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  1. Following today’s government announcement, and in line with other leagues in the county, the Cornwall Veterans League has taken the reluctant decision to suspend all games. Football is still allowed in tier 3 and staging games is not impossible, but there are many restrictions in place which make things very difficult and some clubs have already declared their pitches and facilities unavailable. Of course, the safety of players, officials, volunteers and anyone else involved is also paramount. We hope this will be a short term situation, but there is no way we can put a date when we can r
  2. Today’s results Cornwall Veterans Knockout Cup Bude Town 4-3 Newquay Callington Town P-P Helston Athletic Halsetown P-P Foxhole Lanreath v Grampound - Home walkover, Grampound unable to raise a team Perranporth 6-1 St Agnes Bolsters Redruth United P-P Millbrook Royal Par 1-10 Troon
  3. VETS LEAGUE DIV 2 Halsetown 5-2 Clays CORNWALL SUNDAY CUP Downderry Rovers Vets 7-1 St Kew Highway SKFC (Sunday) Foxhole Vets 5-2 Saltash Old Boys (Sunday) Millbrook Vets P-P Newquay Vets Royal Par 4-3 Helston Athletic Vets St Kew Highway First (Sunday) 3-3 Callington Town Vets (Callington through on pens) CORNWALL VETERANS SUPPLEMENTARY CUP Perranporth 8-0 Kernow Wanderers
  4. Today’s results:- Div 1 Bude Town 0-2 Saltash Borough Millbrook P-P Callington Town Perranporth 3-2 Downderry Rovers Royal Par 1-2 Lanreath Div 2 Grampound P-P Clays Halsetown 3-5 St Agnes Bolsters Helston Athletic P-P Kernow Wanderers Newquay 3-6 St Dennis
  5. Kernow Wanderers Vets 1-3 St Agnes Bolsters Vets Newquay RBL (Sunday League) 3-5 Newquay Vets
  6. Cornwall Veterans League Cup First Round Bude Town 3-0 Perranporth Downderry Rovers 3-3 Troon (2-4 on pens) Newquay 9-1 Kernow Wanderers Lanreath 3-2 Helston Athletic Millbrook 10-0 Clays St Agnes Bolsters 2-4 Callington Town St Dennis 8-1 Redruth United
  7. Today's results:- Div 1 Bude Town 1-2 Lanreath Foxhole 3-2 Millbrook Royal Par v Callington Town – Home walkover, away side unable to raise a team Saltash Borough 2-7 Perranporth Div 2 Halsetown 6-3 Grampound St Agnes Bolsters 9-0 Redruth United KO Cup Preliminary Round Clays 2-3 Newquay Downderry Rovers 3-5 Helston Athletic Kernow Wanderers 2-4 St Dennis
  8. New season underway today. Results from the opening games Div 1 Downderry Rovers 2-2 Foxhole Lanreath 4-3 Saltash Borough Perranporth 0-8 Millbrook Royal Par 3-4 Bude Town Div 2 Grampound 0-4 Helston Athletic St Agnes Bolsters 6-0 Kernow Wanderers St Dennis 6-0 Clays
  9. League Cup QF Millbrook 8-0 Foxhole Perranporth 5-1 Newquay Royal Par 6-10 Saltash Utd Troon 4-0 St Agnes Bolsters Supplementary Cup QF Halsetown 6-0 Grampound
  10. Div 2 St Dennis 5-3 Halsetown Supplementary Cup QF Clays Veterans 4-2 Kernow Wanderers
  11. First set of results for the New Year. Div 1 Bude Town 2-0 Perranporth Callington Town 5-3 Lanreath Millbrook 5-0 Foxhole Royal Par 3-6 Saltash United Div 2 Clays Veterans 0-7 Grampound Helston Athletic 6-0 Redruth United Newquay 6-3 St Agnes Bolsters
  12. Kernow Wanderers 7-1 Clays Veterans
  13. Results from the weekendKO CupMillbrook 6-5 Callington TownDiv 1Lanreath 1-5 Saltash Utd Perranporth 5-2 Foxhole Div 2 St Agnes Bolsters 3-0 Halsetown
  14. Although there is 1 tie to be resolved the draw has been made for the KO Cup QF. Draw as follows:- Bude Town v Lanreath Halsetown v Downderry Rovers Redruth Utd v Callington Town or Millbrook Saltash Utd v Perranporth Ties to be played 16th Feb 2020
  15. KO Cup 1st RoundBude Town 2-2 Helston Athletic (3-1 on pens)Clays 0-7 Redruth UnitedFoxhole 4-6 Perranporth Halsetown 2-2 Royal Par (5-4 on pens) Lanreath 4-2 Grampound Newquay 2-3 Downderry Rovers Saltash United H-W St Dennis (away team unable to raise a side) Division 2 Kernow Wanderers 0-8 St Agnes Bolsters
  16. League Cup 1st Round Foxhole v Lanreath Home Walkover Kernow Wanderers 0-4 Royal Par Millbrook 5-0 Bude Town Redruth Utd 2-2 Perranporth (2-4 on pens) Saltash Utd 4-1 Downderry Rovers St Dennis 1-9 Newquay
  17. Div 2 Halsetown 0-4 Helston Athletic League Cup 1st Round Troon 7-1 Callington Town
  18. Div 1 Bude Town 2-3 Millbrook Callington Town 6-2 Royal Par Downderry Rovers 1-1 Saltash Utd Perranporth P-P Foxhole Perranporth unable to raise a team Div 2 Newquay 6-3 Grampound Redruth Utd 5-0 Kernow Wanderers St Dennis 2-9 St Agnes Bolsters
  19. Fixtures 22nd September 11am Div 1 Foxhole 4-2 Bude Town Royal Par 4-1 Perranporth KO Cup Prelim Round Kernow Wanderers 0-4 Redruth Utd (10:30am) St Agnes Bolsters 0-1 Callington Town Troon 1-1 Downderry Rovers (3-4 on pens) League Cup Prelim Round Clays 0-10 Millbrook Grampound 2-4 Halsetown 23rd Sept 7.30pm Newquay 2-0 Helston Athletic
  20. Div1 Bude Town 3-3 Royal Par Callington Town 2-1 Foxhole Lanreath 1-6 Downderry Rovers Millbrook 4-2 Saltash Utd Div 2 St Dennis 7-1 Kernow Wanderers
  21. Foxhole Vets are looking for friendly opposition for Sunday 4th Aug after our original opponent had to withdraw. Happy to play any other vets team, Sunday League, or Duchy side. Pitch and referee all booked for an 11am ko. Tel 07746002387
  22. Foxhole Vets are looking for friendly opposition for Sunday 4th Aug after our original opponent had to withdraw. Happy to play any other vets team, Sunday League, or Duchy side. Pitch and referee all booked for an 11am ko. Tel 07746002387
  23. 19th May 11am ko KO Cup Final at Rally Park, Lanreath Bude Town 1-3 Millbrook
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