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  1. Fair summation Scoffy, touch harsh on the boy for the "wind assisted" goals, the second one you hadn't moved by the time it hit the back of the net! 😜 Both keepers also made a couple of outstanding saves at critical points. Thought the game was well reffed by Jamie Mooney, unfussy performance and let the game flow. Pitch stood up better than we thought it would prior to the game, but just nice to be playing football again tbh. Got a couple more players back from injury who should hopefully be in contention for next week, hopefully we can build on this result over the Christmas period.
  2. We are going to give it a go, see what the ref says
  3. Perranwell pitch marginal at 1200 inspection, having another look at 1pm, not optimistic
  4. Helston Half SWPL 5 v Perranwell 0 - no more needs to be said, but felt sorry for Helston Reserves lads who were sacrificed for vanity. Match excellently refereed by Kevin Knowles
  5. By the sound of the wind and rain lashing against the windows this morning I don't hold out much hope for today's fixtures down West, it's not forecast to ease much until after 4pm. if fixtures are going to be off, can we call them early, then we can all settle in down the pub, watch the rugby and have a few 🍻🍻🍻for the day?
  6. Rugby qualifications - The speed of a race horse, the strength of a cart horse and the brains of a rocking horse...................allegedly!
  7. Welsh ref, South African TMO, playing 17 as usual! 😖🏉
  8. Perranwell v Mousehole is off, pitch inspection at 9am, waterlogged pitch, enjoy the rugby!
  9. Think that's a fair bet Willy, it's shite out there tonight!
  10. I'd second that comment Dave, he was excellent. Holmans well worthy of their win, spurned a number of chances which would have made it a more comprehensive win. No disgrace to Tregony who competed to the end. Good luck to Holmans in the next round, they look like they have it in them to win something this season.
  11. He's been discharged from hospital.
  12. Perranwell v St Ives - those dreaded words "can you run right backs please", why do refs do that? It's like trying to write with your left hand! Lots of cards, yellow and red both ways, thought the ref made no allowance for the conditions, which were appalling, and cards were unnecessary. Well played St Ives no complaints about the result, hope Ian (Perranwell) is ok following collision which saw him unconscious for 40-45 secs and required an ambulance. Just when it looks like we might have some players coming back, lady fate strikes again! We've got a three week break now, hopefully regroup when we return and the results start to improve. St Ives are a tidy outfit, moved the ball well and footballling wise, one of the best we've played this season. Onwards and upwards! Not yet, fingers crossed.
  13. Hats off to the Redruth player who took the pen, he was insistent that he was going to take it, obviously made up his mind to put it wide to make amends for the head injury incident. You don't see many acts of true sportsmanship in this league, but this was definitely one of them. Well done sir, you're a credit to your club. As for the football, yes The Well's first team squad is still ravaged by injuries, but great credit to the lads who stood in, we will hopefully see 2-3 back next week. If we'd taken our chances in the first half it might have been a different game, but that's football! Well played Redruth; took the chances they had and good to see some young lads in their side being given an opportunity, which they grasped. Some clarity on the position with handball in the area would be helpful. Last week one of our players falls on the ball with outstretched arms to break his fall and it's a penalty (consistent with some of what we've seen on tv). This week, the ball strikes a hand and the ref calls "ball to hand". Not a sour grapes one at all, but it would be good to see some consistency on this new rule from all refs in the league.
  14. Wish Rappo was offside Tom, but those boys up front for Penryn are bloody quick (too quick for me!) and unless I’m in line and can see it’s offside I won’t guess it because it suits us. Never known a season like it for injuries, another 3 today, unless we can sign some new players, I genuinely think we might struggle to field a side over the next couple of weeks. Think that now brings the tally to 14 first team players including the keeper! Reserve players did a great job for the team today. Pleasure to watch some of Penryn’s football, for all the stick he gets on here Harry’s done a great job with those lads, good luck to them in the next round.
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