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  1. Not so much a joke as a true* story. Many years ago, Falmouth were due to play at home to Truro. The Truro players met at their clubhouse to prepare to travel over. Suddenly one of the players announced that he really didn't fancy bothering with the game, he just wasn't interested, Amazingly a number of players agreed and they decided to forfeit the game. One player wasn't happy with this, a new signing, Stewart Yetton, so he suggested that he go over and take on Falmouth on his own. The rest thought he was stupid, but eventually said, go for it if you want. So he did. The rest of th
  2. I went to Blackpool last week. NEVER AGAIN!!! I was walking along the prom, and in the distance I could see a large group of people. As I got closer I could see a couple in the middle. They were screaming and shouting at each other at full volume, much to the amusement of the crowd. Then it started to turn nasty, and the couple started hitting each other, fists at first, then from somewhere the woman found a frying pan, and started clouting the man with it around the head and body. I guess that someone called the police, as a copper arrived and tried to stop the couple from fighting
  3. I have been down in Plymouth from the Midlands for a few days so thought I'd 'tick off' Saltash, they were one of the few grounds down that way that I hadn't ticked as every time I've been in the area for several years they have been away! Nice set up, I have been to several worse Southern League grounds in my time. Easy to find. Plenty of room in the car park. Virus procedures very good, from temperature testing, track and trace by app or paper, one way system, two out of every three seats closed off. As far as I could see most people were being sensible. Decent pitch. Oh, and a decent h
  4. How on earth did the ref not see the foul in the build up to the first goal? Too far away? Even the eventual scorer stopped and looked at the ref expecting a whistle.
  5. This offer and similar have been made several times over the last couple of years. He always goes to ground, refusing to engage, in the same way that he did when offered the chance to talk to club officials re ground move/developments. But the alleged prohibitive cost of entry (anyone know how much entry is for OAP's at Falmouth?) is only one of a whole list of reasons that he has given; wrong day, wrong time of day, wrong weather, too far to travel, too much rubble near the entrance, etc etc etc. And yet he is an expert on all matters Falmouth and football in Cornwall in general wit
  6. Stoke Gabriel v Falmouth a couple of years back. Just about everything else was off. Heavy snow and ice and rain, howling gale end to end. No idea how the game was started let alone finished, unless it was just to avoid Falmouth having to come back later in the season. Watched the game from inside the club, only time I have ever watched a live game from inside anywhere. Would you believe that I was actually on holiday in Plymouth at the time, took me the rest of the week to thaw out.
  7. Whoever he is, it is a complete waste of time trying to make sense of his posts, or to get into a sensible discussion with him despite many many attempts by respected posters over the years. Best bet, as has been posted above, is to ignore him.
  8. You are 'Big' Al, and I claim my £5.
  9. A good watch. Looking forward to part 2. Cheers.
  10. My wife said that if I was bored I could make a bird table. So I did. Now she's angry because she only came fifth.
  11. I hope that this excellent description answers his question as well, as he has repeatedly missed the point so far. The offside did not occur from the corner, but from the next pass/phase.
  12. Plus I think that you might have fallen for the common misconception that the ball has to be played forwards for the receiver to be offside - the direction that the ball is played in is irrelevant, it is where the receiver is at the moment the ball is played that is the important thing. Having said all that, I still think that it is nonsense to give a player offside because his toenail is off, but unfortunately that is the law at the moment.
  13. I really don't understand why anyone bothers replying to his constant childish drivel and constant negativity. Runs away from every offer/challenge. I bet he had a miserable childhood.
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