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  1. A longstanding friend of Brian and myself. Condolences to Brian's family from all that knew him at Newquay Football Club.
  2. Well done Eisern Union, at last some facts! Admission last season at Newquay AFC was in line with the majority of other clubs in the league. Men under 65 - six pounds, Over 65s - three pounds. Ladies under 60 - six pounds, Ladies Over 60 - three pounds. The Newquay Club is very fortunate to have secured some very able people to oversee a major refurbishment at the Club. I wish them nothing but success in their endeavours.
  3. I was delighted to see your post, Bazzer. These past months this forum has seen the death of a very successful manager, Trevor Mewton and many former Newquay players, also many notable deaths of players and officials from other Cornish clubs. Perhaps now is a very appropriate time to hold such a reunion, especially if you are of a certain age, you just do not know who is going to be next. I hope that many current and former players and supporters will make a huge effort and come along, because everyone present will have their own special story to tell, it could be a late night. See you there, don't forget to let Barry and Peter know you will be coming so that they know approximately how many to cater for. Telephone numbers (see Bazzer's post).
  4. Condolences to Peter's family from all of us who remember him at Newquay Football Club. Another lovely man whose death is another loss to Cornish football. R.I.P.
  5. Enduring memories of one of Cornwall's most likeable football characters. Bill striding out during his referee's days. A sight never to be forgotten. A great friend of Newquay Football Club, and a life long friend of my late husband, Brian and I. Condolences to all of his family, from Sandra and all at Newquay Football Club. R.I.P Bill.
  6. I can only answer two of the questions asked. 1976/77 Semi-Final Score: Newquay 1 - Tavistock 2 1979/80 Semi-Final Score: Newquay 3 - Plymouth Civil Service 2 A.E.T (in a replay)
  7. I agree with 100%Cornish. The picture of the 1982 Newquay team in the Newquay Voice this week evoked many happy memories, but also some sadness when remembering that seven people in the photo are no longer with us. It was not only a good team, but a team who were great friends on and off the pitch, and a feeling of great fellowship prevailed throughout the club. Newquay South-Western League Champions. Leading South-Western League Goal Scorers: First: Chris Slateford 32 Goals Third: Phil Ryder 26 Goals The Team: South-Western League Team 1982, (people in photograph) Back Row: Richard Norrish (Chairman) Tony Kendall (First Aid, later Chairman, and then President) Ray Nichols Phil Ryder David Philp Tony Webb Larry Grigg Michael Tummon Peter Pearson Trevor Mewton (Manager) Front Row: Paul Beason Chris Thomas Chris Morris Dave Streat Colin Chegwyn Chris Slateford Brian Philp Mascot: Dave Wilton
  8. Well done Newquay. One of the upsets Leeds predicted. Not one correct prediction. I'm hoping for a home draw in the next round. Have a great night.
  9. Very sad to hear of the death of Morrish Truscott, another player and manager with close connections to Newquay Football Club. Morrish joined the Newquay Club as a player in 1971. He served as Manager of both the Cornwall Combination and South Western League teams, winning the Combination League in 1974/75 and both the South Western League and Charity Cup in 1977/78. From all at Mount Wise, sincere condolences to Margaret and family. R.I.P.
  10. What can I say - Trevor Mewton, manager of Newquay Football Club for ten years, 1978-1988. A great personal friend of my late husband Brian, and myself. I can only repeat what I wrote in my book, 'A Mixed Bag of Peppermints', in 1990. "Trevor has been the most successful manager in the club's history, he is a man with sound principles, who set high standards for himself and his players alike, and who would never accept second best in anything he undertook. At times during his ten years with the club he was greatly maligned and often misunderstood, and so it is left to us who have worked with him for many years to know his true worth, and in the final reckoning few men will have worked harder for the success of Newquay Football Club." His record at Newquay speaks for itself: SWL Finishing Position 1978/79 - 3rd 1979/80 - 1st 80/81 - 3rd 81/82 - 1st 82/83 - 13th 83/84 - 1st 84/85 - 3rd 85/86 - 2nd 86/87 - 8th 87/88 - 1st SWL Challenge Cup 79/80 - Runners Up 80//81 - Runners Up Senior Cup 87/88 - Runners Up Charity Cup 81/82 - Runners Up 84/85 - Runners Up 85/86 - Runners Up My thoughts are with his widow, Jill, and her unfailing devotion to his care during Trevor's lengthy ordeal, not forgetting the support given by Paul and Mena. He will be joining Ray and Phil to reminisce over their time at Newquay Football Club.
  11. A sad day, wonderful memories of Phil's time at Newquay Football Club.Condolences to all his family.
  12. No one can disspute that this season has been an Annis Hobbilus one for Newquay Football Club, the most testing one in the clubs 125 year history. Newquay have been an ever present member of the former South Western League and present South West Peninsula League since 1951. Likewise, it has been an everpresent member and founder member of the Cornwall Combination League since 1959. It was a distinct possibility that the Newquay Club would not remain in either League at the end of this season. Now that everyone at Mount Wise can breathe a little more easily it is appropriate to thank the sponsors, managers, players and committee (both young and not so young) and loyal supporters for their dogged support during this very difficult season, you certainly discover who your real friends are. My condolences also go out to St Blazey, another old Cornish Club with a proud history. Perhaps it is also time to reflect. Football has certainly changed in Cornwall over the last 10 years or more, and many different views have been expressed as to why. Falmouth, Penryn, Porthleven, Newquay, St Blazey, St Austell, Bodmin, Torpoint and Liskeard all have had periods of instability. Realists will agree money or lack of it plays a major part in any clubs success. I believe that the changes in licencing laws and drinking habits have also been a massive factor. Booming Football Club houses of the past are very few and far between now. Over the years bar takings and fruit machine profits were sufficient to finance a successful team. It is also very true that we are living in a very different age where players have so much choice in how to spend their leisure hours. Commitment is a very old fashioned word these days, and has sadly been replaced by apathy. Time to be more cheerful, time to look optimistically towards next season. As the song goes "Things an only get better".
  13. Very sad news. a who remember him at the Newquay C Condolences from all Ray's friends at New Condolences to wife Jean, children Adam and Matt and brother Graham from all his friends at Newquay Football Club A thoroughly nice man with whom we shared some wonderful memories during some of the Club's most successful years. R.I.P. Ray Cl
  14. Well done to the Newquay team for today's result. Special thanks to manager, Tony McKellar, a lesser man would have given up long ago. The team played with a new confidence, conceding no goals, and scoring four. Let us hope it is only the beginning of a brighter future for the club. Well done, boys!
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