to Cornwall. Slaughtered me at times but he made you a better player!! Was great for us younger players at Falmouth. Would just glide over the ground and before you knew it he was clear of 4 or 5 defenders, always reminded me of Figo. Another great bloke as well ? Wadds as well 100%, they only bloke I knew who loved scoring goals more than me! Just a fox in the box! Wadds would rather lose 4-3 and score a hat-trick than win 1-0 and not score!! Predator!! Sammy goes without saying, love the bloke!! What a strike partner ??⚽️ Just looked out the window and it’s clearing up!! ??
  5. Cheers Mark, give him my regards mate ? have a good weekend.
  6. Well done lads!! Always warms the heart to see good young Cornish players and teams do well further up the line ?⚽️
  7. Bodmin Town 6-1 Dobwalls Falmouth Town 5-2. St Dennis (3.00pm) Mousehole 2-3 Helston Athletic Newquay 3-2 Camelford Pendeen Rovers 1-4 Wadebridge Town Perranporth 3-4 Liskeard Athletic  Porthleven 3-2 Callington Town Wendron United H/W W/O Bude Town (no team!)  DIVISION ONE WEST (3.00pm)  Plymouth Marjon 3-2 Holsworthy
  8. RGB CORNWALL SENIOR CUP, Second Round (2.00pm KO) Bodmin Town 6-1 Dobwalls Falmouth Town 5-2 St Dennis (3.00pm) Launceston 3-1 Sticker Mousehole 2-3 Helston Athletic Newquay 3-2 Camelford Porthleven 3-2 Callington Town RNAS Culdrose 1-8 Saltash United St Just 1-4 AFC St Austell SWPL PREMIER DIVISION (3.00pm) Exmouth Town 1-3 Tavistock Millbrook 2-2 Cullompton Rangers Torpoint Athletic 3-1 Ivybridge Town WALTER C PARSON CUP, 3RD ROUND (3.00pm) Ilfracombe Town 1-3 Elburton Villa
  9. Think the crowds have dwindled everywhere since those days Al. We were just very lucky at Town that we had the best supporters you could dream of for non league football who created a brilliant atmosphere as well. Remember playing for Town on a Tuesday night in the late eighties against Bodmin I think and there was 900 watching? We went Torquay v Hartlepool the following evening and they had 1200 for a football league game! My mates reckoned there was a better atmosphere in the crowd the night before! Was a privilege to play for Town, just glad I was around in those days to play with those guys in front of that support ???
  10. Great days Mark! Got booked in that game! Trev said he was so chuffed I put a nasty tackle in on someone he would pay the fine himself!! Was only wound up cos he stamped on Gossy about 2 minutes before that! Yeah good old Sammy mate!! My favourite strike partner of all! Played with some brilliant ones but me and Sammy just seemed to click Mark!! On and off the pitch. It was like we were telepathic sometimes, I just knew he was going to win 9 out of 10 headers and I would just sprint onto it (when I was quick)!! Must have had 20 one on ones and about 10 lobs that season! We were nicknamed smash and grab by the F Troop! Think I had 42 and Sammy 28, 70 between us and we won the league and Cup double and lost the Senior Cup Final for the treble! Sammy was built like a heavyweight boxer, 6 ft 4, 18 stone and not an ounce of fat on him! My favourite was his double hamstrings!! Great days mate!!! ?
  11. Scored 5 in a game past both Nige and Kev mate! Kev still reminds me now when I see him!! Only one ever to do it! ? Think they both went on to do ok though didn’t they!! Nige was sub keeper for our County Youth team in 85 when Morrish Truscott was manager. There was a lad called Trevor Prophet who was number 1!!! Always wondered what happened to him and how he must have felt seeing Nige go on to play for England, cup finals and Premier League!? Funny old game really. Been lucky 100%, played in some fantastic teams with some brilliant players. Would never have reached 2000 goals if it wasn’t for some great team mates. Let me know how the knee op goes, I need one and probably two soon! Too young at the moment apparently though! Just keep taking the 3 tablets a day until then I suppose!? Enjoy the game if its on mate ? Thanks Dave, that’s my all time favourite photo! Ball in the net, celebrating with the F Troop, my happiest days without doubt. You know me Bash, anything for a goal mate! ? Hope everyone has a nice weekend (even Zac) ?. Hope I don’t sound too Cornish on the radio!
  12. Thanks Bash, means a lot coming from you mate. Likewise. ?? Yeah remember that game!! Scored 2 at the town end! Remember going to high five my dad behind the goal when I made it 3-3! He just blanked me and left me hanging! ? Typical defender!!! Would have had 4/5 if it wasn't for you mate!! You were a big tough tackling 17 year old back then bud!! Yeah remember me perm!! Kevin Keegan had a lot to answer for mate!! ? Long time no see, take care Bash x. Yeah me too DannyO!! Think we would have done a bit of damage in our prime mate!!! You're still banging in Fa Cup and Vase goals now though mate!! ?⚽?
  13. Thanks for that 100%, appreciate it, hope you and Smokie are keeping well mate. Recorded it straight after a 12 hour night shift so don’t know how it’ll come out!? Enjoyed the hour with Ross though, had a good laugh and brought back some nice memories over the last 40 seasons! Thanks for the kind words Rob, Sticker and Dave, must admit I enjoyed my “career” anyway!! ? Don’t know how long you’ve been in Cornwall or what level you played at Zac, but I can assure you even though you don’t seem to rate it there were and are some really talented players in the SWL. Played with and against some fantastic players, some were ex pro’s and some didn’t quite make that level for one reason or another. I know I’m proud of those worthless 480 odd goals at that level anyway!! ? Must admit most of them felt good at the time!! ? I will agree that an interview with the likes of Chris or Quinny who’s a good mate of mine would be far more interesting than listening to me though!! Anyway whoever decides to tune in hope you enjoy it and have a bit of a laugh ?. #cornishfootballisdecent ?
  14. No it’s geography down here mate. If you look back over the last say 30 odd seasons, think you’ll find when SWL teams have played Western league teams in the FA Cup or FA Vase it’s more than favourable in our favour. Take away maybe the top 5 in the Premier division I would fancy a decent SWL league team every time against a div 1 or bottom half Premier league team. #these are just my thoughts, don’t want to offend my Bristolian football friends ?
  15. You won’t be disappointed!!! Jordy is a top lad and a natural finisher, something you can’t teach, he just knows where the net is!! Comes from a great Truro footballing family. Would love to see him stay at Falmouth being a Town fan but he’s destined for a better level and I’m sure you’ll see that when he pulls on a Parkway shirt in the Western League. Will relish playing with the likes of Yettsy. ??⚽️
  16. Bodmin Town v Tavistock 2-3St Austell v Millbrook. 5-1
  17. Travel down over the hill and Grampound Vets is on your right hand side mate!! Nice facilities as well. Good luck ?⚽️
  18. Sorry St.Austell!!!!! Obviously good luck to you as well!! Sorry lads I just take it for granted with you guys in the Vase!! ???
  19. Bickland Park is too far for Big Al!!! ? Unlucky for Town, 4 minutes away from going through in normal time. ? Watched my old mate DannyO put a shift in for Bodmin, not a game for the purist but really tough conditions yesterday. A good leveller as they say! It’s all about the result in these competitions anyway, nice few quid for Bodmin and in the hat for Monday’s draw the main thing! Good luck to Saltash and Bodmin, hope you both get a decent draw and keep the Cornish flag flying!! ??
  20. Launceston 2-2 Helston Athletic (2.30 PM) Torpoint Athletic 3-2 Newquay (3.00 PM) FA VASE 2ND ROUND PROPER (3.00pm) Bodmin Town 4-3 Alresford Town Cheddar 3-3 St Austell Exmouth Town 2-3 Cadbury Heath Hamworthy United 1-3 Falmouth Town Ivybridge Town 1-4 Saltash United  Willand Rovers 3-2 Tavistock
  21. Dobwalls 3-2 Penzance (2.15 PM) Ludgvan 0-7 Mousehole (2.15 PM) St.Blazey 2-3 Porthleven  (3.00 PM) Wadebridge Town 2-4 Liskeard Athletic (3.00 PM)  Wendron United 3-1 Bude Town (2.15 PM)
  22. FRIDAY 2nd NOVEMBER SWPL PREMIER DIVISION Callington Town v Sticker 3-1 Camelford v Plymouth Argyle 1-4
  23. Dave Deacon 0 Posted Sunday at 17:33 Camelford v Callington 3-2 Millbrook v Tavistock 1-4 Sticker v Newquay 1-4 Torpoint v Elburton Villa 3-1