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  1. Great little bit on Truro and Kieffer Moore in the BBC's build up to the Wales game just now. Interviews with Jake Ash, Cody Cooke etc. Hopefully someone can find and post a link to it here soon.
  2. Well he certainly got his money’s worth!
  3. Quite enjoyed listening to the last few of these. Out of interest has anyone ever counted how many times Rappo says "mate" per episode 😂
  4. Don't forget West Cornwall, Lanner, Stithians X2 and even Praze and Mariners not that far away.
  5. For a minute there I thought that was Darren Lewarne out on the right wing 😮😂
  6. Don’t forget his previous incarnation of goalmachine999
  7. Wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole if I was involved with a club. A quick google of Jamie Tipton cornwall is a good fun read. Still causing issues last season from what I hear.
  8. So a team could potentially finish bottom of the trelawny prem but apply and be accepted (providing they meet the basic ground criteria) into the combo league or even St Piran if the leagues are struggling to make up the numbers?
  9. Can’t quite make out which team you were supporting 😂
  10. Heard Troon vs St Agnes was abandoned due to an ankle injury to a Troon player
  11. Or is it someone a bit further up the road who play with a different shaped ball 🤔 someone wanting to leave a legacy...
  12. Shame your only the second best "superstar" in the bottom league in Cornwall
  13. Ludgvan battled hard and defended well, the ref let a lot go but Troon just couldn’t hit the target so probably a fair result on the day! Good bunch at Ludgvan other than the keeper who is an interesting character ??
  14. Wanna know why local football is in decline; this thread has it all!
  15. What happened in the Illogan 3rds Vs Constantine game? "Game abandoned due to Constantine refusing to continue" Is that 2 abandoned games in a row for Illogan?
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