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  1. I'm perfectly capable of copy, paste and web searches, but in this case I'm simply applying the lessons that I was taught in school and being a grammar pedant.
  2. Pedantic peeve of mine. Bias is a noun indicating prejudice toward or against some object, person or group. Are you a noun indicating prejudice or are you a person who is biased towards or against a brand of football? See also "you're so tan". As for match recommendations, I agree with Del Boy: you should watch Porthleven vs Mousehole. I think you'll see a more competitive, technically accomplished game of football, plus you can enjoy a stroll around Porthleven with your new wife before the game. I don't think anyone would enjoy a stroll around Helston.
  3. Looks like Giles is signed for St Austell https://twitter.com/AFCSTAUSTELL/status/1140151377588625408?s=20
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