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  1. Can we not switch it to our place if off at yours? Coach kt. local derby boxing day and a big crowd expected especially with all cancelations?? Would be on here
  2. i did see this incident. it was shocking he actually had hold off our manager after climbing over the railing and going to the dugout. it was disgraceful to see. he was the joke. in fairness though some off the st Dennis lads also said this!!!
  3. bude 0 st Dennis 4. agree with lricks on the game we felt we were the better side first half or until u scored at least. u had the better of the second half. 4 nil i thought was a bit flattering but you took your chances and we Cant. we were missing a couple regular players as well although not making excuses fair play to st Dennis. see you next week
  4. Parkway didn't have any first teamers in yesterday against us. There a good organised side and thats why they have won the league. We were beaten fairly by the better side. Know to push on and get promoted!!!
  5. Haha Ur having a laugh mate boxy has been out for about 6 weeks Thats the reason he was on the Bench.
  6. Fair play to torpoint better side today we started slow. had better of the second half without creating anything gutted we just Cant seem to beat them.
  7. Finally after all this time someone mentions our keeper Gary Dinshaw is a very good keeper and rarely has a bad game definately up there torpoint keeper and Jamie castle are the other two i would say top 3. well done guy
  8. U seem to talk about us quite alot mate we cant be that bad
  9. I find this funny not once have i said we would win the league and i have never come on here bragging were better than anyone. U lot are alot more interested in us at bude than we are you. like greenandwhitebarmyarmy said our aim is promotion any more is a bonus.
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