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  1. Lets see how penwith get on against Penryn Athletic on saturday. Penryn always a no nonsence team. There wont be a 22 man brawl there thats for sure. Sure penryn will show you football etiquette.
  2. Lots of talk of Andy Parry and Jamie Day (ex pro) as his assistant.
  3. Div 2 Mawnan 3-1 Goonhavern mawnan goals Chris Wood Andrew Julian Og
  4. Div 4 Mawnan v Redruth utd 2-0 (ht 2-0) Goals from stefan churcher and tom richards. Good game. Scrappy at times but a good 3points for mawnan.
  5. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Soccer Follower" data-cid="230636" data-time="1361014120"><p> Div 3<br /> <br /> Mawnan v Mousehole off as Moushole are unable to raise a team.</p></blockquote> On a beautiful day like today, how frustrating. its 3 points but would have preferred a game.
  6. Div 3 Troon 1 - 2 Mawnan res Mawnan goals Chris Wood Tom Richards Troon goal Tom Richards Og (although rich whitlock may claim it lol) Good game to play in. Troon always a tough game. It was a very competitive match from start to finish.
  7. Anyone know if Cliijah is looking playable? Anyone from Redruth able to confirm game on/off?
  8. I know this is a stupid question but any news on falmouth athletic v culdrose?
  9. Mawnan res v lanner is OFF. Pitch is too dry and hard.
  10. Tragic news about Perranwells Ryan Thomas. Played with Ryan for Chasewater u15s in 1998/99. Top player. From all at Mawnan FC thoughts go out to his family. RIP
  11. Div 3 - Mawnan Res v St Day (1-0ht) 8-0 Mawnan goals Tom Richards x2 Chris Wood x4 Dale Knowles Zach Thomas
  12. Mawnan res v wendron 3rds (4-2) Very lucky to be on with all the bad weather but mawnans groundsman worked hard to allow this game to be on. wendron started well in the muddy conditions taking an early lead, soon after tom richards saved penalty was put away by chris wood on the rebound. A dubious penalty just before half time saw wendron go in half time 2-1 up. The wind and rain smashed down and mawnan kicked off up the slope second half. Lots of long balls and great defending by wendron legend Christy Pearce saw mawnan struggle to get a shot off for the first 20 mins until a back heel down the line from chris wood found lewis johnson whos cross found hayden van riian who scored from 25 yards. 2-2 and mawnan stared to play, greg renfree getting stuck in from the off found tom hunt who forced a well deserved corner. Tom richards swung one in and it came off a wendron defender. The dubious goals panel will have to decide weather it was toms, woodies or an own goal. Ryan "flo" whitbread was as ever a threat against his old club however now with short hair defenders can close him down easier! To finish off with 5 minutes to go tom richards netted from 25 yards to make it 4 - 2 to mawnan. manager gus ferguson promised to get a round in if we won, and didnt see out that promise so his cards are marked. Wendron are a top team with a great bunch of lads playing. Mawnan goals Chris Wood Hayden Van Riian Own Goal Tom Richards Merry christmas and happy new year.
  13. Holmans res v mawnan res 2-4 (ht 2-0) Scrappy game, not much football played. holmans dominated the first half and deservedly went in 2-0 up at half time. after a change around at half time mawnan started the second half with a lot more confidence. mawnan scored a goal that crossed the line and hit the net, only for the referee to not give it because the linesman said it didnt cross the line. The mawnan players were still celebrating the goal when the game played on. terrible decision from the linesman who definitely saw the ball cross the line. Mawnan were deflated after this and a number of blatant fouls being missed but mawnan striker tom richards scored to lift the spirits. After again scoring the equaliser the game turned. mawnans tom hunt went through and was in collision with the holmans goalkeeper and a penalty was awarded. Both players down injured, and the Holmans no 15 ( who belonged on a rugby pitch) said " i hope he has broken his f##king leg". Mawnan players couldn't believe what they had heard. What a thick, mindless comment to make! Im sure everyone at holmans that works hard must be so grateful to have this idiot tarnish all the hard work and efforts of the good people at holmans. The No 15 continued all game kicking, swearing and all in all ruining a good game.He should have been sent off. All the mawnan team agreed that had he not been in the holmans team they probably would have beaten mawnan because they had some good players. any way back to the penalty, mawnan scored and were 3-2 up. holmans then decided to just foul an kick and mawnan deservedly scored a 4th and put the game to bed. so a few idiots ruining holmans chances. feel for the boys that want to play football and win. However the majority were nice blokes and the food after was lovely. But with people having jobs and kids and trying to escape the recession do we really wish broken legs on anyone? at the end of the day its a 90 min game Of football, some you win some you lose but you go back to real life after, so i think you should maybe think before you speak next time.
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