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  1. A first visit for me in ten and a half years to Penlee. Fair to say the weather a bit different, clear blue skies replaced by autumnly wintery weather. The leaves falling in front of the stand as well as rain. Arrived in time to soak up the Penzance atmosphere. Shame all the promenade seemed to be out of action but you can still walk near it. Good spirited game of football. Ref was excellent. Post match hospitality was something else, Penzance making Saltash very very welcome despite the score. Had to stop and make sure I chatted to the lads on my way out who wanted a genu
  2. Stoke Gabriel and Godolphin were Premier division though in recent years before the split. I know Stoke Gabriel had gone down and up etc. Ones to look at, Wadebridge seem to have improved, good result against Falmouth the other week, following their match with Saltash on twitter yesterday appreciated the Saltash turn around as felt it could be a tough game for Saltash away etc, going 2-1 down then 3-2 showed it was. Not the 9-0 of last season at same ground. Liskeard doing well and Dobwalls pushing Mousehole close yesterday it seems after a good win against Falmouth the other week.
  3. Good win for Saltash under the lights at Launceston, always atmospheric ground, nice trip up the A388. Good pitch side view from the welcome covered stand given one or two downpours first half. By the end it had cleared up nicely, even for our half time cuppas. Three quick fire goals before half time, may have been a goal or two earlier. Half an hour into second half Saltash got a fourth, own goal after ball bounced around before Launceston scored with a well taken goal, pleased for them able to get a goal as good hosts. Saltash wrapped it up with a nice finish in the box for the f
  4. I stupidly shouted at the linesman at one point and will learn from that. mistakes moment etc regret. Just doing job like you said. Doubt he reads this but apologies. Maybe not call people drunken morons without knowing what people are thinking or actually like. This cup has been special and the possible pen was pretty much in front of anyone in that corner. 3-2 could have made it a grandstand finish saying that the defence was top class and like you say lines with shouting etc and I probably crossed them. Apologies. Big game feel throughout, Sholing played well. Early goal and rig
  5. Wow. the one comment that makes me want to post is celebrating like we won the World Cup. I did definitely as a fan, don’t want to speak on the teams behalf to how they would class their celebrations, I’m guessing they would say the same, true spirit they put in etc. This was a big win for Saltash, summer of change etc. Parkway have two so should know about that. Each man did their job superbly. Plus add 6 months away from footy, look at the post where because we lost 6-2 it was put our recent years build had gone to bits. See it as credit, I saw Parkway as a successful c
  6. Hopefully that doesn’t happen journeyman, mid table after those last few years would be sad being a saltash fan. Without covid, could that league have been won, would have definitely gone close with Helston. Some of the football before our normal wash out months let alone covid was another level. The Bodmin 6-0 win stands out. Crowd at Kimberley buzzing atmosphere under the lights. Got a lot of the same players and Dane and Lee (assistant) worked alongside Matt. Pre season is strange one isn’t it. Time will tell.
  7. I’m a saltash fan who probably won’t head up, I don’t drive anyway so won’t be free space unfortunately. Although the old watching over fence is cool idea, won’t be same bit like watching from the club house window. As another poster has put on here about their club having the room, same for Saltash, a huge bank that can be sat on. Beaches etc mentioned too, again agree, not left Saltash for four months avoiding public transport. Only have to hope it helps the fans come back in due course, seems crazy during summer days that grounds can’t be used but who are we to say.
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