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  1. Pretty sure fixtures secretary has been contacted about getting a fixture but as usual no response. Also using the refs shortage as an excuse doesn’t really add up. On a normal week there’s roughly 7 games per league in the Duchy League. So roughly 19/20/21 refs needed every weekend to cover matches. But then this weekend there's only 8 games in the east section of the Junior Cup.
  2. Can you explain why Bude & Polzeath are the only league fixture this weekend then?
  3. Surely I’m not alone in wondering why majority of the Duchy League don’t have league fixtures this weekend. I know it’s Junior Cup weekend and some of the sides have got cup fixtures but why when there’s so many other sides not playing are the league not trying to get games played when the weathers decent and the pitches are playable. Poor planning in my eyes considering the poor weather we’ve had the last few seasons and so many games being postponed. I can only see that there’s one league fixture in all three leagues this weekend and that’s Bude 3rds V Polzeath. ITS NO
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