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  1. Wanna know why local football is in decline; this thread has it all!
  2. What happened in the Illogan 3rds Vs Constantine game? "Game abandoned due to Constantine refusing to continue" Is that 2 abandoned games in a row for Illogan?
  3. Steadman sent off again?? What for this time?
  4. Yeah you are right it definelty could. Unless you play for a team that doesn’t have any of these higher league players to call upon.
  5. Peninsula players playing trelawny 4 again...yawn. I know no rules have been broken but surely if they need game time they can get a game of combo somewhere? Can’t be good for kids playing men’s football for the first time coming up against players like that. This isn’t a dig at any team in particular btw as i know it happened a lot last year aswell.
  6. He did and with a different ref could have picked up a couple of yellows....that would have been another talking point for ya!