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  1. Well today I think I have experienced the worst officiating of a game of football in all the years I have been involved with football a level 6 ref looking for promotion to level 5 in my opinion he wasn’t fit to officiate kids football an absolute disgrace and totally ruined a game between two very gd physical sides that could play football but could also mix it up running from side to side speaking to the managers then the linesman stop starting the game swearing at players and supporters the guy is an absolute disgrace to football us as club officials and players have to adhere to the respect rule towards each other and refs yet he can do and say all this to people involved he had no idea what was going on on the field myself and perran manager both chatting during the game about how bad he was it was at times embarrassing there will be an official report sent into the league from both clubs and hopefully will stop this disgrace going any further with his refereeing anyway apart from the ref thankyou perranporth very gd game gd luck for the season
  2. Yeah he had 5 stitches I think but is all gd thanks for asking
  3. I’m not blaming the ref for the bad challenges I’m blaming the ref for having no balls,I don’t want to see any player from any team sent off but a two footed challenge off the floor at any level is a red card this happened early in the game the ref jibbed it then it all escalated from there but then in 2nd half sent my player off for a challenge being off the floor so surely you can see my frustration lack of consistency from a normally gd ref and I don’t blame the ref for the result it was a competitive game and was only ever going to be one goal in it I thought Hayle played well but we didn’t make use of the extra man
  4. Were you at the same game Steve?myself and Hayle manager Simon both agreed the ref was very poor not strong enough in the middle,missed some very big decisions in the 1st half then this carried through the whole game and in the end lost total control and because of this brandishing cards left right and centre this was a physical game between to physical sides there were bad challenges from both sides but this got worse due to the lack of control the ref has if he had stamped. His authority on the game early ie giving the correct card to the Hayle player who two footed my player maybe things would have been different, very unfortunate challenge against Matt laity hope he rocovers soon gd luck to all the Hayle lads and look forward to the return game all in all very physical game but ruined by poor referee