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  1. I don't know if Leeds did, but I did. Sterile possession as Arsene Wenger might have said. I don't recall Ryan Holland making any saves throughout the game for St Dennis. Blazey took a couple of shots but were very wasteful. On a different day this could have been a battering but it wasn't to be on Wednesday night. Blazey need to start finding the target more often.
  2. Rumour is that Henniker fancies himself for the first team at Tavi and is reluctant to turn his back on them. He wants to continue playing for the second team and bide his time for now. I suppose that's understandable but I don't think he really has the quality to play at a higher level than Peninsula league football. This leaves Blazey a little short, with Jack Alexander also leaving for big-bucks Bodmin. I'd think that Matt and Shaun will be on the lookout for another forward player who doesn't expect Blazey to pay them the earth!
  3. Has anyone checked on Leeds United? 🤣 Has anyone checked on Leeds United? 🤣
  4. Incredible how quickly Leeds goes from "Blazey'll finish in the bottom two" to "Blazey should put six past a team that finished above them last season" just to keep Blazey in their place At this rate come May, it'll be "If Blazey don't put three past Saltash in the league cup final them the season's a right off!"
  5. It's like we think as one. For me Wilmott has been pretty much Blazey's best player this season, only behind the recently departed Steve Rogers. Rendle has also looked pretty good since his return to Blaize Park, although I don't think his mate (and fan favourite) Harry Eaton has hit his best form for Blazey yet. McGee is a good player going through a poor run of form right now. He missed a glorious chance to make it 2-3, one on one with the keeper (albeit on his weaker left foot) but he scuffed the shot so badly that the keeper just bent down and picked it up. He gave the ball away with a few poor passes and always tries to do everything by himself. But he stretches defenses with his running and he is capable of top quality. As for the game, fair play to Falmouth; they were comfortably the better side on the day and were supported by a terrific crowd of fans. It was wonderful to see and hear such a spectacle and I hope that one day St Blazey can return to their former glory and emulate that kind of support.
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