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  1. Goonhavern Res vs Probus Res finished 8-1! Not sure where the 3-0 came from!
  2. So two even halves of football weren’t played...? Does the result stand?
  3. I’m sure it’s already been considered (at least I hope it has!) but the only way I can see to help immediately remedy the shortage is to drop the SWPL down to 1 appointed assistant referee. Each game in the SWPL is given a referee and a senior linesman. This assistant stays on the bench side of the field and cover 45mins of each teams back 4. Every club is then obliged to provide a qualified linesman (same as combo) to cover 45mins each per game. This then frees up 10 referees in the west and 10 referees in the east. By adding 20 refs into the pool to cover games it makes the remaining games not covered more manageable for re-fixturing. You could even go one further and say SWPL games aren’t given linesman anymore. That adds 40 refs into the mix on a Saturday around the south west. Perhaps then the higher clubs will start to feel the pinch and curb the colourful language directed at officials in the SWPL each week
  4. Unfortunately, your previous comments on this forum haven’t been forgotten and they tell a very different story.
  5. Fairly sure! ‘Twas busy at St Blazey this afternoon trying to look like I know what I’m doing with a flag in my hand!
  6. I’m almost 100% certain I didn’t turn out for St Stephen today!
  7. What’s weird about it? Carharrack presumably has less than the 7 players required to fulfil the fixture so rightly it’s called off. One of those who were available then goes and helps out a friend of his in another league. No harm, no foul!
  8. Standard of this league as a supposed step 7 senior league will be shocking. Having sides like North Petherwin with their facilities and St Dennis 2’s going from 2nd bottom of Duchy Prem to a step 7 league is laughable!
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