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  1. Dave Deacon

    Falmouth Town v Tavistock

    Had a look in to things after your recent email BIG AL and can’t see any reason that any should have been automatically deleted, so not sure why you’ve had a problem. Apologies if caused you any distress.
  2. Liskeard Athletic v Ivybridge Town is OFF tonight in the Walter C Parson Cup
  3. No point discussing possible speculation guys!
  4. Dave Deacon

    Interview with Dickie Evans

    It would be helpful if we knew what is happening about the £3m. Was that not needed for the Council to chip in as well?
  5. Dave Deacon

    Perranporth appoint new manager

    But not actually too many suggestions to change - 5 or 6 posts. Does this mean the rest of the county are ok with present system?
  6. Dave Deacon

    Interview with Dickie Evans

    Why doesn’t he just provide all the required funds, then it will be a real legacy left by him?
  7. Dave Deacon

    Interview with Dickie Evans

    From the piece: “The Government has said it will match-fund Cornwall Council’s investment but that decision has been delayed and is now involving Sports England too. But when the ‘i’s have been dotted and the ‘t’s crossed, work on the stadium should begin in spring next year with a completion date the following year, in time for the new rugby and football seasons to start.” AND: The final design work on the stadium, which Dicky hopes will grow in capacity from 10,000 seats to 22,000 over the coming years, is well under way but, in the new year, the next phase of funding will start to make the Pirates’ success perennial We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign in the new year,” Dicky added. “We want to raise £2.5m with £1m going towards buying players and £1.5m going towards the stadium. That represents a great opportunity for the people of Cornwall to own a piece of the Pirates and be part of their success. £100 will get you your name on a brick in the wall. If 20,000 Cornish people pay £100 that’s most of the crowdfunding done. “It is about seeing the club prosper and grow for the future. It’s not just my legacy for the club it’s a legacy for Cornwall.”
  8. LEAGUE CUP  Liskeard Ath v Ivybridge Town OFF
  9. Two of the top ten all-time Falmouth Town strikers relive some memories as Phil Shapcott meets for a pre-Christmas coffee with CORNISH SOCCER's podcast presenter Mark Rapsey Another great listen for our nostalgia lovers as Rappo meets Shappy for a chat about goals, defenders who would “kick you into row z”, team mates, how Shappy came to play for Falmouth Town, his favourite opposition and apologies to ‘keeper Paul Hicks! Phil played for Town between 1984-89 he scored 157 goals from 221 appearances. 38 goals was his best season tally and he appears 6th in the all-time Falmouth Town goal scoring list. https://anchor.fm/cornishsoccer/episodes/We-continue-our-Nostalgia-episodes-with-two-former-Falmouth-Town-strikers-meeting-up-e2np15
  10. Glad to say more games on than I expected! All as updated on opening post of this thread - 1.00pm
  11. Dave Deacon

    Cornish Soccer Magazine

    Thanks Paul