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  1. Ward just started at Plymouth Uni, got in touch looking for a club to play for. Apparently has played at step 3/4, Gosport Boro was mentioned by the tea hatch rumour mill. Played full 90 centre mid, did well, impressed, could tell he'd played at decent level and dint look at all out of place. McGhee played 1st half, Dyer (know nothing about him) played 2nd both fairly anonymous imo..
  2. Quite possibly as with Keynsham Town next up on Saturday, that will be the 5th game in 15 days. Also uncertain as to how strong a side Bideford will field.
  3. Aaron Bentley? Twas brother Jordan. Aaron did score for Parkway the following evening though.
  4. 2nd goal Williams with assist from Carter. 1st goal credited to Hillson and confirmed by lino. No goal line technology or VAR at Bolitho yet lol, just the mark 1 eyeball!
  5. As well as the restructuring, I think this might have had something to do with Shortwood Utd taking voluntary relegation/resigning from that league. Looking at last years final table, Bishops Cleeve finished bottom and Shortwood finished 17th of the 22. As always, I stand to be corrected.
  6. 😂👍 Ha Ha. I wish I knew how to! Yes they do. Wish others would do similar. Good info for us neutrals. I see RVP has now posted the report of Parkway's latest defeat. That should cheer the doubters up!
  7. Agree gingerninja. Not sure why report has not appeared on this forum yet but I have read a very comprehensive, objective report of the game elsewhere. As you say, reports of defeats have been posted here in the past. If mocky jackson cares to peruse the Tool Station Western League website reports section or the Plymouth Parkway FC Facebook group page (both in the public domain) he can read the report on the defeat and gloat if required. Yes I believe the person who writes them is just an ordinary punter who does if for nothing for the benefit of others, win, lose or draw and probably at his own expense as there are reports from just about every away game too. There are a couple of other clubs in the SWPL who I notice post reports (Torpoint springs to mind as a good one) but very few others. Plenty of folk prepared to criticise though. Oh and it was the FA Vase not the Trophy gingerninja!! Lol
  8. Give the bloke a break. Apparently just an ordinary punter, not a paid journo. Probably travels miles to every away game at own expense, stands in pouring rain and freezing cold and then likely spends a couple of hours putting it all together when he eventually gets home only to be slaughtered by your pedantic comments. Don't be surprised if you don't see another report but I hope he is not put off! If you want to see the lineups do as I do and look on the TSWL and/or Parkway websites. They are there in all their glory along with every other team's lineups for the whole season so far. Subs, officials, attendance, cards and all!! The whole nine yards.
  9. I'm not too sure who are missing or unavailable but if you care to look on their own website, the line ups for each game are regularly clearly there under the results section along with a comprehensive report on each game. You can also find them on the TSWL website (with an edited report) and also on the FA's Full Time league website. Nothing secretive or covert, it's there for all to see.
  10. As a pure layman looking in from the outside, it seems to me that the "professional" clubs (I use the term loosely) appear to be consistently treated differently to the rest of us mere mortals. It would be interesting to hear the competitions administrator's take on the situation but I'm not holding my breath. ?
  11. Yep, that's the name of the club, Willand Rovers
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