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  1. Hayle 7_0 , 3 nil ht att 41 plus 1dog a Mike dowrick , and Bob Butler , good win , St Agnes have some young players and they try to get the ball down a d play football, Hayle were just to strong on the day the aggie keeper made some important saves to keep the score down , ref Matt had a good game and played advantage well leading to a goal for Hayle , 4 bookings and a red card late on for an alleged stamp on the aggie keeper , which is correct action for this offence, . Pitch was in excellent condition again thanks to groundsman of the year Greg , cracking weather bit of confusion over goals scored for Hayle or it might just be a senior moment lol , just wait for someone to put up later , some good young players at St,Agnes if they can stay together they will come good in the long run .
  2. Over run on the new stadium , rumours that something may be wrong with the actual building itself , no wonder they didn't sign anyone they may have to cough up more cash towards the project
  3. Hayle lost 3_0 away to Perranporth , two defensive mistakes , not Hayle best game , 2_0 ht better second half from Hayle but didn't really trouble Perranporth , late 3 to put the game to bed , Perranporth took their chances Hayle didn't make enough , Cameron Irish went off injured after 15 mins , which was a blow . , you can't give away silly goals against a good combo team and expect to get a result .
  4. Keep your fingers crossed I think some may come available today , after pitch / facility inspections .
  5. stevieb

    Yet again no ref yet

    Well said Mangle very good post , another volunteer trying to keep our local football going , treasure them .
  6. To make it permanent you just need 3.5 million
  7. Cameron Irish with two , Kane Williams with the third , 3-1 att 26 deserved win , some robust challenges from St Stephens in the first half , but the ref was on hand to award the free kicks , Hayle stood up well and put one or two of their own in as well , ground a result out today Cam with two poachers goals from defensive lapses the only real change St, Stephens had resulted in another poachers goal with their striker getting between defender and keeper after the keeper shouted his ball , up to that point Hayle soaked up most of the pressure , the saints keeper was the busier by far and made a couple of decent saves . Pitch was in good condition , the wind didn't help , with both sides resorting to long ball instead of bringing the ball down and passing on the floor , good luck to the saints for the rest of your season , look forward to the next round , home draw against one of the top teams would be fantastic , fingers crossed .
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    Yet again no ref yet

    Senior cup , this weekend as well , last weekend there was also a combo game cancelled because no ref available , over the past couple of seasons some have retired , a friend of mine has taken up the whistle but unfortunately he has had to work on Saturday's, several factors have lead to the shortage , and the usual they get paid lol , who wants to get shouted at , swore at , and ridiculed on social media , for two hours on a Saturday, the other classic well they don't have to put up with it , well perhaps they are not and finding other past times , support them , make them welcome at your ground , invite them for a drink after the game , they do it because they love football just like you and me , talk to them majority have worked in the morning before a game and like us are rushing to get to a game . We all have bad games be it players ,managers , ref or linos , but leave it on the pitch .
  9. In my opinion I am pretty sure he is also a big wind up merchant .
  10. Plenty of keyboard warriors on all social media , no different on here I am afraid , it's a shame
  11. It's ok for people to knock Ludgvan but they are trying really hard to get a team out and compete , 16-0 is a pasting in any league but the committee have been working for weeks to try and turn things around , they don't want to give up their place in the league without a fight , yes it would be easy to chuck it in and take a fine for pulling out the league , but that isn't what Ludgvan are about . Perhaps some players who left need to look at themselves , and think why they left when last season they pushed hard for the league , . Hope they can turn things around but cut them some slack and hopefully whoever you support won't one day be in the same position .
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    Big money signing

    Look it is an open secret that money changes hands it has gone on for years , but clubs need to be aware that they are libel to pay tax on this , if you have a sugar daddy or mummy good luck with that , but when it runs out bye bye to your team and can set you back seasons , silly paying money at this level but it's their money and they can do what they want with it , just be aware if the club doesn't declare it the tax man will come a calling
  13. Credit to Redruth today they could have snatched a point late on if it wasn't for a good save from Danny Ford , Hayle had lots of possession and attempts at goal but couldnt score , att 30 not Hayles best game this season but some of that was the way Redruth played today , a few silly niggles late on but a good sporting contest over all Cameron to the rescue today but no more than he deserved for all his work , Kane in midfield was excellent again , and zac and Chris at the back have got a very good understanding going on . Not Hayles free flowingfootball of late but three points in the bag , att 30 good to meet postman pat again yet another volunteer who gives his everything to his club , good luck to Redruth until we meet next time , dont under estimate them they are a better side than their legue position .
  14. Well hopefully all the supporters of Truro will get the answers they all deserve , a big club from Cornwalls only city , , PR hasn't been good and supporters divided , looking in from the outside it is a soap opera , no ground , home games Torquay , low match support bad press , supporters chairman against each other . Truro fans have had some good highs but recently a lot of lows , and how many fans from other teams miss playing against Truro reserves , or seeing a cup final at the ground , cracking stadium , lots of parking ,easy to get to and a large bar area , what a waste , hope you all get what you deserve as fans and not what a few people think the club should get , Good luck from me .
  15. Dates please CBT Sorry CTB
  16. Congratulations on your award Greg well deserved , wind lol if you play the ball on the floor you don't have to worry about wind , hence the name football . 12 games in 17 years well done for all the hard work you have put in over the years ,
  17. Hayle 5-2 Lizard , tale of two halves , Lizard went 1 up with a penalty and deserved they settled well and played some good football Hayle huffed and puffed and to many long balls played . Cameron pulled a goal back from a welltaken free kick and then doubled his tally with a penalty ht 2-1 , if Lizard made their chances into goals would have been a different score at That stage , second half Hayle got back to playing football Cameron got his hatrick , another was turned into the net for an own goal from a Scott date cross , quickly after this a defensive lapse cost a goal and from being comfortable some jitters crept in , Ben Williams struck late on after being set up by Cameron . 33 attended and would have seen some attractive football from both teams , good midfield battle well reffed by Jamie Mooney in the right position to give both penalties . Lizard will catch out several teams with their football a good mix of youth and experience , and strong in the challenges . Hayle were slow in the first half but got their act together in the second half and played much better Cameron will get the plaudits for his goals , but sean , Barbs , and Kane put in a good shift as well , look forward to the return fixture and had a good chat with the Lizard fixture secretary , lino another person behind the scences at a club without these peop,e there would be no football clubs .
  18. Hayle lost 2-0 TO CULDROSE , at 21 , 1 nil half time well done to CULDROSE better on the night , Well reffed by Dave Dodson , who carried on even when picking up an injury , chances taken by the airmen , a better more organised,side than last season , and their keeper made three outstanding saves in the second half , end to end game so e good football on show but Hayle came up short tonight .
  19. Well said , I think most club's at sometime have brought in a manager who has brought players with them ,, but when they leave the players move as well leaving the club in a mess and some local lads have had their nose put out of joint and won't come back either , many moons ago when running a team I was approached by another manager sounding out if they would be welcome to join our club but kept together , at the time I informed him with backing from the committee that they were welcome to come but selection of players was down to managers e.g. if they were good enough to play first team that was where they would play , the manager and players never did come , wasn't surprised at that time .
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    Who would be a manager

    Seems like it lol , always someone to pick you up , surprised it wasn't you older ?
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    Who would be a manager

    Been there done that wouldn't want another go now , ok if you are a top side and can attract players but it is harder if you are a struggling team , play with my mates? Why if you are a good player test yourself at the highest level you possible can , you can always hang out with mates the rest of the week , players do follow managers , that is a fact of football, it's hard attracting players the so called better ones that a club would like to improve a team want paying , that is probably the first part of a conversation , and I have spoken to several managers ex managers and money does raise its head . Managing a team is 24 hours 365 days a week , no rest either massaging some players egos or putting an arm around someone and trying to help support them off field . . The list is endless . It is a thankless task like all jobs running a football club . You have to have a very understanding partner to be involved in football .
  22. Back to the football Hayle lost a tight game 3-2 away to Helston , Helston started off the better and were pressing Hayle back , and took an early lead Hayle levelled with some Heslston hesitation in the box between the keeper and the defence and Chris Goodall got between both and managed to head in , some more Helston pressure but Hayle slowly got back in the game and the Helston keeper made a couple of cracking saves , half time level , second half Hayle were the better team in the early exchanges and took the lead , through Kane Williams bundling the ball , Hayle were on top but could not put the game to bed with about twenty to go Helston started to press Hayle further back and got an equaliser , game was a bit open with both teams creating chances late on Helston scored the third and It was to late for Hayle to reply . In my opinion a draw would have been a fair result .. but credit to Helston they kept pressing and took the points , good crowd , great facilities , and Helston so far are the best footballing side Hayle have played this season , pity about the result but another good game of football on display .
  23. stevieb

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Your never poor older ? , don't think Arsenal fans can wait that long for another trophy lol , perhaps a run in the cup this season , in my opinion Arsenal this season will be fith or sixth , come end of season .