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  1. The combo league needs merging into the Trelawny League at this point. Official statement or not, the situation last season with an open invite to clubs from any division made a mockery of what little structure there is, but could be forgiven as a 'one off' due to the confusion and fallout of the introduction of the St Piran league. This cannot now become a precedent that starts to happen every season, clubs are already struggling and player and referee numbers are at their lowest levels for a long time across the board, a merger can help solidify and stabilise what is currently a very fragile situation at grassroots level. Call the combined league whatever you want for nostalgias sake (Trelawny Combination for example, with the existing Trelawny Divisions under it), but to have it run as a separate league, by a different group of people is just counter-productive at this point and it's only the clubs that will continue to suffer.
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