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  1. 059 Matthew Giles                       Helston Athletic              Porthleven

    060 Daniel Stidwell                       Helston Athletic              Porthleven

    061 Ed Timmons                           Bodmin Town                  Porthleven

    062 Jordan Walton                       Launceston                       St Blazey

    063 David Worthington                Stoke Gabriel                   Brixham

    064 Barrie-John Wyatt                 Helston Athletic              Penzance

    065 George Fice                             Bovey Tracey                   Newton Abbot Spurs

    066 Connor Jamison                     Godolphin Atlantic          Newquay

    067 Tom Moxham                         Newquay                          Saltash United

    068 Samuel Hillson                        Torpoint Athletic             Bodmin Town

    069 Luke Hunter                            Mousehole                       Bodmin Town

    070 Ben Joyce                                Wadebridge Town          Bodmin Town

    071 Scott Kellow                            Porthleven                        Bodmin Town

    072 Ryan Lowton                           Dobwalls                           Elburton Villa

    073 Tallan Mitchell                        Launceston                       Bodmin Town

    074 Chris Kilbey                             Sticker                               St Austell

    075 Jake Miller                               Bodmin Town                  St Austell

    076 Tiago Soares                           Bodmin Town                  St Austell

    077 George Tucker                        Bodmin Town                  St Austell

    078 Cameron Turner                    Newquay                          St Austell

    079 Sam Hepworth                       Launceston                       Callington Town

    080 Lewis Pacey                             Torpoint Athletic             Callington Town

    081 James Robertson                   Torpoint Athletic             Callington Town

    082 Oliver Kewell                          Bovey Tracey                   Newton Abbot Spurs

    083 Vince Wight-Harper-Innis    St Blazey                           Dobwalls

    084 Oliver Walker                         Newquay                          Falmouth Town

    085 Jake Andrew                           Mousehole                       Penzance

    086 Jake Cribb                                Wadebridge Town          Callington Town

  2. If you are interested in a large share purchase please send a confidential email to the Pirates Financial Director
    (Rebecca.Thomas@Cornish-Pirates.com) and providing a brief description of yourself,

    Keep the faith,
    RGRE ( Dicky Evans)

    ** If you’ve read this far and would like to get in on the crowdfunding offer when it’s launched to the 3500 + people already signed up , you can join them.


  3. F A Vase First Qualifying Round

    31st August

    Bishop Lydeard v Bodmin Town

    Bovey Tracey v Liskeard Athletic

    Bristol Telephones v Falmouth Town

    Cullompton Rangers v Newquay

    Elburton Villa v Saltash United

    Ilfracombe Town v Torpoint Athletic

    Ivybridge Town v Bishop Sutton

    Keynsham Town v Helston Athletic

    Launceston v Cheddar

    Porthleven v Callington Town

    St Blazey v Godolphin Atlantic

    Street v Crediton United

    Wells City v Millbrook

    Welton Rovers v Newton Abbot Spurs


    Byes: Axminster Town, Camelford and Sidmouth Town

  4. As received from Andrew Large, Mousehole



    Mousehole have completed the summer re-structuring of their management team with the notable appointment of Ben Harding, who will take up the post of Head of Coaching combined with First Team Player/Assistant Manager.  


    Ben will take responsibility for ensuring the football philosophy is embraced and developed across all Academy and Senior teams, while also supporting the commercial initiatives the club and the Endorsed Academy are building.


    The 34-year old midfielder had latterly made 52 appearances over two seasons with Truro City in National League South, and stepped up as the White Tigers’ interim manager in the early part of last season.  


    His playing career spans a total of more than 400 games for Wimbledon, MK Dons, Aldershot, Wycombe, Northampton, Torquay and Gosport, together with three appearances for England ‘C’ as they won the Four-Nations non-league tournament in 2008.  He also represented England Youth, under-15/16s and won the Victory Shield with them.


    London-born Harding will be working alongside Mousehole’s recently appointed Manager Jake Ash - also a former Truro City star - as The Seagulls look to continue to develop in the coming season, playing at the highest level in their history (Step 6) after promotion to the newly re-formed Premier West Division of the South West Peninsula League.


    Mousehole’s Chairman, Tim Richardson, who played a major role in talks with Ben Harding, said of the appointment:  “Ben has always left a great legacy wherever he’s played, and he will make a huge contribution to our club - not least as an influential character on the pitch.  The fact that people of the outstanding calibre of Ben and Jake have committed to Mousehole shows the desire and seriousness of our ambitions.”


    Harding is enthusiastic about his new opportunity: “Mousehole’s vision and aspirations for the future are not only fantastic for football in the area, but the community will see great benefits.  The people I have met here have been extremely welcoming and I cannot speak highly enough of the commitment and drive everyone at the club possesses.  I have felt totally inspired by what’s to be achieved here.  I strongly believe football has a special way of uniting people and communities, and I’m super-excited to be part of something so positive for the youth and people of Cornwall.”

  5. Another episode in the CORNISH SOCCER Podcast series of trips down memory lane with pure nostalgia, this time from John Dent.

    John played and went on to manage in the local game for well over 40 years.

    With such a long, esteemed time in the game, we could have no doubt talked for ages, however in this episode we concentrated on his time as a youngster with his home town club Plymouth Argyle; his “Twin Towers Wembley” memories and of course when he both played and later became manager at his favourite local club – Falmouth Town. 

    Good times and great characters recalled and so take a listen and enjoy.

    My thanks go to John for sparing the time and giving all us local football supporters an hour of pure nostalgia!

    Dave Deacon

    * The short clips of Brian Moore commentary used can be found on You Tube “The National Association of Youth Clubs Cup Final 1974/75.  


  6. The latest CORNISH SOCCER Mag is out tomorrow - The price is still only £2.70 which includes first class postage .

    Some of what's in this issue :-

    Honours 2018-19

    Leading goalscorers 2018-19

    Penryn’s Ryan Reeve Player Profile

    CS Exclusive with Olly Brokenshire 

    All the leagues make-up 2019/20

    The return of Andy Ayre to GSM

    A Mousehole day Memory with Pete Ray (a Non-League blogger)

    if you’re interested - text 07759 502408 or DM me on here 


  7. Unfortunately the first County Youth U-18 Open Trial set for this evening has been CANCELLED.

    There are still two to come however :-

    Wednesday 10th July – at Hayle FC – 7pm – 8:30pm


    Thursday 18th July - Callywith College (Bodmin PL31 2GT) - 7pm -8.30pm

    Please note this is for the U-18 trial tonight Wednesday 3rd July.

    The good news is that there is still time for you to register your interest with the County FA and this can been done online at the following link. It's a painless process! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfnqvHiSqkT4g8CFrKKxP3Cyt1tLDRwxSmXynDXbxbMvCf5Hw/viewform?fbzx=-4369495974359202420

    Why not give it a go - in the time the current coaches, led by Glynn Hooper, have been involved the County Youth U-18 side we have reached the final of the national FA County Youth Cup competition and also had a player, Josh Storey, selected and playing in the England Schools U-18 side. Both these are amazing achievements.


  8. 014 George Buckmaster               Bovey Tracey                   Newton A Spurs

    015 Gavin Collins                           Bovey Tracey                   Newton A Spurs

    016 Adam Dyson                           Stoke Gabriel                   Newton A Spurs

    017 Lee Hawkins                            Saltash United                 Callington Town

    018 Sam Carter                              Elburton Villa                   Ivybridge Town

    019 Sam Ryan                                Bodmin Town                  Ivybridge Town

    020 Kirk Smith                                Elburton Villa                   Ivybridge Town

    021 Josh Tattersall                        Elburton Villa                   Ivybridge Town

    022 Joseph Andrews                     Stoke Gabriel                   Newton A Spurs

    023 Kevin Dadd                              Stoke Gabriel                   Newton A Spurs

    024 Nathan Hebbes                      Stoke Gabriel                   Newton A Spurs

    025 Luke Selley                              Bovey Tracey                   Newton A Spurs

    026 Ross Fallens                            Godolphin Atlantic          Newquay

    027 Scott Flannigan                      Godolphin Atlantic          Newquay

    028 Jake Hickling                           Godolphin Atlantic          Newquay

    029 Oliver Pinnell                          Godolphin Atlantic          Newquay

    030 Carl Rickard                             St Dennis                          Newquay

    031 Tom Shepherd                        Godophin Atlantic           Newquay

    032 Oliver Aplin                             Bovey Tracey                   Cullompton Rangers

    033 Shaun Bowden                       Stoke Gabriel                   Brixham

    034 Frazer Clark                             Stoke Gabriel                   Brixham

    035 Liam Moseley                         Stoke Gabriel                   Brixham

    036 Reece Moseley                       Stoke Gabriel                   Brixham

    037 Joe Lewis                                 Torpoint Athletic             Callington Town

    038 Oliver Brokenshire                 St Austell                          Helston Athletic

    039 Liam Eddy                                St Austell                          Helston Athletic

    040 Mark Goldsworthy                St Austell                          Helston Athletic

    041 Jack Price                                 Porthleven                        Helston Athletic

    042 Jason Robertson                    Mousehole                       Helston Athletic

    043 Neil Slateford                         St Austell                          Helston Athletic

    044 Sam Humphries                     Wendron United             Liskeard Athletic

    045 Scott Blatchford                     Torpoint Athletic             Ivybridge Town

    046 Tom Moody                            Bodmin Town                  Ivybridge Town

    047 Cameron Wheat                     Wendron United             Helston Athletic

    048 Dominic Aplin                         Stoke Gabriel                   Newton A Spurs

    049 Daniel Gaze                             Stoke Gabriel                   Newton A Spurs

    050 Nick Milton                             Stoke Gabriel                   Newton A Spurs

    051 Bobby Hopkinson                  Sticker                               Camelford

    052 Jack Lawrence                        Wadebridge Town          Camelford

    053 Cameron Webb                      Launceston                       Dartmouth

    054 Josh Webber                           Stoke Gabriel                   Dartmouth

    055 Lloyd Beech                            Cullompton Rangers       Elmore

    056 Craig Duff                                Bovey Tracey                   Elmore

    057 Ashley Small                           Axminster Town              Elmore

    058 Philip Lowry                            Godolphin Atlantic          Newquay

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