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  1. Hayle v Illogan OFF tonight hopefully right decision looking at rain radar and forecast
  2. given the weather forecast for this evening a decision on the Hayle match going ahead, will be made later this afternoon. Probably between 4 and 5. Using the 3G Iis o0ut of the question there are 6 floods awaiting spares from Spain.
  3. Saturday 28 August. Game postponed due to Covid outbreak at Porthleven
  4. Martin if you need a pitch any time give me a call on 07787040107 FOC mate. Greg Hayle FC
  5. Just to set your mind at rest Fenman cutting the pitch this morning had the first swallows this year. Two of them swooping and diving to pickup the insects, hopefully they will return to their usual nest inside our pay booth. Got to say it is the latest I have ever known, unless anyone else knows different.
  6. not a strange question at all been on the pitch a lot recently both cutting, brushing and scarifying. Not one swallow they were late arriving last year and quite late leaving, maybe another indication that the seasons are moving everywhere.
  7. pretty much the same over here Dave and I think Mark has same problem at St Day never had it before in 30 years made a right mess. However starting to make a recovery, so out with the machinery and try to clear it up. Every where has it this season some local golf clubs badly affected must be a change in the autumn climate I suppose
  8. What game at Hayle don't know any thing about it!!!!
  9. another urban myth developing. Just because football isn't happening doesn't mean to say the bills aren't still coming in. Nobody told grass about covid so it still grows. We at Hayle are still paying out for insurance, gas, electric, telephone line, and general maintenance in anticipation of the season starting some time. Apart from the people generously paying their subs and a government grant, 9 out of the last 10 months income has been zilch and with outgoings of about £700 per month our reserves are suffering.
  10. half inch rain this side, since midnight on North coast and more to come. Going back over the rainfall here since 2011,from September to March the lowest rainfall was 7 inches 2016/17 and the highest 21 inches 14/15. The last two winters have been the wettest since 2014.Surprisingly the year on year average per year. has been pretty consistent between 24 and 30 inches, each year. Seems to even itself out with wet winters and dry summers or vice versa. However that is only for this part of the North coast. Keep a smile on your face Dave think of all the divots we haven't had to put back in!
  11. you and me both mate, now I've got b**** crows digging up the pitch!
  12. nice one Paul just got to keep the floods away now.
  13. I'm with you Dave, we aren't going to get a decision any time soon I don't think, hope I'm wrong, but, in the meantime keep the pitches ready just in case. Coming up to a good time for pitches with warmer weather coming on and hopefully a bit of damp to help things along. Although not the amount of rain we've had recently, spring flush just around the corner guys
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