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  1. Grass,Grass and more Grass. 3g is great for emergency but proper football is played on grass
  2. Hayle FC need to recruit a Manager for the Combination team, season 2019/20 . All enquiries in strictest confidence to Ieuan Gregory. By e-mail to ieuan.gregory@sky.com before 28th June
  3. a time ago I did a costing to run a 3G, this is a similar costing to run a grass pitch to a reasonable standard. Purchasing seed,fertiliser,deisel and petrol, then costing for maintenance of said equipment and gas and electric for showers over 70 games per season is £2200 at £62.67 per game. Then if you start adding in labour to perform these tasks including cleaning of showers and c/rooms that adds another £95 per game. That gives a costing of £157.62 per game. Assuming a league of 14 and throw in a couple of cup games 16 x 157.62 gives you £2521.92 per season.So £800-£1000 to hire a pitch looks fairly reasonable.I know these figures are slightly off because most clubs are run by volunteers so labour charges are non existent, however it does give some idea that you don't get anything for nothing these days and if you want to play sport with reasonable facilities,it costs.Please don't run away with the idea that money can be made back in the bar, every time we hire out a pitch we take less than £100 in the bar which only gives a net profit of £17 . Hope this casts some light on your problem Dave
  4. Hayle FC require a Manager for their Trelawny League 1 side for next season,interested parties should contact Club Chairman Simon Gardiner at simon.haylefc@hotmail.com. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. Due to other commitments the position of Club Secretary has also become available, again all interested parties to contact Simon Gardiner at the above e-mail address
  5. An opportunity has arisen for a new manager to the club Trelawny League Division 1 side. Applications for interested parties to the club chairman Simon Gardiner at simon.haylefc@hotmail.com by May 31st.All aplications will be treated in confidence. Due to the present incumbent having to leave, there is also a vacancy for the Club Secretary position. Again all applicants to the above e-mail address before the end of May.
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