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  1. Mangle

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Hmmm, another win for The Gunners. However, lost to the 2 teams above us, and beat the teams in 17th, 18th and 19th, and yesterday, in 12th (where we were outplayed by them for long periods). A good sign that we can win whilst not playing really well, but still a little fragile. I think it will get better, there is no doubt Arsenal now have great quality, but the defence still has that look of vulnerability.
  2. Newlyn NA -v- Perranwell Res. Postponed to next Saturday.
  3. According to Cornwall FA website, playing today at home to St Columb Major
  4. ....cadet.....chant....cubit....crest....crust....crest....comet....coast..... is there no end to this blasphemy! What is football coming to! 😆
  5. Mangle

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Ah, sorry about that. I get the same thing every Saturday. I do like watching MOTD without knowing the scores, but virtually impossible these days! Hope you enjoyed the first 80 mins of highlights though!
  6. Mangle

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Make that 3 in 3. I managed to see the last 10 minutes of the game against Inter (stupid o'clock new kick-off times). But as it turns out, by far the best 10 minutes of the game. LOL.
  7. Agreed. There have been lots and lots of positive reports for Pz whilst on their long unbeaten run. Then they lose, but no credit to the winning side. Just a gripe! Typical football mentality. It’s very common. The best team usually wins on the day. They probably did play below par, but that is possibly due to the opposition being better.
  8. Mangle

    Volunteer referee

    Good on you mate. a) I hope you manage to help get a game played. b) I hope it goes well and you don’t get grief from the players! Good luck!
  9. Well you certainly are on a great run. You did say they had “signed” in your post, but I guess not (although I note Pellow and Thomas seem to be new players names in your squad on the FA Full Time site).
  10. Yep, basically about it. Good, well organised Mawnan side. I think Newlyn could have had a couple of goals (at least) on another day. But no arguing with the winners, the better team won. Good luck for the season, thanks for coming back for a pint and something to eat.
  11. Two perspectives here..... 1) WTF. I think we can still call this a "new season", 5 to 6 weeks in, and so not being able to raise a side this early is not only a surprise, but a worry, with the long winter months ahead. 2) Rather know 36 hours in advance as opposed to 3.6 hours (or less) on Saturday morning when most of the preparations etc are already made.
  12. Drum rrrrrrrrrrrooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll.............and the players are.................
  13. Division 1: Newlyn NA (3) 5 -vs- 2 (0) Lanner What a different week for NNA this week. For the first time in 53 years, the manager had a full 25 player squad to choose from. Basically, everyone who is signed on for the club this season, turned up. Marvellous. Also nice to arrive pitch-side with about half an hour to go until kick-off, and no sign of the opposition. No cones on the pitch, no club tracksuits, no sign of 3 trainers putting the opposition through their paces. Presumably, Lanner are like one of those old fashioned teams, you know, the ones that genuinely play with mates, play for enjoyment, play for each other, have fun, go out to win, but not at all costs. It is just football on a Saturday afternoon after all. So, the grass had been cut, I had re-pegged the nets as I did not think they were pegged up to scratch, and then started collecting the footballs form the hedges, brambles and so on that had resulted from the final "warm-up" routines, only to be told by a wonderfully communicative referee that he had re-peggeed the nets for us as they were a bit crap. 😶 So, kick-off, and to be fair, NNA we on it form the off. Some good football, lovely movement, confident possession and finally a goal. A rasper, AP flicking in a bullet header off the underside of the bar from a sharp cross. I think JL got the second, and a third added by TP, a scrappy affair, but they all count. HT: 3-0. Lanner came out fighting, although NNA were 3 up, it was comfortable without being convincing, and two set pieces later, there was one goal in it (their second coming from a direct free-kick, 20 yards out, top corner screamer). It was now a tight game, but gradually NNA found their confidence again, and CM walloped one in from 25 yards, and provided a great assist for JL to bag his second. I don't think Lanner can complain too much about the result, especially the first half display from Newlyn, and I must say that the game was wonderfully refereed, and both teams made that job a lot easier for him, without the continuous moaning of groaning that usually accompanies these matches! Good luck to Lanner for the season.
  14. Blimey Older, wish i'd written that. Ain't it funny how the players continually moan at ref's, but can't agree to play without one. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. The life of a referee.
  15. Mangle

    Trelawny Results - Wednesday 5th Sept. 18

    First loss for Perran. Were they struggling, or TMS on it?