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  1. not so bad this side Older 2 degrees but top 10mm still frozen
  2. last of the slow release hanging around I think Mark. Had frost Friday morning but all gone by lunchtime, influence of the sea no doubt. Oddly enough the 3G was clear of any frost or ice, must be the heat holding properties of the poly, sand and rubber. Stay safe and keep your head down
  3. taken 17 days but finally got on to the pitch today with the machine. Still a little soft on top, shame there is no football but better safe than sorry
  4. most people don't read the small print John ,it is going to be very difficult for some clubs lower than SWPL to comply with the Tier 3 regs with regard to spectators
  5. just walked our pitch soggy on top, but given a dry day on Thursday, may be able to put a machine on Friday. if only to make it look presentable. Good luck everyone else lets hope the precipitation stops sometime soon. Maybe time to look seriously at a mid season break!
  6. Due to time constraints and weather conditions this week, the grass pitch at Hayle has not been prepared to the standard required for JCCL football. Therefore Saturdays fixture with Pendeen will be played on the 3G .Spectators are advised that no covered facilities or clubhouse are available . Toilets will be open.
  7. I believe there is another side to 3G usage at NLS level very few 3G pitches locally can accomodate spectators to NLS standards ,hence probably the lack of useage above regional feeder level
  8. Just walked 10 yards onto my pitch leaving muddy prints but hopeful if rain stops tonight at 2.00 am it will dry out sufficiently for 2.30 ko
  9. I watch about 5 forecasts a day and also follow 2 different forecasts on the net. The weather Radar app is very useful for short term rain forecasts, however as Dave says the South coast gets a lot more rain than the North. Also because we are a peninsular there is a greater chance of isolated weather conditions. Several years ago, when Boscastle got wiped out I watched the rain advance up the Bristol Channel not 5 miles off shore. Hayle and the west (35 miles as the crow flies) never had a drop of rain that afternoon. I have a similar hill to the west which always gives me a good idea of what
  10. Thanks are due to Perranwell for their complete compliance with the Covid regs that are blighting our life at the moment
  11. Good luck on that one Dave I have just seen tomorrows forecast. Haven't finished repairing after last week yet|
  12. sadly Covid restrictions have had a great influence on the way we play football these days. With tables of 6 and table service it is not a viable proposition to entertain opponents in a restricted area the like of our club house. The secretary informs opponents of this situation when confirming the games. Believe you me we would love to go back to the good old days of last year. As a club we are losing money hand over fist and eating into our reserves, as for today several Falmouth players availed themselves of the restricted shower facilities keeping to the maximum of 6 at a time in the chang
  13. not quite on topic but, I have an old Ransomes (I believe) slitter which needs some TLC if anyone would like it, then it is there for the asking FOC.3 point linkage for a tractor. Used until recently, not perfect but will do a job for you. Ieuan Gregory 07787040107 Hayle FC
  14. It is with regret that the death of former Hayle FC Chairman is confirmed, Shaun passed away this morning. Shaun was instrumental in rebuilding the clubhouse after the fire several years ago. The new changing rooms stand as a fitting memorial to him. R.I.P.
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