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  1. That's it we're done, season over as though it never happened.......! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52052351
  2. Lots of forking hard work Pat! Thanks to all concerned.
  3. Exactly, players sweat (or some do!) you have body to body contact, can the virus be spread that way? We don’t have the expertise to answer all the questions or to make the judgements of risk.
  4. The point is that Leagues and club’s should never have been put in this position. The FA has access to the relevant national expertise and advice and is therefore the only organisation who could and should have made a decision on this. I don’t want to stop playing football anymore than the next man, but I don’t want to do anything that might place my family, friends and work colleagues at any more risk than already exists. Judging that risk level is way above our pay grade, and that’s why the FA should have made the decision on grassroots behalf and not palmed it off to leagues and clubs in my opinion.
  5. Dave, the issue is not the League decision, that’s understandable and frankly a no win position, the problem is the FA not having the balls to take the decision themselves! EPL & EFL take decisive action and responsibility, FA says to leagues “you decide”! Frankly, grassroots football shouldn’t be put in this position by its governing body, it’s disgraceful. Like the rest of us, Grassroots committees and secretary’s don’t have the expertise to base decisions on in such extraordinary circumstances. I have great sympathy for Steve and all other Cornish leagues on this, the criticism doesn’t sit at their door in any way, but the FA has done a Pontius Pilate and let down grassroots football very badly in my opinion.
  6. 100% agree, but we live in an increasingly litigeous world Fish, if we ignore the direction of the FA and someone gets seriously ill, or dies, where might that leave the clubs concerned.Can't see that any club can take that risk.
  7. Can't see it restarting by 4th April that's for sure! Appreciate it's a tough call and a serious matter Steve, look forward to the advice when it comes. We already have a number of people self isolating at work, so guess it will only be a matter of time.
  8. When is the St Piran's league Cobra Committee meeting to decide the fate of the rest of the season?
  9. Is that it, is football officially over for the season?
  10. Latest FA guidance suggests that any player that displays any evidence of sweating should be immediately sent to the temperature bin for assessment by an approved healthcare professional. Wet hair and globules of sweat on the face are to be noted as evidence of fever and the player concerned must be immediately substituted and placed in an approved quarantine area at least 50m from the field of play. All Linos are now be required to carry a long stick thermometer along with their flag at every match. Upon spying any evidence of fever (sweating) they should immediately raise the stick thermometer vertically, and the referee will undertake a check of the player(s) concerned. Subsequent action will be taken in accordance with the above. Play will be resumed once an area of the pitch not exceeding 10m2 has been appropriately disinfected, rolling substitutes will not be permitted. Clearly none of the above rules will apply to any player from Perranwell FC, as none of them have broken sweat since the beginning of the season! 😉
  11. Bloody hell Bruegel, you mean we’ve got to level the playing field too? The Parish Council at the Well will take about 10 years to agree that! Plus I think with all cups being settled by pen shoot outs in the event of scores being level, we may be waiting some time for a result. Just checking, does the Ref have to make his own cup of tea at half time?
  12. So is it an elbow bump or kick each other in the shins approach instead of the Respect handshake this week? Take it that Corona Virus means that no player is allowed within 5m of any other player on the pitch unless they are wearing FA approved hazmat kits? Down at the Well we have already agreed to play all our remaining matches behind closed doors (thank f....K!), our normal crowd of 8 and the three legged spaniel that usually turns up to crap on the pitch, have all been advised to self quarantine! Heard that Hayle have three players who have ventured outside the county this week, under new emergency FA rules I understand that they won't be eligible to play again till November! Fish sneezed at training last night but we managed to avoid having to call the pandemic swat squad by isolating him with a thermal foil blanket from the first aid kit and some gaffer tape! Can Steve please clarify for all how we can possibly carry on with football in the current circumstances? Remember, coughs and sneezes mean you've probably caught a cold!
  13. Slip of the keyboard Older 😜, anyone got 11 aqualungs available in blue and black, need them by 2.30pm this afternoon......?
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