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  1. Are you aware that you come across as a very bitter, hypocritical old man? You complain about the FA stripping your league of clubs and yet, as stated above, you didn’t hesitate to pillage the Duchy League of clubs to protect your own interests. The same can be said of the combination league, they’ve just been less bitter publicly childish about it all! The actions of your league show that you’re no different to the “fat cats” you so publicly despise. No consideration for the future of Cornish football or the bigger picture. You could have come out of this looking quite good had you done the logical thing and merge with Duchy Prem and take on a role within the Duchy Committee. As it turns out, you only come across as a spiteful, childish antique who refused to change for the greater good of local RECREATIONAL football in Cornwall.
  2. 4 divisions of 12-13 teams would be fine if an extra few cups were added. Potentially similar to the Trelawny league where there’s a separate cup for each division. Gives sides more to play for and keeps teams interested for longer. Having 20 league games isn’t enough, a side that gets knocked out in the first round of the cup and then spends all season mid-table wold have something more to play for if there were at least 2/3 cups to make up the games.
  3. What’s the issue with the pitch at St Stephen?? Decent surface, slightly boggy in the top goal mouth after heavy rain but other than I don’t really see any issues! Miles betters than North Petherwin, Mevagissey, Morwenstow and I’m sure there’s other worse pitches that have been played on in ECPL!
  4. Marazion Blues accepted despite finishing mid table in div 4 and therefore bypassing the entire Trelawny League but a well established and well run side in Lanner from a higher division are rejected. Seems totally reasonable. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Did a side fold during the season? Are goals scored against them counted on one site but not the other?
  6. And everyone who doesn’t have to travel to St Mawes on a Saturday afternoon! They’ve also included Newquay Res so there’s another side not joining the combo
  7. Surely if an agreement can’t be reach then it’s logical for the Duchy League to see if they can also be a feeder league to the Step 7. I cant see the FA allowing there to not be a clear pathway for promotion/relegation as this goes directly against the whole idea of their mandate. I can only see the ECPL suffering as a result; teams will simply bypass the league and look directly to St Piran’s if they can.
  8. Surely an agreement must be put in place though? The whole point of the new step 7 league was a mandate from the FA stipulating that there just be clear pathway to the NLS for all grassroots clubs. My understanding is that the only route to the St Piran league next season will be from either the Combination league or the ECPL. Without an agreement regarding promotion and relegation between Duchy and the ECPL then there’s is still no clear pathway for Duchy sides wishing to progress.
  9. I see the ECPL have confirmed their 2019-2020 constitution and have included Gerrans & St Mawes in their line up. Does this mean they are longer under consideration for the combination league?
  10. Will Annear Former winger more suited to sprinting than football. Lost the ability to run fast... now either reside at RB kicking younger, faster players or in the middle with a whistle in my hand p***ing off 22 blokes on a Saturday/Sunday.
  11. North Devon league and Plymouth & West teams in the Cornwall Junior Cup?! Cant wait for an away trip to North Devon...
  12. Correct! Only ever played them up at St Ives rugby club.
  13. North Petherwin is by far the worst pitch I’ve played on in my 15 years in men’s football. Have you read the latest combo threads...? They're hardly getting lavished with praise!
  14. I haven’t played since Christmas! That’s enough weeks without football for me!
  15. Trying to find a Duchy side local-ish to St Dennis next season. When does everyone’s pre season training start??
  16. Standard of this league as a supposed step 7 senior league will be shocking. Having sides like North Petherwin with their facilities and St Dennis 2’s going from 2nd bottom of Duchy Prem to a step 7 league is laughable!
  17. Think the CCFA are expecting fireworks tonight at Newmoor! Never known a level 3 ref and 2 appointed assistants to be put on a Div 4 game!
  18. I think Nanpean we’re trying to charge in the first game of this season vs Newmoor in Duchy 4. I remember people moaning about it!
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