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  1. I wasn't there but I've been told the scorers were: Connor Rhodes 4, Dean Dunn 2, Jack Truscott 2, Justin Trebilcock, Joe Emmett and Paul Cox 👍
  2. Chris Davey

    Trelawny League - Tuesday Aug 21st 2018

    I’m very well thanks mate hope you are too? I enjoy your posts on Here! Still trying my best to get better at football but unfortunately I’m even slower now (I know you think that wasn’t possible!) than I ever was 😂 I really enjoyed my time at Penryn - there are some top people there. Hope I’m still playing when we get in a league with you and Pete and I will share a few beers with you all 🍺
  3. @Dave Bartlam, Sam Jones the Probus keeper is 18 and a good keeper - now starting his 3 season as Probus number 1. His mum Lisa, runs the line and does a great job. I wasn't at the game so I can't comment on the match but it was a great result at a difficult place
  4. Chris Davey

    Trelawny League - Tuesday Aug 21st 2018

    @chesterfield That bloke must be older than me?! 😂 It will be Probus youth plus me and maybe my older brother! @TheolderIgetthebetterIwas I bet you've got all the soaps on series link!
  5. Chris Davey

    Trelawny League - Tuesday Aug 21st 2018

    Big local derby next Tuesday. The youth (plus me!) of Probus v the experienced, 'aggressive', Tregony. I can't wait! See you there mate 😀
  6. Callington Town 0-3 Camelford Godolphin Atlantic 0-6 Saltash United Helston Athletic 3-1Torpoint Athletic Ivybridge Town 1-3 Bodmin Town St Austell 1-2 Tavistock Witheridge 0-5 Plymouth Argyle
  7. Cullompton Rangers 0-4 Bodmin Town Exmouth Town 0-3 Tavistock Falmouth Town 4-1 Sticker Godolphin Atlantic 0-5 Plymouth Parkway Newquay 1-3 Saltash United Witheridge 0- 3 Helston Athletic
  8. Plymouth Argyle 5 Cullompton Rangers 0
  9. Callington Town 0-5 Newquay Cullompton Rangers 3-2 Exmouth Town Falmouth Town 2-1 Helston Athletic Plymouth Argyle 2-0 St Austell Plymouth Parkway 6-0 Sticker Saltash United 4-1 Camelford Stoke Gabriel 1-3 Bodmin Town Tavistock 5-0 Godolphin Atlantic Torpoint Athletic 1-1 Launceston Witheridge 0-2 Ivybridge Town
  10. Bodmin 2 Saltash 1 Callington Town 0 St Austell 6 Camelford 2 Witheridge 0 Cullompton 1 Falmouth 5 Helston 1 Tavistock 5 Ivybridge 1 Newquay 3 Launceston 2 Godolphin 1 Plymouth Parkway 6 Exmouth 0 Sticker 3 Stoke Gabriel 1 Or all matches postponed!
  11. Exmouth Town 2-1Launceston Helston Athletic 3-0 Cullompton Rangers Ivybridge Town 1-2 Stoke Gabriel Newquay 1-5 Tavistock Plymouth Argyle 4-1 Godolphin Atlantic Plymouth Parkway 6-1Camelford Saltash United 4-0 Callington Town St Austell 5-1 Witheridge Sticker 1-3 Bodmin Town Falmouth Town 3-2 Torpoint Athletic
  12. Bodmin Town 4-1 Witheridge Callington Town 1-2 Torpoint Athletic Camelford 0-4 Tavistock Cullompton Rangers 1-3 Newquay Exmouth Town 1-3 Falmouth Town Godolphin Atlantic 2-0 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 0-5 Plymouth Parkway Launceston 1-2 St Austell Plymouth Argyle 3-2 Sticker
  13. Callington Town 1-4 Launceston Exmouth Town 2-1 Helston Athletic Tavistock 6-0 Cullompton Rangers Godolphin Atlantic 3-1 Newton Abbot Spurs Bodmin Town 4-1 Torpoint Athletic Mousehole 1-3 Newquay Saltash United 3-1 Sticker St Austell 1-2 Falmouth Town