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  1. No worries Potch, hope you've dried out both ways, my eyes are still sore from the second half rinsing!
  2. Don't know where you got the disrespect thing from, it was a comment about the weather conditions, which were clearly horrific everywhere from what people are saying, very grateful that we could reverse the fixture, Hayle pitch excellent as ever, look forward to welcoming you back to the Well in April, by which time we can hope for something better than monsoon conditions!
  3. Hayle 1 - Perranwell 0 - Wind 55+ - Rain 150 gallons (approx) in the second half. Lottery of a match, well done to both teams, the ref & Stevie on the Hayle line for managing to endure 90 mins in those conditions, well finished goal from a swirling high ball. Not much else to say, but definitely some of the worse conditions that all have ever had to play in! Good luck to Hayle for the rest of the season.
  4. I only ever tell it as it was as you will see from my match report, yes, we did have a shout for a pen, but frankly our player went down too cheaply, the ref was well positioned to see it and I'm not surprised it wasn't given, so no complaints this week! 😜
  5. Perranwell 1 Illogan 2 - Evenly contested match between sides that struggled to bother the respective keepers, the Well took the lead in the first half with a well taken hook shot from Jim Wilshere, Illogan equalised early in the second half, capitalising on some poor Perranwell defending. Both sides laboured to make chances and Illogan edged the second half bringing one outstanding save from Adam Hayne, back-pedalling to claw it out from under the bar. It ebbed and flowed until the last minute when the ref correctly awarded Illogan a pen for a push in the box, which was neatly finished to make it 2-1. Sporting contest, played in a good spirit, good luck to Illogan for the rest of the season.
  6. Where were you there, did you read Tom Trust's post above, understand that the facts speak for themselves and not everyone writes BS on this forum, you also won't have seen the letter of complaint received from a neutral supporter at this match who had to leave the game because of the appalling language and what they thought as unnecessary aggressive behaviour their children were being exposed to. For the record I was not questioning the ref's decision, I said that in my opinion the red was a harsh decision and clearly I am not the only one who saw the match who felt that way.
  7. Think CCFA were the winners today, more cards than Christmas, but very entertaining none the less!
  8. Not blaming anyone for the result, the Well were poor and were thankful to come away with a point, sorry to disagree, but the ball was played by a Pendeen player, hence the query of the decision. As I said, it changed nothing in a game that had too many unnecessary stoppages, hence the amount of added time. Thought Pendeen were unlucky, particularly on the strength of their first half performance, where they dominated, both teams had decent shouts for pens that weren't given but might have been on another day. Agreed, but it was played by the opposition, hence the question. And Perranwell killed Bambi too!
  9. Well at least that's three of us in agreement, fortunately didn't affect the result, but couldn't believe what I was seeing!
  10. Point for debate - ball is played by the opposition into the left back area outside the 18yd box, keeper runs out of his area and dribbles the ball back into the box where he picks it up, ref blows for an indirect free kick, what's all that about?
  11. It can qualify for step 7 Tom because of the work and passion of all involved with the club, you saw it for yourself, the players all pay £4 a game to represent this club and think nothing of taking down the nets, forking the pitch, putting up the ropes and dugouts, or anything else that needs doing. They truly play for the badge and we are an exceptionally fortunate club to be represented on the pitch by such a group of players. With the new dugouts we will meet the required ground standards, yes we wish we had facilities that we owned and that our players deserve and that might come in time, but for now we are the Well, united as a club, a team and supporters and we are ready to take on all comers.
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