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  1. Dealt with Andrew Sandow for some time never let me down his number 07778836706
  2. Sorry BTE we've probably all got to the stage where it's purely routine maintenance now just waiting for the go ahead to mark the pitches and put the goalposts up. Got to say from my point of view it's a little frustrating having no end product ie a match on a Saturday! However could do with a drop of rain if you have any stored somewhere, never satisfied us grounds people.
  3. aquire some 17/18 foot scaffold poles scrap yards or scaffold erectors are a good source,with scrap poles. Weld or bolt some eyes to one end,bury the poles securely in concrete with about 15 ft out of the ground, there are several net manufacturers on the internet. Length of 6mm polyprop attach your net to it and haul up. We have 15ft nets made up of two pieces that catch most of the badly aimed balls. Far more than the goal nets ever catch! Good luck.
  4. On one of the IOG courses I have attended over the years I was told that if the enviromentalists amongst us knew how much fertiliser these pitches consumed, because they drain so well through the construction. Then they would be campaigning to have them banned!
  5. Thanks for your interest Mr Green, in old money 3/4 once per square yard.As Older says the fert companies are selling the stuff so they want it spread thick!. Don't suffer too much with thatch try to drag my old chain harrow over once a week ground conditions permitting.Then take off any dead rubbish.Not a lot of chance of over feeding down here my budget certainly won't allow that! Yes Mark the dandelions have certainly invaded this spring along with a wonderful crop of thistles around the edges of the field.Slowly getting on top of them with this fine weather. Hope Dave is OK hasn't posted for a couple of days. Stay safe people.
  6. yes it worked well over the winter kept the sward nice and green although a high level of N didn't run away with too much growth.Took a bit of a gamble hoping for a mild winter got that but also wet! When conditions allowed was able to cut the pitch every week. Don't know but suspect that the slow release controls the amount of N let out at any one time. The 180 day release is 28;5;8+1.2Mg. Bit of a trial to see how it works if it does what it says on the tin like the winter one I shall be well pleased. Simon Johnson the PIP rep used it on his rugby pitch with half slow release and half with standard 9.7.7 with favourable results. So I followed his lead.Attached photo of the sward today still got some meadow grass but expect that surrounded by cropping fields.
  7. fertilised about 14 days ago, couldn't wait to use my new spreader can't walk for 2 and half hours pushing a spreader any more . So one on the back of the Kubota cut spreading down to 25 minutes and no walking! Used slow release 180 days, see how it goes, the 90 day one used last October lasted through to March . Good to see you are getting the Penryn pitch back to its former glory. Stay safe
  8. replying to a previous post I have a photo in an old book of horses grazing RFU Twickenham back in 1915, a much different stadium to the present one! Although back in the 70's I turned up at Long Lane St Erth to referee and half the team were putting the nets up and the rest were taking the cows off. Although I think they were on there for fattening rather than fertilising. Yes the old Wembley was turfed with Cumberland as it was known then.The Spring flush has really kicked in over this side of the county photo attached and like older only cut to about 45 mm. Rain tomorrow please and we should see a vast improvement next week
  9. sorry Bruegel, all very boring at the moment, waiting for the new seed to establish,spot selective weed spraying, chain harrowing and cutting. Highlight of the day yesterday was vacuuming the 3G to remove leaves and assorted debris. Waiting for the good Lord now to bring ,believe it or not,some rain don't have enough water pressure to irrigate any farther then the goal outside the clubhouse! So onward and upward.
  10. Only seeding the touchlines and goalmouths rest of the pitch OK. Yes I see your point about heavy stuff on the pitch how come you let Rappo on there earlier in the season. Sorry Rappo! We must have such a temperature difference between N and S coast. Haven't had more than one frost since Christmas. Ground temperature has been hovering between 9 and 10 for the last week, and looking like it could rise next week. Onwards and Upwards !
  11. I have just heard that Alan died last night, former Referee, Vice Chair JCCL and former secretary of Hayle FC. RIP
  12. pitch verti drained today down to 300 mm,looking good. Seeding at weekend and hopefully drop of rain on Monday. Then sit back and watch it grow,never in 30 years have I been in this position in April. Sad that no soccer,but groundsmans heaven no hassle over pitches or phone calls ,however won't last too long I suspect
  13. yeah I 've got a bit of it as well Dave normally disappears during the spring flush but this year is a little more prominent with grass hardly moving at all.Guess it's hurry up and wait time
  14. now that people have seen what can be achieved with no unauthorised use of the pitch perhaps they will begin to understand why we shout and holler at them!
  15. perhaps the dinosaur has landed with a little help have managed to take a couple of photos hopefully can get them on here.
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