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  1. As a neutral observer there on the day I noticed this and mentioned it on another thread. I'm no expert on the dark arts of the Sin Bin but agree seems bizarre that being sin binned in the 87th minute I think it was, you can pop up less than 10 minutes later, after it's full time, and slot one away which the lad did. Apparently you can. Academic as it happens as Helston won the shoot out.
  2. From a casual neutral at the game. I'm not an expert on the dark arts of Sin Bins but the St Blazey No 5 I think it was was sin binned with less than 10 mins of the 90 to go. He may have come back on during stoppage time but I didn't notice. Lo and behold there he was slotting a pen in the shoot out. OK turns out it was academic as Helston won the shoot out. Would appreciate any advice on the sin bin laws and the views of anyone else who was there. I may have missed something and just to clear my own mind, happy to be corrected if everything was in order. Cheers.
  3. No but Hebburn just down the road did.
  4. Along with Mikey Williams too of course. Reporters nightmare!๐Ÿ˜‰โœ๏ธ
  5. ๐Ÿ‘. Its does as for some reason Bradford's win yesterday has not yet been entered. There are couple of interesting tweets on the subject! Will be rectified idc I'm sure.
  6. Way Of The Park I fear your excursion to the South West from the big smoke may have been affected by the clean fresh air and clouded your judgement. Bradford Town remain top after their 2-1 victory at Roman Glass today. Parkway remain in 2nd place but should they win their game in hand at Wellington on Wednesday, they would go top on goal difference. Thought The Bald One would have paid for you to get in!๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘Œ Good to see you again today.
  7. As it stands at the moment, the more local fixtures, Buckland, Exmouth, Wellington, are scheduled for midweek. Tavi v Parkway are the Boxing Day/Good Friday fixtures. The remainder are all scheduled for Saturdays. The Les Phillips League Cup ties are all scheduled for midweek.
  8. Thought this puts the travel into perspective for anyone interested. This of course does not include FA Cup, Fa Vase, County Cups , League Cups or replays. Last season Parkway travelled just short of 7,000 miles in all comps. A tad more for any Cornish club! Good luck
  9. Western League groundhop. 1 Friday, 4 yesterday in Premier/Div 1 and 2 more today in the Premier (Bridport v Bridgwater and Wellington v Exmouth).
  10. Actually a point clear having played a game more than Bradford Town but with a far superior goal difference. Suspect the report will reflect that. lol.๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. Ward just started at Plymouth Uni, got in touch looking for a club to play for. Apparently has played at step 3/4, Gosport Boro was mentioned by the tea hatch rumour mill. Played full 90 centre mid, did well, impressed, could tell he'd played at decent level and dint look at all out of place. McGhee played 1st half, Dyer (know nothing about him) played 2nd both fairly anonymous imo..
  12. Quite possibly as with Keynsham Town next up on Saturday, that will be the 5th game in 15 days. Also uncertain as to how strong a side Bideford will field.
  13. Aaron Bentley? Twas brother Jordan. Aaron did score for Parkway the following evening though.
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