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  1. Poor phrase Steve, apologies, definitely the right decision given the extraordinary conditions. With the further rain this week and forecast to the weekend, will the severe weather protocol apply again this week? Had a look at our pitch earlier and it was more suitable to plant rice in than play football!
  2. Anybody think it was the wrong decision to pull all today's matches, madness to be playing football in this.............................?
  3. Perranwell v Mousehole - Pitch inspection at the Well this evening, would say the chances are slim, pitch already heavy at lunchtime today, will post again later with decision.
  4. St Agnes 2 Perranwell 0 - lots of work for the Well to do, match excellently reffed by Charlie Phillpot
  5. It’s a young man’s game Dave, at 56 it’s too late to teach an old dog new tricks!
  6. If only that were the case Dave, Dave Bartlam was spot on, you can take so much crap and it's water off a duck's back, being called a cheating c..t, f..king useless, any other collection of choice phrases by away teams, coaches, spectators, and yes even players from your own team, it does make you think why do I bloody bother, all we want to do is try and support the game we all love! We all get things wrong, it's part of being human, and yes some linos cheat, it's a regrettable fact! But if there's any player, any ref, or any other lino who has says they never made a mistake during a match, then they're a bloody liar. Looking forward to the advert "Linesman wanted for local football side, just not too honest!"
  7. Got told I’m too honest for local football today, for me there’s what you see and give or there’s cheating, for me there’s no middle ground, time to hang up the flag methinks................
  8. Our Secretary emailed me Monday night (23rd Dec) about possible change to 11am k.o. Previous Saturday Perran players had confirmed availability for 2.30, so a request so late just before Christmas was never going to be achievable with family commitments made. Not sure where info came from re approach “several weeks ago” about a change of k.o. time Rob, but first I heard about it was Monday 23rd. Too late now that’s for sure, as you say, look forward to a Spring Tuesday evening game. Happy New Year
  9. It had been scheduled for 2.30 and the boys had made their arrangements to suit, unfortunately last minute change on Boxing Day was never going to work for everyone, never mind, we can go and watch the Kellaway Christmas cracker! But the ref situation is worrying, unfortunately looks like the way of things for the future....................
  10. I hope so Scoffy, anything but bloody Christmas shopping!!!!!
  11. An early update on Mullion v Perranwell would be appreciated
  12. Hayle 3 Perranwell 3 - Entertaining game for the neutral, with Hayle having more of the possession and the Well playing on the break. Perran caught Hayle out with 2 well taken goals from Lachlan Brace and James Rowberry, only for Hayle to strike back with a worldie from all of 35 yards which left the Well's keeper stranded. Hayle had a decent shout for a pen just before the break but the ref waived it away. 2-1 at half time. Hayle came out strongly after half time and playing down the hill they dominated possession. Two well made and taken goals looked to have wrapped up the points for Hayle. But 10 minutes from time the Well's Lachlan Brace picked up the ball just inside Hayle's half, making a mazy solo run which was finished by him smartly tucking the ball home passed the outstretched Hayle keeper to level the score. More pressure from a Hayle failed to deliver the 3 points that their possession probably deserved, but well played Perran who looked to have turned the corner from their early season struggles. The match was well reffed by Alan Hoon.
  13. Fair summation Scoffy, touch harsh on the boy for the "wind assisted" goals, the second one you hadn't moved by the time it hit the back of the net! 😜 Both keepers also made a couple of outstanding saves at critical points. Thought the game was well reffed by Jamie Mooney, unfussy performance and let the game flow. Pitch stood up better than we thought it would prior to the game, but just nice to be playing football again tbh. Got a couple more players back from injury who should hopefully be in contention for next week, hopefully we can build on this result over the Christmas period.
  14. We are going to give it a go, see what the ref says
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