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    Dave Deacon reacted to Way Of The Park in RIP JIMMY GREAVES   
    Was interested to read that Jimmy Greaves' record of 366 in the top 5 European Leagues (357 in Division One, 9 in Serie A) was only surpassed in 2017 by Cristiano Ronaldo. Greaves wound down his career playing for Chelmsford, Atherstone, Barnet and Woodford, by this stage he was gripped by alcoholism and a self admitted lack of motivation (read in his autobiography that, out of all his West Ham teammates in his final season at the top level in 1971, he only rated Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Billy Bonds and Pop Robson as players) . By contrast, Ronaldo is seeing out his days playing for Manchester United. 
    Two big "what ifs?" in his career, how would his career have played out if he played in the 1966 World Cup Final? And, perhaps more intriguingly, what if he had joined Brian Clough at Derby in 1971 instead of going to West Ham? Cloughie did specialise at both Derby and Forest in taking  players that were in the autumn of their career or with disciplinary issues and reinvigorating them (as he did with the likes of Kenny Burns, Charlie George, Larry Lloyd and Dave Mackay).
    A genius of a player who found redemption and national treasure status in a second act as a much loved pundit and TV personality.
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    Dave Deacon reacted to SON OF LINEKER in best referee u havd in ur game   
    My favourite used to be Alan Barnes originally from Manchester used to own the Monkey Tree holiday park.
    Real nice genuine bloke,never spoke down to you and always ready with a bit of banter.
    Best one I remember was when I'd missed a sitter and was getting back into position,Alan leant over and said "my dog could have scored that and he's been dead for a couple of years now" !
    Other good refs for me were : Nigel Nicholls/Nigel Jewell/Chris Dengler all ex-players .
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Devils@Dusk in RESULT - Saturday 18 September 2021   
    I wanted to know why/how they were useless.
    Sorry, I would've "liked" your post, but you don't have the "like" option that everyone else has.   
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    Dave Deacon reacted to unclebilltc in PREDICTIONS - SATURDAY 18 SEPTEMBER 2021   
    Point accepted, Specsavers job obviously!😎
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Lifeintheolddog in TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 11 September 2021   
    100% agree, can see why there are shortage of refs and all you get is winged at and snide little comments. I’ve been the person winging at the ref I won’t lie but it’s not until you put yourself in their shoes you understand and respect what they do. I stepped in ( I’m qualified but still to do with the team due to my son playing ) away to Tregony, got a lot of grief as I expected, may not have got every decision right but let game flow as I saw it. Most of the players fine after, guy I’m assuming was in charge said he thought I was absolutely fair which was great but one guy refused to shake my hand and just said “ no chance “ 🤷. Think VAR in football has made life harder for local refs as players forget they have nt got it in Trelawny football 😂😂. Be nice to see more players who are finishing their playing years take up the whistle but like me maybe that may be pushing it with the wives and family’s . Good luck to all the people stepping in this season 👍
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    Dave Deacon reacted to RAPPO in RESULTS - Saturday 11 September 2021   
    Woke up this morning and realised it’s 18 years ago today that our great mate and team mate Dave Gardner passed away aged just 36. He fought until the last minute thinking of others like he always did on the football pitch. Anyone who knows Cornish football will remember him fondly I’m sure. If someone up above can take an unbelievable bloke like Dave away then any of us could go tomorrow. Puts all this crap into perspective really! Apologies I let myself get wound up a bit by people I don’t even know hiding behind made up names. Ridiculous when I think about it 🙄 Time to move on and god bless to Dave, played county youth together from the age of 16, won many trophies together in our great Falmouth Town team and ended up playing vets football together. A top bloke that would light up any room or pitch he walked into. Never forgotten by all your many mates Dave ❤️💛🖤⚽️
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    Dave Deacon reacted to 100%cornish in RESULTS - Saturday 11 September 2021   
    So you are not writing on here anymore thought you had thicker skin than that Mark dont let the buggers get to you, I dont i take lots of crap and Just laugh it off i love the banter and winding people up and will continue .Hope you reconsider Mark if you pack in writing they have won you got lots of kickings in your playing days surely you can take some on here .Most of the ones that have had a go at you dont even go to matches anyway they just sit at home and read reports people like you and me write and they never even went to the match.Out Fistral this morning got talking to this bloke from St Austell about football and he was telling me St Blazey are prepared to offer silly money for Jack Bray Evans ,cant see Jack ever leaving Newquay hes 1 of the few loyal players left in local football 
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Both Sides of the Tamar in RESULTS - Tuesday 7th September 2021   
    Bowks always great value. Good striker. Rather 'finely balanced' in the penalty area though 😉 Bowks and the Waltz would make great panto villans!
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    Dave Deacon reacted to The waltz in RESULTS - Saturday 4 September 2021   
    Josh Harris 
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Keith B in Referee training   
    Well done Wildee. Thank you for volunteering - it needs a few more like you sir.
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Reaper in RESULTS - Saturday 28 August 2021   
    I agree, it's obviously a member of St Dominick with the report so he sees things differently (like all managers at every level) but as a neutral I have to say its not a fair reflection of the tackling issues. 
    I watched it opposite the dugouts and yes I have to say I didn't see the 'stamp' up close but the following tackle from the Saltash player got me and a couple of regular Borough watchers talking and we could see the incident in front of the dugouts was the catalyst. My wording of it comes from the fact that just down from us there were a couple of St Dominick fans (or players parents) and not long after the tackles, a lad who had been part of a group of St Dominick fans that were standing between the dugouts, had walked around the pitch. The two our side asked him what happened to which he replied the St Dominick player (he did call him by his name or nickname but I didn't catch it) had 'done the ****** ****' and then explained it to them. 
    The other thing I find a bit strange is how you've said Saltash were guilty of Tactical and cynical fouls... I completely disagree with that - Saltash were completely dominating St Dominick second half and all the fouls in the last 15 minutes stopped them winning the game (in my opinion). If anything the tactical fouls (didn't really see any cynical ones from either side) came from St Dominick to try and stop Saltash playing - which like I said worked. Saltash were guilty of all lot of frustration tackles as they seemed to lose their way a bit once the game got scrappy but definitely not tactical or cynical - never in all my years of watching football at various levels have I seen a team so on top - going for the win, try to break the game up by deliberately fouling either tactically or cynically. 
    Im not condoning any bad tackles - not that there were that many 'bad ones' but both sides were guilty - not just Saltash which you're implying - I also agree with the yellow card your player received, as I do with the one the Saltash player received, in fact I'd probably say in your favour that same Saltash player probably did get away with another just after. 
    I totally understand you're frustration at losing a two goal lead - I watched Saltash Utd throw one away today and lose so know what it feels like when your team does that and you look for reasons - I know I did, I tried to explain it to my wife when I got home today but couldnt! 
    I don't know if the Saltash Borough manager reads this forum but it would be interesting to hear his side of things too. 
    He deserves a bit of credit as he clearly did or said something at half time for their performance to improve so dramatically. The two next to me told me at half time his players were in trouble as he was going to 'have a few words'. Apparently if he's ok with how they've played they stay on the pitch but if not he takes them in the changing room - can only imagine what the players think when he tells them to go in 🤣.
    One thing I do know though is I really enjoyed the game, a great local derby with both sets of players giving their all - with no problems after either which shows it wasn't that bad - and that's how it should be. 

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    Dave Deacon reacted to Reaper in RESULTS - Saturday 28 August 2021   
    with no game at Kimberley I went down to watch this and yes pretty accurate with that report - Saltash Borough were, as you say, very good second half - especially compared to their first half and really should've gone on to win.  From what I saw though St Dominick used their obvious experience over the younger Saltash team and did what they had to once it went 3-3, slowed the game & made it scrappy to stop Saltash from playing - which worked well, Saltash did let it get to them. I don't normally comment on here, I like reading match reports etc from all the different leagues but thought I'd have to say something when I read what you said about the fouling. 
    Yes Saltash did go in hard - unfairly at times but so did St Dominick and think some of the Saltash tackles were in frustration at some they received - for example one of the St Dominick players deliberately stamped on a Borough player after the ball had gone which wasn't seen so (and I'm not saying it's right) a Saltash player retaliated with a bad one 10 secs later. Both teams did some late, tough challenges all through the game - especially last 10 minutes so although your view of the game was pretty much correct it's unfair to say Saltash were doing all the fouling - St Dominick got away with a lot too. In my opinion a typical, competitive local derby. I haven't watched Saltash Borough before as like I say I'm usually at Kimberley but really enjoyed the game and was very impressed with Saltash second half, they look a very good team once they settle down 
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Ian B in DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday 28 August 2021   
    It's been a while but GSM Utd finally got their 21/22 Duchy League Div 1 West season underway with a 4-1 win over St Eval on a beautiful, sunny day in St Mawes.
    After an even start, GSM took the lead after 13 mins, when Charlie Andrew was barged in the back inside the area and a penalty was awarded. Charlie pick himself up and calmly sent the keeper the wrong way and rolled the ball in to the bottom left corner.
    GSM created a number of chances without increasing their lead. Cody Tregunna striking the bar twice within 30 seconds with shots from outside the area, the first helped on to the bar by a fingertip save the keeper. Ben Colquhoun made a couple of well timed runs in behind the defence but put his shots just wide of the target.
    GSM went in to the break with a slender 1-0 lead and all to play for.
    Second half and playing up the hill, GSM doubled their lead shortly after the restart when Jordan Rodgers hit a beautifully placed right foot shot for distance into the top corner with the St Eval keeper grasping at thin air.
    Moments later, Stephen Floyd Norris nipped in to break up a St Eval attack on the halfway line and released Ben Colquhoun, who rode the challenge of the last defender and finished to take GSM 3-0 ahead.
    GSM almost went 4 up shortly after when Ben Colquhoun found himself one on one with the St Eval keeper but put his shot straight at the keeper, who stayed big and saved well.
    Despite being 3 goals behind, St Eval enjoyed their best moments of the game with a couple of long range shots going just wide before their #10 forced a good save from Caius Sharpe in the GSM goal. Shortly after, a long ball over the top fell to St Eval #7 who managed to beat the advancing GSM keeper to the ball but his goal bound shot was bundled away for a corner by the Angus Joce. From the corner another St Eval shot that didn't trouble the GSM keeper.
    75 mins and finally St Eval got a reward for their endeavour as they won the ball deep in the GSM half and released their #7, who slotted the ball calmly beyond the advancing Caius Sharpe in the GSM goal.
    GSM upper their game and pushed forward with Charlie Andrew nearly increasing the lead when put through but the covering defender managing to get in a last ditch tackle to put the ball out for a corner. From the resulting corner the ball was played deep, Charlie Andrew retrieved the ball before delivering a ball to the far post where Stephen Floyd Norris got a touch to divert the ball goalward, forcing a good save from the St Eval keeper.
    GSM continued to push forward and finally put the game to bed with a fourth goal. A corner was played in and the ball dropped in the 6 yard box , Cody Tregunna reacted quickest to poke the ball home to mark his first ever game in junior football, at the age of 16, with a goal. GSM almost added a fifth in injury time when Cody Tregunna flicked on a long ball to set Ben Colquhoun through on goal but the covering defender forced him across goal before Ben put his left foot shot just wide.
    MOM - Jordan Rogers
    Thanks to the ref and his assistance. Good luck to St Eval for the rest of the season
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Dave Bartlam in TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 28 August 2021   
    Ahhh crap, yeah I see what he means now 🤣 Whoops. I'll change that..
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    Dave Deacon reacted to zebedee in TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 28 August 2021   
    Mullion 3rds v Stithians Res off due to lack of Communication from Mullion secretary ! 
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Dave Bartlam in RESULTS - Wednesday 25th August 2021   
    All too often clubs receive criticism on here for the way their players and managers act... I thought both clubs were superb on Wednesday. I'm not too keen on commenting on games I've reffed but I feel it's only fair that the club's that act impeccably get the recognition that they deserve.
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    Dave Deacon reacted to We Two in Lanreath Withdraw   
    Very sad that a village team that has always been a good place to visit despite the winter weather conditions that at times would blow you off your feet, should have to withdraw from the league.
    There are times when it all becomes too much for the tiny crews that run these teams, and it's not before they fold that people realise what their neighbourhood has lost.
    Good luck for the future Lanreath, lets hope someone wil take the reins and resurrect the club again before too long
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Jamesy7 in RESULTS - Tuesday August 24 2021   
    Pretty biased opinion being part of Millbrook but we pushed them all the way!
    First half defended brilliantly, Willand had lots of possession but didn’t really threaten the goal… we had the best chance of the first half missing a 1v1. Second half they showed their quality around the box with a neat finish and then an unfortunate OG. The boys showed great character once again to get one back and pile on the pressure with some half chances and one great chance to equalise late on but just didn’t quite have enough.
    Took our Southern League opponents all of 180 minutes to see it out so the lads can be proud of their performances over the two games!
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    Dave Deacon reacted to baldy in Cornwall Senior Cup First Round draw 2021-22   
    I think Haveyouheard needs to learn some basic maths.
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Way Of The Park in Craig Veal To Helston   
    Maybe, seen it done before. Remember many years ago Liskeard (featuring a very much in form Andy Bowker) were playing Porthleven in the quarter finals of the Senior Cup. A week or so beforehand (hopefully I am recalling this correctly), Alan Carey approached and signed Bowker. Star striker removed, Port won the tie.
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Pedro in RESULTS and tables - Saturday 21 August 2021   
    Sticker 0 Dobwalls1
    Not the best of games to watch and the visitors made hard work of it despite being in control for large periods of the game, they squandered a few good chances.
    Sticker were saved on occasions by the young keeper who made a string of fine saves, Their big centre half had a good game and thwarted more than a few of the visitors attacking moves.
    The deadlock was broken just before the break when Joe Jasper was upended in the box, the Dobwalls striker Kelvin fyneboys made no mistake from the penalty spot.
    The visitors will no doubt be happy with the 3 points but less so with their overall performance?
    The referee had a good game, there were a few fiery moments that he dealt with in a calm manner and he explained his decisions when challenged.
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    Dave Deacon reacted to TheVillageIdiotSociety in LWC Drinks Combination League Fixtures - 20/21/24 August   
    I'd just like to confirm that Rosudgeon Village Idiot Society formed alliances with Breage, Perranuthnoe and Goldsithney for this match hence the huge turn out.
    We all enjoyed the game.
    Can you please delete this picture as no permission was asked and we also like to keep a low profile due to a rise in Village Idiots in local areas.
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Pitty in LWC Drinks Combination League Fixtures - 20/21/24 August   
    Full Time 
    Rosudgeon 2-0 Holman SC
    Last time the Chairman and I watched the firsts it was Boxing Day against Illogan and we were rubbish and lost.
    In that time we have had another lockdown although nobody could be arsed with it and everyone went to work or drove their car any way,
    Illogan who we played that day had to get their Secretary to write to himself to inform his league Secretary self that they couldn’t be arsed with the Combo league anymore,
    England got to the final of a major competition but when it got to penalties couldn’t be arsed with them so lost
    The big bright yellow thing in the sky definitely couldn’t be arsed with this summer and decided the best way to make all the holidaymakers super angry is hide behind big angry grey clouds since the schools broke up, 
    ………What I’m trying to say (badly as usual) is this general ‘apathy’ is a recurring theme and it decided to make an appearance at Rosudgeon as well. When I say the match was awful it wasn’t helped by a pitch the size of a postage stamp with an 18 yard box only about 1 yard away from the touch line making it tighter then Liam Willoughby’s pocket when he finds out he’s getting the round in. The only thing smaller then the pitch was the distance the crowd were from the touch line on one side which is fine when they are not being ‘boisterous’  However the local village idiot appreciation society were out in force on their annual day out and thought it was funny not to move even when the ref asked them to politely move back eleventy billion times!
    Apparently Combo grounds don’t need to be roped anymore which can fuel the question is Combo just the the Trelawny Premier Plus league in all but name now?
    As for the match it was so compressed nobody could get the ball down and play so if Spanish Tika-Taka was one end of the spectrum this was at the other with bells on and that lack of space meant that the Olivia Newton John classic track ‘Let’s Get Physical’ might as well have been played over the tannoy - a particular ugly moment was Liam Phillips for Holmans seeing if the Rosudgeon keeper could bounce off a post (he could) but definitely a foul deserving of being sent to the 2nd step of the naughty step.
    Holmans had their chances and two penalty shouts one of which I think could be compared to one of those James Bond films where the unlucky witness to a murder standing far to close to the edge of the train platform gets ‘pushed’ at the same time as the train arrives!!, Not given though so instead I’m going to dust off the old cliche for the first report of the season (gone big early) and the words Barn & Door were never threatened and if they were it was in the farmers field 2 fields over.
    Rosudgeon took their chances from two set pieces both free kicks funny old thing due to the Tusanami of fouls the first from a cross and the 2nd a well hit direct kick that the Holmans keeper probably should have done better with but I think was unsighted by his ZZ Top Beard blowing in the wind into his eyes.
    Anyway final score 2-0 to the home side but like the gift that keeps on giving a bit like the ‘Boardmasters Variant’ of Covid we are back down to Rosudgeon in a couple of weeks for a cup match!
    When we say ‘we’ I mean the team as I think the chairman and I are now banned from watching as we are 2 for 2 on the loss to watch ratio 😳
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    Dave Deacon reacted to Unknown20 in RESULTS - Tuesday 17th August 2021   
    Heard bodmin are favourites now for the drop & are looking to pinch a few players from Calstock to boost survival chances ....
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