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  1. Spitting!? That is disgusting and I hope it warrants more than a measly 1 game ban.
  2. winston

    Big money signing

    Several players have moved clubs recently but nobody has mentioned them, so I don't understand the fuss about one player who regularly moves clubs and can't stick around to fight for a starting place. I have heard Irish to Penryn for money talked about by numerous people though
  3. I think they played and scored 5 of pendeens goals last week
  4. Potential relegation battle called off at Port to be rescheduled when the first team are available.
  5. I might take a trip to St Day & see Pendeens big money signings, Bradley Wills and Tyler Tonkin in action.
  6. Popped down Hayle last night and I must say that the home side wanted it that little bit more than the visitors. The st day back line were left exposed at times. But they had a couple of good chances, the home keeper saved well from a couple of free kicks and st day hit the post twice late on. Hayle were very clever, getting away with lots of sneaky fouls, pushes and little kicks. Both sides should look to be in that pack ready to challenge.
  7. Some big fixtures here. Falmouth v Perranporth should be a cracker, probably a case of who can field the most peninsula players.
  8. Nice of Bbrad1 to give himself man of the match. Its lizard who need to worry about their disciplinary record I think
  9. Springall and brewer for Perranporth, so I was told
  10. Where have all of the players gone and when will the FA help clubs out or give us a clue what is happening with the new leagues, if any at all!
  11. I'm reliably informed that st day played 40 minutes with 10 men, started with their manager in goal, had 9 first team players out, borrowed two players & had 3 reserve team players aged 16 on the bench. So, yeah great point for lizard
  12. I think this reliable source was the same source telling everyone that Perran are paying, buying players boots or doing cheap building works for the players 💭
  13. You're not wrong. Steve is so blinkered to his team. You only have to watch him run the line to notice that.
  14. Chris Reski to Newquay, Jared Sims to Falmouth