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  1. Blaise Park yesterday. We need some dry weather pretty soon. Water is 8 to 10 inches deep.
  2. Totally agree. Especially as there is no play offs in this region. Playing 3 games a week is not ideal for anyone.
  3. It seems the F.A want plenty of time to do everything but the actual playing of football must be squeezed into the tightest of schedules.
  4. Season finishes on April 25th. Dobwalls have to play 10 games in April. St Blazey have 8 games to play in April and weve only had 1 home game called off. Crazy end to the season. The season needs to finish the first week in May to stop this happening.
  5. St Blazey would be more than happy to host a semi final or the final. Why would anyone turn down the opportunity. A great occasion.
  6. Bodmin 2v0 St Blazey. Dreadful game to watch. The pitch was soft and cut up badly. Wouldnt have took another days rain thats for sure. Another poor match day program. Well team sheet. Disappointing and its becoming a trend. The best away programme this season has been Wadebridge. Nice effort. As for the match, St Blazey looked in control for the first 15 odd minutes and dominated the second half. 2 down from two poorly defended corners. Unfortunately today we created enough chances to win the match but only tested the Bodmin goalkeeper once. Plenty off effort, just having a lean spell in front of goal. Wadebridge away next week. Senior cup. Big game. Att.80. Dreadful for a local derby. No atmosphere.
  7. The best result at Falmouth would have to be the opening day game at Bickland several years ago when Falmouth led 2v0 with 10 minutes to go. St Blazey looked finished but scored 3 goals and stole all 3 points. Brilliant.
  8. Exactly. Great bunch of lads and itll make for a good afternoon. Its what its all about. The usual lot will travel as always. Bit rich from Leeds to question our support when hes 'apparently' connected with Bodmin. 😂 Or is he?? Hummm. No. Something to look at going forward but with lots of other things to do, away travel will have to wait for now. But definitely worth thinking about in the future. Lots of things in the pipe line to encourage more people to watch, from free tickets to local schools etc.
  9. Looking forward to next Saturday. Weather forcast is decent so expect no issues with the game being on. There is a large following coming down on the early train and will be in the pubs in town early. Plenty of car loads coming down. Should be a good afternoon.
  10. He definitely played for the 2nds. Ive no idea why he didnt get on here. These things happen unfortunately.
  11. Joel Cockings my man of the match for Sticker. Apart from his penalty which still hasnt landed, a very good performance.
  12. Not a good night on the pitch thats for sure. First half not to bad but second half we didnt get going. Still, a healthy crowd on a cold Friday night in January. A busy clubhouse and the tea hut was busy. Over all, its not been to bad.
  13. Very good draw for Wadebridge and St Blazey. Both sides will fancy their chances. Weve played each other this season at Bodieve and drew 2v2. Big game with a semi final at stake. Looking forward to it.
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