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  1. Wendron 1 - Perranwell 2 Another game of two halves, first half all Wendron with the line led by Jack Noy who scored with a well taken chip over the Perranwell keeper. Perran had two good first half chances, but couldn't convert them. Early in the second half Adam Selley finished off a nice Perran move to bring the scores level, then Joe Ibbs-George thundered a header against the bar from 6 yards out following a flowing attack down the right. Wendron had further chances to score, with Jack Noy going close on two occasions only to be denied by Adam Hayne in the Perran goal. Joe Ibbs-George wrapped up the points 10 minutes from time. A good match without any controversial incidents or challenges, well refereed by Jon Harris. Thank you to Wendron for your hospitality after the game and good luck for the rest of the season - most generous portions of sausage and chips in the league so far!
  2. If the player is taken out by the force of the challenge, when does careless or reckless come into it? 3 Weeks running, identikit challenges from behind, player sent sprawling by the force of the challenge, free kick would be given anywhere else on the pitch, yet nothing. Lack of consistency in decision making is ruining matches. Have no issue when we lose to a better side, just bemoaning the lack of rub of the green. we go again next week.
  3. So which one of these didn't apply to the challenge on the Perranwell player in the area? Direct free kick A direct free kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences against an opponent in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force: charges jumps at kicks or attempts to kick pushes strikes or attempts to strike (including head-butt) tackles or challenges trips or attempts to trip If an offence involves contact it is penalised by a direct free kick or penalty kick. Careless is when a player shows a lack of attention or consideration when making a challenge or acts without precaution. No disciplinary sanction is needed Reckless is when a player acts with disregard to the danger to, or consequences for, an opponent and must be cautioned The rule says nothing about whether the player got the ball or not..............
  4. Even the Illogan lino said it should have been a Perranwell penalty and it occurred right in front of him. On the Illogan penalty, your CF slid stretching to reach the ball and was already on the ground when the Perran defender slid in. You're right, neither Perranwell player made any contact with the ball or your player, they just all slid together because of the conditions and ended in the same place. Just to clarify, no sour grapes about the result, thought Illogan deserved it on the back of their first half performance, but poor decisions again impacted what was otherwise a good match in difficult conditions.
  5. Agree, it could have been given on another day, but the player concerned slipped and fell on the ball in very difficult conditions and put his arm out to break his fall. I was direct in line with it, not sure what he could have done to avoid contact between his arm and the ball, not deliberate handball for me, but agree on another day it might have been given.
  6. Perranwell 1 Illogan 2 - Tale of two penalty decisions, both wrong, one not given and should have been (no idea who Matt Lane has upset, but to get 0 out of 3 in 3 weeks is more than frustrating!), the other one was given but shouldn't have been, Illogan player already on the deck (slipped) when the Perran player slid in. Poor poor decisions spoiling an otherwise decent game, The Well can't buy the rub of the green right now. On another matter, which wasn't in Combo today, but none the less appalling. I understand that a lino in the Holmans Goonhavern match was assaulted by a player. If this is true, the player should be banned from football, it's inexcusable.
  7. Perranwell 1 Helston2 - A great advert for Combo football, Helston edged the first half with some neat one touch football, only matched by The Well's dogged closing down. Helston took the lead with a well taken individual goal from Dan Stidwell, cutting in from the right to slot home a tidy finish; 0-1 at half time. Second half started brightly for the Well, only to get caught on the counter attack by some slick interplay with Stidwell turning provider this time, having switched to the left wing. At 0-2 down, the Well finally woke up and for the remaining 40 minutes of the half, they laid siege to the Helston goal, hitting the post twice, the bar once, with Helston clearing two efforts off the line. The only controversial moment of the match came 20 minutes from time with Matt Lane breaking clear on the right for the Well, only to be cleaned out by the Helston keeper with the ball nowhere close, a penalty must surely have followed, but somehow the Ref decided otherwise; his only baffling decision on an afternoon when he was being assessed, even the Helston players were amazed it wasn't given. Perranwell finally broke through with a good finish from Lachlan Brace with 15 minutes to go and despite further corners and goal mouth scrambles, The Well just couldn't find the net again. That really summed up our afternoon, it was one of those days where Helston enjoyed the rub of the green. Couple of the Helston boys picked up nasty looking injuries and we hope they are back playing soon. Must also thank Helston for helping to support our campaign to stamp out bad language next to the children's play areas, there was a real effort made by the Ref and players from both sides which is much appreciated 👏. We go again next week.
  8. Lizard Argyle 0 The Well 1 - game of attrition with not much to choose between the sides until the 87th minute when a good move down the right left James Davies for The Well in space for a clinical finish. Not much more to say really, thank you to the Lizard for your hospitality and great pasta and garlic bread after the match 👍 best away food so far this season!
  9. St Agnes 3 -1 The Well - The original game of two halves, the Well started brightly and scored early with a well taken header from Chris Madely, they then spurned a cluster of chances to increase their lead with bright wing play from Matt Lane and Snapesy bringing chances we couldn't finish. Second half started with more of the same until Aggy equalised and the momentum switched, it was a bit like watching the United Spurs match the night before. A penalty for Aggy rightfully given, followed by a deflected free kick that Adam could do nothing to save, summed up our night. Despite a final five minute Alamo siege on the Aggy goal, the Well couldn't score again and that was that. We go again on Saturday. Well played St Agnes and the referee who had an excellent game. Thanks to Kimmo and Mandy for the usual hospitality, good luck for the rest of the season.
  10. Then we could have played St Ives, same principle applies.
  11. I accept Culdrose's situation is different, but the Well had to travel to Mullion on Tuesday night for a 6.15 K.O, with some players having to travel over 30 miles at the busiest time of day/year, meaning they had to leave work early. How mad is this when neither team has a fixture on the following Saturday? Only hope these missed opportunities are remembered when we are having to play 3-4 matches a week in May after another crap winter! Agree with your point re Ludgvan, but further highlights the lack of players and the need to make fixtures as sensible as possible.
  12. Why no Saturday match for Perranwell, St Ives and Mullion, Culdrose? This only further highlights the madness of long distance midweek games at this time of year. There must be a better way to organise fixtures than the current system.
  13. The whole situation with fixtures for midweek games at this stage of the season is madness. Why can't midweek matches be clustered based on proximity, e.g. St Just, Pendeen, St Ives and maybe Hayle, then Lizard, Mullion, Helston, Culdrose or Port and so on, it's surely not rocket science to organise the fixtures this way. At a time when clubs are struggling to retain and attract new players, it makes no sense at all for the league to be setting fixtures with the biggest travel distances at the busiest time of year in Cornwall and when people are still on their holidays. Tonight we had players having to travel from Newquay to Mullion, over thirty miles, it is crazy! When players are having to leave work at 4.30pm to have a chance to get to a game and have time for a decent warm up, something has got to change, yet we have to deal with it season after season.