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  1. We have lost last seasons reserve team manager who is hoping to start a new side at Mount Ambrose. Unfortunately for us most of the squad have left to go with him. As such we are looking for a new reserve team manager. If anyone is interested please get in touch with myself, Phil Rees on 07803002927 or Simon Fisher on 07712435081.
  2. Yes I did have a chat with the ref but his mind was made up which is fine. As I’ve already said, I thought he had a good game and has done so every time we’ve had him. Just trying to point out that you are incorrect in saying it’s a mandatory yellow card when a goalkeeper handles outside the box.
  3. Deserved yellow for kicking the ball away. Very harsh for the second. Sometimes people need to realise these lads just want to play football. For catching a ball a few inches out of his box whereby he didn’t effect the play he now has to pay a fine and miss a game. Should of been a free kick and that’s it.
  4. Like to see where the ruling is written whereby it’s a mandatory yellow if a goalkeeper handles outside the box.
  5. Being not to far away from the incident, I agree with Andy in saying our keeper took the ball marginally outside of the box. Once a keeper is outside of the box the same handball rules apply as an outfield player. It doesn’t change just because he’s a keeper. It was clearly a misjudgment of where the edge of his box was as his feet were still within it, taking the ball in his hands just over the line. He did not stop a goal scoring opportunity as no opposition player near him and it clearly wasn’t deliberate or done to gain an advantage. As such, it should of been a free kick and no yellow card. On the basis of what the ref applied ( who I thought had a good game to be fair ) every time a ball strikes a players hand they should get a yellow card which clearly isn’t right.
  6. It’s been a 2.30 kick off since the fixtures were announced in the summer. As such, players with families have made their arrangements around this kick off time. That’s all there is to it. Unfortunately at late notice we were notified of no ref being available. Shame as we were looking forward to the game.
  7. Pre Season Training Tuesday 2nd July 6:30pm Start Everyone Welcome @ King George IV Playing Field 1st Team - St Pirans League West Reserves - Trelawny League Division 2
  8. I personally think the introduction of the rolling substitutes in the Combination League has been a good thing. A lot easier to keep players happy and maintain a squad. Does anyone know if this is something which will be happening with the new St Pirans League?
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