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  1. Interesting listening to the news just now and there is hope that grassroots maybe able to continue which I was surprised at, I don’t believe it will happen for one minute but there is hope, I suppose today’s announcement will tell us more! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  2. St Erme v Mullion - ON!! The good old St Erme pitch holds up again, mind you the 150mph cross field wind has helped massively!! 😂
  3. Fair one on the offside, I wasn’t aware it was for the header, I was pretty sure I wasn’t when following in on the rebound. Good luck in the next round.
  4. St Erme - 1 Newlyn Non Athletico- 3 St Erme bow out sadly after more than matching the Trelawny Prem side throughout the game. St Erme unlucky not to be at least a couple ahead as I had one chalked off for a debatable offside and also had one cleared off the line. Lots of other chances came and went, but sadly for St Erme and with the game heading to extra time we conceded two scruffy goals in the last 5 mins much to our frustration. Congratulations to Newlyn who go through to the next round. Freddy Channel with the Saints goal who came on at half time and scored with
  5. Perranwell 2nds are looking for a friendly I think, there was another post over the weekend on here I think.
  6. St Erme currently don’t have a ref for next Saturday 17th if you were interested. We are at home to Perranwell. Drop me a message on 07969 510012 if interested. Cheers Elliott
  7. Long long shot I know but our game tomorrow has just been postponed and so St Erme have a pitch ready to go but no team to play. Is there any team available for a friendly very last minute. Thanks very much Elliott (St Erme) message me on 07969510012 ASAP if you can. Cheers
  8. Well done you!!! Stop blowing your own trumpet 🎺🤣🤣🤣 That’s my opinion by the way that St Just are the best team in the league, well drilled at the back and clinical up front. Teams will beat other teams that’s part of football (just look at Watford tonight!!!), We’ve beaten Praze once and Perranwell twice, lost to Penzance twice (and in extra time in the cup) and narrowly lost to Frogpool and Rosudgeon. At the end of the day the top two sides in our league are playing at a level they really shouldn’t be with the players they have at their disposal, simple as that. However that
  9. We were abysmal and St Just were better, far better!!!! Simple as that really. We fell apart and gave up simple as that and credit to St Just. The lad Ellis is a handful and playing at a level well below his standard but enjoying playing footy with his mates. From front to back St Just are the best side in this league and it’s very simple. No excuses from us, we’ve all been on the end of a hammering at one time or another so we’ll pick ourselves up and move on. End of the day it’s 3 pts dropped but we’ve bounced back before and we will again!!!
  10. Rosudgeon v St Erme Off Their pitch is unplayable after inspection this morning, a proper shame as we offered the chance to switch the fixture on Thursday if their pitch was doubtful and they declined - another game to be made up at some point when there was a solution to getting it on, I appreciate it would’ve been short notice for some of their lads due to work etc but still very frustrating. Next Saturday they come to us anyway, oh well a Saturday of chores by the looks of it!! 😢
  11. By the way I just want to say I wasn’t meaning that you had a load of 1st teamers in when I said ‘some development side’ I meant that it was a great team you had against us yesterday. Like I said you were by far the better side and deserved the result! Good luck next week!!!
  12. Some development side!!!! Credit to Redruth today who deserved their win. St Erme started brightly and could’ve been 2 or 3 up within the 1st 15 mins, but only one side were at it after that and deserved the win. Redruth worked harder and battled harder, St Erme were as poor as I can remember but that is taking nothing at all away from the visitors. As their results show, they will be a tough game for anyone this season and having already beaten Rosudgeon and drawing with St Just then that shows what a decent side they really are.
  13. It can’t be helped, frustrating but one of those things. We did offer to host Praze but that was declined due to them not wanting to lose home advantage. And so we have two squads of lads with nothing to do now, but like I said it’s one of those things.
  14. Was a great game to be involved in and St Erme ran their hosts very close indeed, it was a great battle from start to finish. St Erme themselves could’ve been further ahead at the break but Cornish teddy boy seems to have not given enough praise to the home team keeper in my view who made 3 outstanding one on one saves to keep them in it, yes Penzance wasted some glorious chances but that said the game really could’ve gone either way on the day. The equaliser in the 89th minute was very tough to take, if only the ref has spotted the blatant foul at the front post then the rest would
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